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Welcome to The Col Collective and thanks for joining us for the Eastern face of the Col du Tourmalet It starts of at Sainte Marie de Campan 16.5 kilometres up to the summit at 2115 metres highest road pass in the Pyrénées Overall it looks like there’s quite a
constant gradient doesn’t look like there’s any really steep pitches that can sometimes be deceptive where still in the tree line here so where sheltered from any wind which is makes it a bit more pleasant for us we’re now 10km from the summit really start to feel like you’re getting in the
in the heart of nature can’t ready hear too much apart from the
wildlife, the birds got a gradient of 8.5 percent so not difficult, still a challenge yes, starting to feel inspired For the most part the climbs stays constant at 8.5 percent but with 6 kilometres to go it ramps up just a touch we’ve just hit 11 percent, you go through a series of tunnels are you really got to be aware of that just to know that you need
to dig a little bit deeper Just passed through the ski station of La Mongie with about 4.5km to go that’s really the last stop before the summit so there’s places to get
food and drink Yeah I really love it when you get to see all the names spray-painted on the road All the champions, startS giving you
that real buzz that well you know that you’re somewhere special, but even more special adding your little bit of history in your own way I didn’t actually say anything for Eugene
Christophe who back in 1913 was part of a massive 326 kilometre stage he actually broke his forks at the bottom at Sainte Marie de Campan he went into a
blacksmith he re-welded them and he actually got a penalty a time penalty for having
outside assistance he needed someone to operate the bellows so next time you think that life is not fair, then just think of poor Eugene who suffered like that on these slopes absolutely incredible I love it absolutely love it

57 thoughts on “Col du Tourmalet (Campan) – Cycling Inspiration & Education”

  1. I had the opportunity to climb it just few months ago before the closing of the pass ( the statue from the top is removed all years for the winter season and I couldn't take a picture) and was a real epic climb. Great memories watching the landscape again. thanks for the videos! This next season I ll climb it from Luz Saint Sauveur as the Tour usually do coming from Pau.

  2. I'm riding this in August, it'll be my first major climb and just shy of 50. Excited and daunted in equal measure.

  3. Can't thank you guys enough for these. My family sits down with me to watch them and we plan our future holidays around these epic climbs. You're an inspiration to a new generation of little cyclists as well as the current and old guard. Thanks

  4. This is sooo well made, please list all your sponsors in the comments area so we know who to give our money too. 🙂

  5. Thanks, Mike. Another great climb. I especially appreciate your injection of history. We need more of that – cycling has such a long and rich history. I remember using Christophe toe straps in the old days!! Keep up the wonderful  work.

  6. Love these videos. I'm miles away from being able to do anything on this scale yet but they're really inspiring me to get out there and start attacking some hills this year and start building towards something like this – way to go Mike!

  7. Another great video and Thanks for showing the gearing being used. Living here in North East America the high peaks I'm fortunate enough to ride are amazing but the mountain ranges over there are absolutely stunning. There is no doubt that these videos are inspiring and the perfect presenter..ride on Mike !

  8. Superb video, again Mike. 
    I did this last year in the Étape in the pouring rain and sleet on the summit; but still a beautiful climb.

  9. Everyone says how great your videos are… Nobody tells the true: what the hell I am doing in this turbo trainer when I just want to be there! THANKS!

  10. @Mike Cotty Can you do a video with an in depth review of your gear you use for riding and climbing? And maybe another video for climbing technique (at least from your perspective) on these insane climbs? I love to climb here and new to cycling, but I am constantly messing with clean adjustment/seat etc and still incurring some pains in the knees and whatnot. Would love to see how to get around this!

  11. Fantastic information all along the video, wonderful music behind and @Mike Cotty you always make it look so simple 🙂 …absolute powerhouse…brilliant work yet again…Cheers!!!

  12. +The Col Collective great video and what bike are you riding as it is very nice and when i get my new road bike next year i am planning on going to majorca and climbing some of the mountains over there

  13. Thank you for this vid…it inspired me to climb it…I did it 2 days ago from Ste Marie de Campan and it was such an experience…thank you again

  14. I can't avoid imagining Octave Lapize climbing the tourmalet in 1910: unsealed road, heavy steel bike, no gears…

  15. Take warm clothing for the descent. I got hypothermia and ended up in Lourdes hospital. 25 celsius in the valley, 3 celsius and raining at the top. Be warned. That was in July.

  16. I love all your videos of the col's amazing.I feel your passion as it is the same passion I have for cycling.I watch your videos all the time.

  17. These videos are inspirational! The advice and info given are extremely helpful. And the music completes the superb effect. Chapeau!

  18. 5:18: "stay composed". If you start to decompose, it is time to stop cycling. Or did I misunderstand this?

  19. Road this mid September. Georgous conditions and an absolutely god like climb. First few km very easy but just hits you 4km in and stays on you all the way to the summit. Can't wait to do the Western face one day.

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