College of Education produces outstanding, innovative educators

>>At CSUSB’s College of Education [Background
Music] we prepare and train the best educators in the region, some of them recognized
as state teachers of the year, making them among the best in the nation. We provide them with the guidance and resources
to be the best teachers, the best counselors and the best administrators they can be,
all with the goal of creating a more humane, equitable, and just society, to shape
a future that moves all of us forward. We’re more than just lecturers in
the classrooms; we’re innovators, recognized nationally and internationally,
seeking new ways of teaching children and adults to learn not just more, but better. We take coyote pride in what we do
and instill that in those we teach. We prepare educators to prepare their
students to be the next generation’s leaders. We define the future. [ Music ]

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