13 thoughts on “COLLEGE DAY IN THE LIFE I grad student I social work”

  1. The way you used 'scents' and 'flavors' interchangeably was great cause my wife also does. Great video!

  2. I’m glad I found your channel! I’m preparing for grad school myself and this is truly motivating and helpful with being productive 💕

  3. New here! I have a YouTube channel too you should check it out I will post on my graduate school stuff soon since I just got accepted! I subbed 🙂

  4. If I hear one more person say Taco Bell is Mexican food, I’m going to go crazy!!!!! Taco Bell is nothing like Mexican food

  5. Omg! I just found you and I already love you! 1. You’re the first social work student I’ve been able to find on yt doing these videos that I like and 2. You used “a way back into love” from music and lyrics in your video! I freaking love that song and movie lol! You rock!

  6. wow, when the music and lyrics song came on, I was like yes…and then I saw the damien rice spotify screen and now I want your spotify playlist hahahaha

  7. I really really like your planner.I know you said you got it at TJMAXX but does it have a specific brand? I'm really trying to buy one.

  8. I’m so excited I found your channel!! I am a social work undergrad and videos like this keep me motivated and excited about school! Please keep making college weeks/days in the life + social work related videos!! 😊

  9. Love this great first vid!! Just subbed toyou !! I’m a small YouTuber as well and would love to supoort eachother

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