College of Education and Human Services at Wright State University

I think there’s a huge amount
of value in education and in learning. To me,
most of the really profound learning happens when you
bring that scholarship to the community. I got into the Dayton public
schools, work with the students to encourage them and to
make them successful in the classroom. Some of the classes I’ve taken
are excercise physiology, kinesiology, adaptive recreation
You’re learning how exercise affects the body, and also
learning how to design a program to best fit your
client’s needs. If you have a passion for
helping others, the College of Education and Human
Services is the one for you. We’re actually going out
to the schools and using science methods in classes with
real live children and also in garden spaces, which are
these living laboratories right outside the school.
Then our university students are learning first hand how they
might be teaching science in a way that’s meaningful
to the lives of children in our community. My classes are very hands-on
and interactive. You know, you’re interacting
with clients, and you always can look forward to doing
something fun in your classes. The faculty that are leading
classes in our schools are taking a backseat and the
teacher candidates are the ones who are designing the lessons,
they’re the ones who are asking questions. We have the pleasure of
experiencing the different environments to expose us to
inner city, rural, and suburban school districts, not just the
different types of kids that we could be teaching, but how
different teachers interact with these different students. A pioneer is someone who
isn’t afraid to go out and seek new opportunities. Being a pioneers evolves or
betters something that already stands. When someone has a new idea,
there’s someone here to say, “Sure! Let’s work on that
together. Let’s find a new way to solve this problem.”
The legacy of the Wright brothers and that commitment to
entrepreneurship and that openness to innovation and
new ideas is something that has been a big part of why I
chose to be a student at Wright State.

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