97 thoughts on “Columbus Day – Learning about Christopher Columbus”

  1. Little do people know, through left wing revision indoctrination, what the pagan Indians murder for their gods in their blood thirst temples.

  2. As a spanish, I'm very proud of Cristopher Columbus and the rest of sailors that discovered your continent. I didn't know you celebrate a day for it hahaha, so happy Columbus Day then!!

  3. They forgot the part where he committed genocide against the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Americas . Raped, tortured and exploited them. And paved the way for the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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  5. Even if you were to ignore the genocide part, and say we celebrate his exploration: He struggled to find fundings not because everyone believed the earth was flat, everyone knew the earth was a sphere, and they had a pretty good idea of how big it was. Columbus was an idiot who messed up in translating the measurements and thought the earth was two times smaller. If America was not there, he would have died in the middle of the ocean.

  6. He is only celebrated by elementary school students because people don't have the heart to tell them how terrible of a person he was and that he is not a hero at all


  8. First off he never came to America. Second of all he went to the Caribbean. Third of all he wasn't even the first European to come to the new world that was the Vikings and then Columbus committed mass genocide for no good reason

  9. Columbus never found a new world he named a new world before he got to that world many warriors were in the world and that was the Native American

  10. Sooooo where's the part where he terrorized the people on the islands and tried to steal their property and gold, and when he found out that they didn't have any valuables, he slaughtered them and never even set foot in america??

  11. Patrick became a saint after he and the Roman army slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Druids for not converting to Christianity. We love celebrating murderers. At least the pilgrims were very kind to the indigenous people of America.

  12. He didn't even reach North America he "discovered" South America and almost slaughtered every single "Indian"

  13. He was far from a hero he killed many and did not discover earth was round it was common knowledge at the time . Most more the tino people of the Bahamas they did not know what spices and gold were . This infuriated him and the killed all of them except 500

  14. its just funny to me how people skip over the truth about this evil man which not only did he killed and torture but europeans brought over diseases!!!!! Talk about that…

  15. Don't show any kids this as it is not the truth! Show them this instead, thank me later. https://youtu.be/k8PQXiJiLOY

  16. I know your a "kids" channel, but you sort of forgot the part where he killed thousands of people, and never even made it to "America"

  17. Christopher Columbus was a bad guy so why are you saying it was a freaking person that helped find America which he never did

  18. Here's the true story of him (hint he wasn't a hero and this is not kid friendly, just a warning)

  19. Just tell the truth. Colombus was a serial killer that commited extreme genocide. Colombus is the opposite of a hero.

  20. Columbus is not even a hero he's murdered the people for gold he didn't even discover North America he only discovery Central America even South America this is not even true he's a model

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  22. Great informative children's video, Thanks for posting! GOD BLESS the BRAVE and COURAGEOUS explorer Christopher Columbus!! A true historical HERO!!!!

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