College of Education (:60)

I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. The best thing about teaching is getting kids
excited about learning. It’s about finding a place that will provide
the tools that you need. You should choose UMSL because it’s in the
heart of St. Louis; provides you with a wealth of opportunities for internships at different schools. You learn from a lot of different people. You
learn from your professors. You learn from your classmates. It was convenient to get to. They worked around my schedule. It was financially responsible. It’s a place where you can be yourself. From the very beginning, they gave me a lot
of experiences to be in the classroom. They’re also solving real issues that we’re
having in education. UMSL allowed me to take the classes and tailor
my education. Right after I graduated UMSL, I was able to
find a teaching position in the same district that I grew up in. I actually just hired one of my previous classmates
as my assistant principal. My classmates are some of the best friends
I have today. And those relationships are relationships
that I plan to carry throughout my life. I’ll always be grateful to UMSL for giving
me the tools to help change people’s lives. You’re able to use the tools and the problem solving
and the examples that they give you in real world situations. So, you really can get those real experiences
right here at home. My name is Elise Hoke. Stephanie Matteson. Paul Hussman. Miranda Ming. I’m a first-grade teacher. I’m a school counselor. I’m a science teacher. I’m an associate principal and I chose UMSL.

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