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hi puppy is it time for a snack sure sis the fridge is so empty Tommy's empty too I'm feeling really hungry what should we do let's go to the market to get some colorful for me what should we look for how about something sweet what's after red yellow let's find something yellow hey this is fun what colors next can you find something orange orange I found something orange over there we have lots of healthy sweet Oh lots of things we can know what happened to our ball did you want to learn how to blow the ball hey no one else we can do with the ball we can bounce it Oh we're going to see animals everywhere I like the seal sound volition elephants water sounds let's listen and look to find what's there all kinds of animals it's a lion and we have a little surprise for you Oh baby we went to the animal fair there were animals everywhere the lion is he–oh a pretty boy tune and a mommy and baby elephant just for you morning everywhere they go in English we what do we say in other places I would like to know when we're seeing when your face is how do we say hello in German we say hello in French Bonjour and Spanish we say hola Italian it's ciao Portuguese ooh Chinese everywhere we go it's story time thanks monkey that was fun it's story time everyone storytime is a special way to share with friends and play together we can't take what's your favorite story happy where are we going today the farm we are riding in the car we're going someplace new it's fun to go to the farm where there's so much to do we'll see animals here what they say it's ducky come on we'll help you find her it's great to lend a hand are you a bully sheep says need to listen for these mom what's that noise let's follow froggy Oh time for bed I'm getting sleepy are you sleepy it's time to sleep it's time for bed I'm get my jammies on then lay down my head but I'm not tired can't fall asleep what should I do let's kill some shame one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten now we've counted up to ten still not asleep let's go again one two three four five six how many cookies did we have before the other cookie on the table we're ready for business our first customer puppy's food truck you service breakfast or lunch for one or a bunch yeah oops sorry puppy there's just so much to do but first I'm hungry aren't you how about a little smoothie puppies food service breakfast or lunch for one or a bunch we are shoulders knees and toes eyes and ears mouth and nose we deal it's every day we learn words what are we learning today puppy what's that noise let's go see hi I'm the mailbox with letters for you holding letters that's what I do for me look it's the letter S is for froggy door please open our door look it's the letter M M is for huh hi monkey what you doing well oh I just wanted to learn letters do with you come with me you

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