100 thoughts on “Come to my event next year! Vlog University!”

  1. I’m planning to go either my senior year of college or post-grad! Now, I’m tempted to get the online version! 😁 I’m also a YouTuber!

  2. (attending con) I want to know how (the hell) you see the signal through all the noise in the social media responses and comments on your posted content? That has to be a management nightmare.

  3. i probably can't go to it if i signed up and all that. and on top of it i probably not be that good when using a editing program to do video's and such ok 🙁

  4. I wish I could go to this. Even with payment plan and discounts I still can’t afford to go. This would be so awesome. I wish learning wasn’t so expensive

  5. I'm trying to sign up for the conference but I don't think GIFT20 gives you 20% off but rather it takes $20.00 off lol – my VIP package went from $650 to $630

  6. I dont want to be a hater but if you don`t want people to think is only about vlogs maybe don`t name it VLOG university? I understand your point but maybe you should have looked for a more fitting name?

  7. I always wanted to work with you ever since I was 16.I didn’t know what I wanted to do after I graduate, but I kinda figured it out a bit.Before that I wanted to start my own vlogs, but I couldn’t afford the equipment.I’m currently a college sophomore who’s attending a residential community college and I plan on transferring to a 4-year college.I would still be honored to work with you if there’s anything in the future.

  8. Hey Justine, Im waiting for your smart batery case video for the new Iphone 11 Pro Max (whateva) cos the camara botton that they put its not working and wanna now howww, pls helppp

  9. I want to start vlogging but not sure I don’t know if there is an audience for someone who is a single dad with panic disorder with agoraphobia and my fight against it

  10. There’s a tech ISSUE I want people to be aware of when using Apple Pay at Subway and I kinda want to put the issue on here but DO NOT WANT TO SHOW MY ACTUAL INFORMATION ON THE SUBWAY RECEIPT


    I have tried to tell AppleInsider about it

    I have tweeted Tim Cook about the ISSUE


  11. OMG Awesome. I would come from London UK, but I am at another tech conference on those dates 😢. I usually need 9 months notice 🤦‍♂️ as I have events booked until next September 2020

  12. Can you also just do it online too? Because I would live to go but I live in China 🇨🇳 😭😭😭 it would take about 30 hours from my home too LA and the worst thing is that I need to get into the time zine without getting reaally sick 🤕

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