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NARRATOR: This is star. Hello, Star. CHILD: Hi, Star! NARRATOR: What are you doing? CHILD: Coloring! NARRATOR: That’s very nice, Star. I love coloring. NARRATOR: What are you coloring? CHILD: A rainbow! NARRATOR: That’s a wonderful rainbow, Star. NARRATOR: You just have to color it in. NARRATOR: You want us to help you? NARRATOR: Do you want to
help Star color in the rainbow? CHILD: Yes! NARRATOR: Fantastic. What’s the first color, Star? red You’re right. The first color of the rainbow is red. In Spanish, red is “rojo.” Can you say “rojo”? In French, red is “rouge.” Can you say “rouge”? Red is an energetic color often
associated with love, happiness, and good luck. This is the Chinese character for love. Many things are red. Do you know what this is? A firetruck! What about this? An apple. Let’s see what other red things we can
find. This is Star. Hello, Star. And this is Star’s little
sister, Starlette. Hello Starlette. Is Starlette going to
help us find the colors of the rainbow? Great! What color is next? orange That’s right. Orange is the next color in
the rainbow. In Spanish orange is “anaranjado.” Can you say “anaranjado”? In French orange is “orange.” Can you say “orange”? Orange is a warm happy color associated
with energy, autumn, and Halloween. Do you know what
this is? A pumpkin! There are lots of orange
fruits and vegetables: oranges, peaches, carrots, cantaloupes, mangoes, and sweet potatoes. Yummy! How many other orange things can you
find? We’re gonna plant flowers. I’ve got a green shovel. Green shovel. I’ve got a yellow rake and a blue shovel. I’ve got a pink shovel. I’ve got to squeeze this. These flowers are red. These are orange. These are yellow. This is purple. This is very messy! We need some water. A lot of water. We made a garden! Yay! This is Star. Hello Star. Star, you look very excited. Are you excited about the next color? Is this your favorite color? What is the next color in the rainbow? yellow It is yellow. I can see why yellow is
Star’s favorite color. Can you? What color is Star? Yellow In Spanish, yellow is “amarillo.” In French, yellow is “jaune.” Yellow is a very happy color like our
friend Star. Yellow is also the color of bananas, corn,
and baby chicks. Do you know what a baby chick sounds
like? What other yellow things do you think
we’ll see? Hello, Starlette. You look happy. Have you found our next color? green The next color of the rainbow is green. In Spanish, green is “verde.” Can you say “verde”? In French, green is
pronounced “vert.” Can you say “vert”? Green is a wonderful color frequently found in nature. Trees and leaves are green. Grass is green. “Green” is the word used to
describe someone that cares about nature and our planet. Do you know what this symbol means? Recycle. Recycle means to reuse something instead
of just throwing it away. Let’s see how many more green things we
can spot. We’re gonna paint. Come on! A red heart. An orange pumpkin. A green turtle. A yellow star. Hi, Star! Look what we made! Yay! Hello, Star. Hi, Star! I think Star has already found our next color. What do you think it is? blue You’re right, it’s blue. “Azul” is how you say blue in Spanish. Can you say “azul”? Blue sounds almost the same in
English as it does in French: “bleu.” Blue is a calming color. It’s the color of
water and of the sky. It”s also the color of peace. Blue is
many people’s favorite color. Is it yours? Hello, Star. Hello, Starlette. Hi Star! Are you ready for our last color? Let’s count down to our last color: 3, 2, 1… purple That’s right! It’s purple! In Spanish, purple is pronounced “morado.” In French, purple is “violet.” Purple is a very special color because
you have to mix two other colors to get it. Red and blue mixed together make purple. In many countries, purple is the color of royalty. Of kings and queens. Purple is also associated with wisdom
and with some special people in our life. Do you know who? Grandma and Grandpa! Yes! Purple is the color of grandparents. How many other things are purple? Hello, Star. Hi, Star! We’ve collected all the colors of the
rainbow. Should we add them to our picture? Yes! That’s red orange yellow green blue and purple. We’ve colored in the rainbow! I think this deserves a celebration. Happy dance! Rainbows are symbols of promises, peace,
hope, and love. They are also used to remind us that the
world is beautiful because it’s full of different types of people. You should be very proud of yourself. You
learned a lot today. But now it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye, Star. We’ll see you on our next adventure!

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