Common Application walkthrough part 4: Education

– [Instructor] We’re now
on the Education section of the Common Application and this is a pretty important section to fill out. This provides information to the colleges about where you’re
currently going to school. So it’s important that you are able to find your school using
their little lookup tool. So I’m going to click on Find School. And you can do a search based
on the name of the school. And I found my school
so I’m going to go ahead and click it and then click on Continue. Common App then goes ahead and puts down the contact information that it knows about the school right onto the Common Application itself. And if it turns out that I
chose the incorrect school I can go ahead and change it or remove it all together and then put in my actual school. If you are home schooled,
then when you click on the School Lookup you would go ahead and type in home school
and you do have an option for I Am Home Schooled. It might appear towards
the bottom of the list and you can go ahead
and select that option and then provide the address information and then you will see it listed here once you go ahead and click on Continue. The address information,
if you are home schooled, would be your own home or
wherever you happen to be doing your homeschooling. So this information is about you and your current high school. So you would go ahead and indicate when you started this high school, and if it’s a boarding school
or not a boarding school, and when you will be graduating. You’re also going to be
asked to provide information about your counselor at your school. So you can go ahead and
provide this information here. In case the colleges need
to contact your counselor if they have any questions
about your transcript or about your high school,
then they can go ahead and reach out to that person directly. If you’re a home schooled student then the counselor might
be one of your parents or whoever happens to
be doing your teaching or advising in academic matters. And I’ll click on Continue. And the next section is if you’ve attended any other school. So if you transferred at
some point in high school or if you’re also
attending another course, or if you are attending
another school at the same time you can go ahead and
indicate if you are doing so and you’ll be asked to provide information about that particular school. If you’re part of a
community based organization you can go ahead and provide information about that particular
community organization. And I’m actually going to… So you’ll see that when you
are providing information you’ll also be asked to
provide contact information for that particular person. So if the colleges need to contact your community based
organization with any questions maybe about the programs that they offer or the mission or anything
about you in particular, they have someone to call or email. This next section on
Education Interruption might not apply to you,
but if it does apply to you then you can go ahead and check off the options that apply to you. And if none of these apply
to you, you can go ahead and click on I Have No
Interruption to Report. And click on Continue. If you are currently, or concurrently, taking college classes in high school you can go ahead and indicate what the name of the college and the types of college
classes you might be taking. So this information is
helpful for the college admission officers to
get a sense of the rigor of your curriculum,
what you’re doing inside your school as well as
the types of challenges you’re seeking outside
your school as well. This next section about
Grades you might be able to get this information from
your college counselor or from a vice principal
or principal at school. This is information about your school so it’s helpful for the
colleges to get a sense of how large your graduating class is, your cumulative GPA, the GPA scale, and whether or not your
school weights GPAs. So some of this information
might actually be available to you on your transcript as well. This section is on Current Year Courses. So this is going to be where you list for your colleges all
the classes that you are taking right now in school. So you would first tell them how many courses you are taking. You need to let them know what system your school is on, semester or trimester. And then you start by
providing information about the class that you are taking. So first class I’m going to list is Advanced Placement English
and I will indicate that it is an AP class. But you can go ahead and indicate anything that is applicable for any of the classes that you’re taking. Under Course 1 Schedule I’m going to say that this is first semester class only. Although for other students it might be a full year long course. And then you would go ahead and put down the other classes that you are taking in your senior year. So this helps the colleges get a sense of if you’re continuing
to challenge yourself in your senior year and if you’re taking a rigorous curriculum throughout
your high school career. We’re in the Honors section now and so if you’ve received any honors related to academic
achievements in high school then you would go ahead
and indicate those. And you can see that you will have space for five academic honors. And so an academic honor might be that you made the school’s honor roll. And it might be helpful for the colleges to have a sense of what honor roll at your school means. So I’m just going to give them a little bit of information
and then you can indicate when you received
this particular honor and the level of recognition. So honor roll for me would
be a school recognition and I received it in 9th and 10th grade. And it might also be another
community level award. So my local community might have an organization that goes
ahead and honors students for certain academic awards. And so that might be a State or Regional. And then I’ll go ahead
and click on Continue. Remember you have space for five, so you certainly wanna
pick five recent ones and probably the ones that
are most meaningful for you if you end up having more than five. And then you can go ahead
and click on Continue. The Future Plan section,
this is where you can indicate to your schools what you might be interested in pursuing as a career. And this is a very
long, comprehensive list so feel free to go through
it and it is perfectly okay to not know what you
are interested in doing. Especially if many of
those sound interesting. So you can certainly go
ahead and click on Undecided. But you’ll see that there
is an asterisks next to it so it is a required field. And the highest degree you intend to earn, here too this is just
something you’re thinking about right now and there
are many different options. Here too, it’s okay to be undecided. And then we’ll click on Continue.

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  1. I am a student who has studied his high school in India. Do you have any idea what should I fill in the course section. I took subjects that were included in our syllabus like Maths, physics, chemistry, biology and English.

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