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I gotta be more careful! Oh, hello friends! I am in space today, but you know why? To tell you about these magnificent
solar objects. Comets! Let’s zooom in! Comets are one of the most
rare objects in the solar system. Often known as the dirt balls
of the solar system. That’s because they are made
of dust and ice.. ..wrapping themselves around
a small rocky core. Astronomers believe that comets
are leftovers.. ..from the beginning of the solar system. But hey, they don’t look
like leftovers at all! They appear magical when they
reflect light from the sun. That’s right, comets do not
have their own light! They are reflectors of light. When a comet travels towards the sun.. ..the radiation and heat cause solar winds. Which often blow the gas and
dust of the comet.. ..and therefore it appears as if
the tail is behind the comet. And, when the comet travels
away from the sun.. ..the tail is formed in front of the comet. Well, have you ever wondered where
are comets usually found? Yes yes, they do orbit around the sun mostly.. ..but they spend billions of years
in the Kuiper belt. Or in the Oort clouds. The Kuiper belt is found beyond
the orbit of Neptune. The Oort clouds are found in the
outermost reaches of the sky. And comets live here because it’s cold here. Unfortunately, they don’t live long.. ..once they enter the warmer
part of the Solar System. Traveling through the inner solar system
eventually kills them. And after several thousand years,
they melt! Aww! TRIVIA TIME! I know you wouldn’t, but if you
ever plan to go inside a comet..’ll be hit by microscopic
pieces of dust. The name ‘Comet’ was given by Aristotle.. ..meaning ‘Hair of the head’. Hey, all my tiny teeny friends. The most famous comet, the Haley’s comet.. ..will appear in the sky in 2061! But, don’t worry, you won’t have
to wait that much to see me next time! This is me Zooooming out!

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