Comedian Aries Spears Talks About Divorce- Red Pill Knowledge

I'll tell the story all I'm trying to say is ladies do not underestimate the value of your bodies I know a lot of y'all want men to respect you for what's up here and what's in here and it's gonna sound very misogynistic there's a really shit I could ever tell you your powers not up here or in here this how powerful pussy really is no woman in this country should ever be broke some of y'all don't even know how to respond to that I know fucking ho you're looking at the glass half full trying to point out your advantage as long as you got titties ass and pussy there is a man out there somewhere that'll fun your way through life every woman in here sitting on a scholarship ladies get you cuz that's a hell of a hustle y'all got really it is y'all construct the right dick and be taken care of for life and a man in here that don't wish she could lick the right tip in bi and they had TV shows dedicated to y'all's hustle what's that one show on vh1 about the basketball ladies what they call that lucky bitches yeah I would have loved for them they've said that one time in the name of honesty next week on lucky bitches and I'm not just shooting shit to the breeze I'm talking from experience cuz I recently went through a divorce and ladies let me let you know between that child support and that alimony that shit is unfairly and unjustly set up for y'all to win that's y'all's hustle cuz the judge wanted me to pay my baby mama 30 grand a month now here's what was crazy about that we knew for a fact that five thousand took care of everything my son's necessities all the bills in the whatnots they gave her the other 25 simply because it was available you pay based on what you make as opposed to what's necessary he did he got two baby mamas he pay over 90 grand a month apiece if fellas did you know when you get a divorce you are legally and financially responsible for her attorneys fees annuus she don't pay a dime and a divorce can take anywhere from one to three years to finalize I was a year and a half in and I was 175km lawyer fees Nita was still running so ladies when you think that men don't want to get married because we're afraid of commitment we're afraid of divorce divorce for a man is like getting raped in the police station while the cops watch and don't help and when a judge tell you 30 grand of money shit you can do about it but bend over and bite down on that rag well actually fellas I take that back there is something you can do about it but if you're gonna go there you better make sure you and your best friend's stories match judge told me 30 grand I said shit I'm gonna kill Elizabeth first 48 here I come god damn like ladies understand what I'm saying if you get with a man from ground zero and you build wealth together success pain tears struggle together well then you deserve half but somebody's women get with these men I got mine with one comma on a paycheck and I'm old-school fellas if you got that kind of paper and you got a good woman in your corner ride a die soldier when you leave your house in the morning to face life and life whoop your ass you come home and she rub your back make you a hot plate make you feel relevant again he's supposed to make sure your women look good from scalp to cuticle but ladies don't get cocky along the way cuz I watched some of these shows like Real Housewives and these chicks act like they had something to do with it first of all these dudes already rich before they met you they're rich they chose you they're rich they have options so if a man change your life and take you from fish sticks to lobster that's wonderful but never forget pitch you use these fish sticks that's why I kill me ladies when some of y'all trying to claim equality to a certain degree it's not real it's not honest a woman she could pay the same amount of money for doing the same job as a man absolutely but ladies be easy with that equality shit cuz y'all like to manipulate that when it suits you if you my girl and you scream equality I need you to mean that I need you to stay in your lane at all times otherwise I'm gonna put you to the test if we sleep at night somebody break in the house at 4:00 in the morning don't look at me I'm gonna turn right back to you and go you bitch equal an something handle this this is shit you've been waiting on your whole life show me bitch show me you downstairs in the kitchen hustlin I'm in the bed with the sheets to my neck I hope she hand that ass-whooping as equally as I would ladies don't let that feminist shit get to your head a relationship is like a team sport i play my part you play yours let's get this goddamn trophy together stop trying to be and saying do too much so necessary ladies y'all don't ever have to fight for dick ever dick to a woman is like fossil water it's free ladies you want to fuck a man head up go out on a date with him for the first time and to end it a night be like give me the dick he gonna be like no no I just met you like you say give me the dick he turned into a babbling idiot give me the dick oh come on don't play now shit cuz there's no value in dick none dick is worthless I could prove it to you right now every woman in this room could run out of here right now and run in the middle of traffic and flash your tits and if a cop see you the most you gonna get is a warning miss for God's sakes you're in a public place put your top down move along let every man run out of here to his dick out nigga we are all going to jail and just to make us feel stupid we'd be sitting the back of the paddy wagon handcuffed going to jail with your dick still out cuz you know the copy ain't gonna put it back sir you want to put your dick away I will not squad the base we got to do coming in with a dick out the advance they say it's harder for a woman to be a woman in life than it is for man to be a man and I would agree with that in most cases except relationships ladies you have no idea how much pressure you put on us as men to please you it's not a whole lot of pressure to please us all you got to do is yank it a couple of times make it say egg sandwich for cheese and leave us the fuck alone we got a please y'all on levels we got please y'all mentally emotionally sexually financially romantically sometimes a man don't always be up to task it's a goddamn recession she does hard out here I gotta be honest how many men like me ever suffered

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  1. And yet, even with all these facts….women would still never dare acknowledge their privilege. To women…they are perpetual victims.

  2. Aries and other men, They love to gripe and complain about divorce, losing assets, and having to pay 30k per month to their spouse according to the divorce decree. But they FAIL to mention how they breach the marriage agreement by stepping out… Own your shit, BE ACCOUNTABLE. IF you honored your vows you would not be in such predicament. It's quite simple…….. ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR, DEAL WITH IT. 💋

  3. But men always dump the ride-or-die chick because she reminds them of the struggle. They always go for a chick half their age, disproportionately beautiful, and slender. They deserve to lose everything thing because without their money they are just old and gross to these new bitches.

  4. Good set and good thing it is not to be taken literally. Aries be in the wrong circles. I know plenty of guys who if a random says gimme me DA dick on the first date, they are taking a raincheck as something is off and they value their dick. Just saying.

  5. Preach brother….fuck these dumb bitches…put em in there place…..lucky we ain't in the jungle lol cuz u know what will happen #facts.

  6. American women see divorce as buisness, and the jackpot for some women are the guys that are blind because of love and want to marry. then they cheat on purpose etc. and hell is on.

  7. If a thick, fiiiiinne AzZed, blue eyed blond told you she needed a place to stay and she told you once she got to your place that she hadn't had any for 10 months?……What would YOU say? Peace To "Cat" in NJ! Craaazzy rich Bich!

  8. Same can be said for anyone with a car. If you drive a car and you stay broke? You're extremely short sighted.

  9. Age 35 I had 500k in the bank, M3 BMW, and million dollar house. Age 51, divorced, live in an apartment with a preowned 2012 Kia Sportage. Aries doesn't lie. Marriage is a fucking racket. Next year after 15 years of alimony I will finally be DONE with that bullshit.

  10. Aries Spears talent is underrated its crazy he cant get his just do in the industry dude is very misunderstood but this is common sense grown man comedy dude is Brilliant speaking true facts in his stand up its overlooked why?

  11. This has always been top 3 best stand up of all time. Very few comedians can tell you the truth and make you laugh.

  12. "Para-noir"

    I fuck you because you're famous
    I fuck you for your money
    I fuck you to control you
    I fuck you so someday I can have half of everything you own
    I fuck you to fuck you over
    I fuck you 'til I find someone better
    I fuck you in secret
    I fuck you because I can't remember if I already fucked you before
    I fuck you out of boredom
    I fuck you because I can't feel it anyway
    I fuck you to make the pain go away…

  13. Isn't Red Pill Knowledge just spastic speak for Ignorant BS Only Fools and Losers Believe?? There's a reason most better people choose the blue pill.

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