CNA Essential Skills – Donning and Removing PPE (Gown & Gloves) (4:30)

good afternoon the skill I'm about to demonstrate is donning and removing PPE PPE of course being your personal protective equipment as you can see before me I have a gown and we have gloves those are the only materials you need for this particular skill I'll begin by removing my lab jacket open the package for the game disposable now without flinging the gown in the air because we must be weary of airborne pathogens of place one arm in the gown then the second arm again then take the ties to the neck area and tie them please be extremely careful to tie in a bow as opposed to a not a knot not allow you to get out of your gown next you want to make sure that the back is covered as much as possible then we proceed to tonic place in a faux as it goes through a knot next I will put my gloves on it is easier if you pull the puffs somewhat over your hands to begin with our object here is to make sure that the cuffs of our gown are covered by our gloves as you can see the cups are covered my clothing is covered next I'm going to remove the PP expose the cup slightly on both of your hands next taking one gloved hand I'm pinching the palm of the other and filling that glove off and holding it in the original hand now I am able to touch the cuff with my hand this way or this way but do not touch the yellow area as that is contaminated so sliding my fingers underneath I now turn the gloves completely inside out and they will be disposed of in the trash now without touching the outside of the Gans I will untie the neck portion of the gam releasing that I will do the same with the waist area on time again now remembering that the cuff area is still playing I will slide my finger once again underneath the cuff pulling it over my hand I will now take my hand I will pull this hand in pulling the cuff over now I will take the gown holding it away from my body I will turn it inside out so that now the cling that was against my body is on the outside and the soiled area is on the inside I will now dispose in the trash container and I will State for testing purposes only I will now wash my hands and that concludes hey PE you

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  1. One comment I am going to add is if you wear gloves and your hands get really really sweaty take baby powder or talcum powder and put it on your hand right after you get the glove off because that will help the gloves to not get stuck on your hands when your putting them back on.

  2. For my New New CNA’s. Just took my test 11/20/18 THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT FOR ARC SKILLS! Don’t look at anything else it’s correct! Make sure to verbalize that you put ppe on outside and take PPE off INSIDE OF THE ROOM!! You will fail if you don’t, also close the door behind you when you enter. Thank me later

  3. Yeah am a certified nursing assistant! Thanks to this video! My confidence was 100% thanks guys for sharing this videos!!!

  4. Note:
    it's necessary to do the hand hygiene before donning and doffing PPE. either hand rubbing with an alcohol based or wash hand with soap and water.

  5. there are better techniques to remove the suit(why take the gloves of before the suit and risk getting contaminated )

  6. She touch the gloves with all her fingers I thought it was just the thumb u have to be able touch the gloves with an I wrong ?

  7. Unfortunately, this is the old way of donning and doffing PPE. Please go to the CDC website and learn the new and correct way of donning and doffing PPE.

  8. This video about the TN CNA is entertaining and educative I encourage anybody that want to learn some basic thing about CNA to watch this video.

  9. I really appreciate these videos.  Helps me that there is notice of the parts in each skill that can lead to an instant fail.

  10. I'm not sure if those ppe are effective if we're talking about contamination of very very small organism. Beside that I think you can enforce the procedure with cleaning procedure before removing anything, especially the point of connection between each ppe where it will be removed and consequently increasing risk of contamination to your skin.

  11. What if you're wearing one of the blue plastic gowns…that are like plastic garbage then would you remove..

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