Clueless (8/9) Movie CLIP – Physical Education (1995) HD

♪[kids in america
by the muffs playing]♪ looking out
a dirty old window ♪♪ outside the cars in
the city go rushing by ♪♪ I sit here alone ♪♪ and I wonder why ♪[people laughing]♪ Friday night
and everyone’s moving ♪♪ I can feel the heat ♪♪ but’s it’s shooting
heading down ♪[yelling]♪ I search for the beat
in this dirty town ♪[all laughing]♪ down town
the young ones are going ♪♪ we’re the kids in america ♪[all chattering]♪ we’re the kids in america ♪♪ everybody live ♪(cher)
so ok, you’re probably going,“is this a noxzema
commercial or what?”But seriously,
I actually haveA way normal life
for a teenage girl.I mean, I get up,
I brush my teeth,And I pick out
my school clothes.[computer sounds]♪[fashion
by david bowie playing]♪ they do it over there ♪♪ but we don’t do it here ♪♪ fashion ♪♪ fashion turn to the left ♪♪ fashion turn to the right ♪♪ oooh fashion ♪(cher)
daddy’s a litigator.Those are
the scariest kinds of lawyers.Even lucy, our maid,
is terrified of him.[screams]And daddy’s so good,
he gets $500 an hour
to fight with people.But he fights with me for free
because I’m his daughter.Daddy.
Cher, please don’t start
with the juice again. Daddy,
you need your vitamin “c”. Where’s my briefcase? It’s been
a couple of months now, So I said we’d
go out to malibu. Don’t tell me those
brain-dead lowlifes
have been calling again. [sighs]
they are your parents. And don’t try
sneaking out of the office. Dr. Lovett’s coming by
to give you a flu shot. Oh, josh is in town,
he’s coming for dinner. Why? He’s your stepbrother.

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  1. So that's where they got the name Clueless from (didn't watch the movie). I thought it was because Cher and Dionne were clueless to how people outside of Beverly Hills were living.

  2. ms stoeger, i would just like to say that physical education in this school is a disgrace. i mean standing in line for 40 mins is hardly aerobically effective, i doubt i worked off the calories in a stick of carefree gum!

  3. I agree with Cher, fer SHURR, but I keep expecting someone to smack some kid on the back of the head, and for the Gym teacher to be tough on the other girls, so that someone says, "Let it GO, Chris!", and someone else says, "The HELL I will!"

    OOPS! Wrong high school movie. LOL!

  4. Just realized… well didn't realized, remembered that 6 years ago today, Brittany Murphy (Tie) was buried. May she R.I.P

  5. I used to think Thai was such a dumbass because she's trying to sound cool while asking for tea, but when I got older I realize what she meant

  6. There really goes Ambers nose her social life already totally gone, and Amber looks like a damn farmer in her ugly outfit! Like barff on her fashion! lol

  7. Drew Alicia Pamela when I took the popular test in school we had to do our popularity job at home or in an movie this means we had give someone a makeover and use our industries skills and make sure the college that we went to no and open up for us and we had to fixes our taxes like invest into business and development with the movies that i've done and sitcom show so i had to save money almost about what I made and invest it into finance it didnt always means be in a particular popular crowd ,did year to date , I invested into futuristic development ,and flight rise , surcharge ,sometimes being in a relationship by yourself is helpful or you wouldnt get anything done the way they hurt your brain ,you branch off from those evil doers especially when you no you had things to do and wanted to do them they blurr you school was first up to 40 years of age is what i learned but there is pros and cons of doing things when you learn industries and going across state line you learne comute and map ,and time zone of travel zoning state lines and birth certificate its scarey learning if you had children that you in one place and they are in another because of birth certificate that when you get to the age of 40 you have to be where your birth certificate says you have to be then inthe year of 2015 you have be in the state you was born or your bottom hurts ,they messed with my paints you name they all were being godand had the nerve to say something smart because I was young, i was more responsible the it , you have all types you have the bumble bee , the ants , the grass hopper ,the lighten bugs you name they all do paints ,nah but it was trying to screw god ,im just a new creation who needed to multiply ,im glad they did fight

  8. Ty: I could use a special kind of herbial refreshment.

    Dion: Oh well we do lunch in 10 we don't have tea but we have coke and stuff.

    Ty: No shit you guys have coke here?

    Dion: Yeah

    Cher: Well yeah this is America.

  9. I used to wish I could meet girls like Cher and Dionne until I realized, I AM Ty who is awkward af and some cooler girl always takes pity on me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Stupid question but Thai was obviously referring to drugs, were Cher and Dion aware and playing along or were they oblivious?

  11. Does anyone know the name of the character or actor at the beginning, i.e. the girl with the leg warmers who receives a pat on the back (time: 00:00 to 03:00).

  12. I watched this when I was 16 or 17 and just now realized that when that one girl said her plastic surgeon said not to
    Play sports that involved balls being thrown. And Dion said there goes her social life. That she meant actual balls. Like testicals.

  13. My plastic surgeon doesn't want me to do any activity where balls fly at my nose…well there goes your social life. I need to go re-watch this. Such a classic.

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  16. Wtf were we thinking, wearing T shirts under our tank tops? Did that a lot back then and now that I see it 20+ years later, boy, that looks dumb.

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  18. β€œI have a note from my tennis instructor..And he would prefer it if I didn’t expose myself to anything that wouldn’t derail his teachings.”

  19. I love how virtually nobody who watches this as a child understands the drug reference at the end until they grow up and watch it again 20 years later.

  20. twothings in this scene that went RIGHT over my head as a kid…the 'balls' flying at her face that derailed a social life, and the 'herbal refreshment'. the coke i actually got for some reason…

  21. Every guy on earth wanted to wrestle with silverstone in a tub of vanilla pudding. Who cares who wins, the pleasure is all his.

  22. Gotta love gym class back in highschool with balls flying at your nose ur boobs bouncing n cant catch your breath running that track miss the 90s

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