Climb Steeper Hills On Your E-Bike | EMTB Skills

13 thoughts on “Climb Steeper Hills On Your E-Bike | EMTB Skills”

  1. i keep watching those e-bike tips videos but still can't afford an e-bike, the day i'll get one my knowledge will be like if i ride one all my life hahaha

  2. Now you've put the practice in how about that night time assault of the slab you promised a few months ago? 😁

  3. #AskEMBN i’m getting a 2019 Giant fathom e+3,
    have you done a review or can you do a review on it?
    #AskEMBN is the 2019 giant fathom e+3 good for commuting, singletrack, doubletrack, those thin wooden balance things and fireroads?

  4. Yes Steve an other fine video. Can't seem to remember why their is Clime's I have to use my brakes to pick a better line or to get peddle stroke right.

  5. Hi Steve & EMBN,
    Not a response but a request! Can you guys do a piece on not the usual tyres, motors or plugging the Turbo Levo, but far more important than that……..
    The real safety issue no matter what ebike you have… brake pads. Having trawled loads of informative videos from other sources on here, there was only one covering ebikes. Now with the bigger demands of more miles, more bike weight to stop, do we go with fast wearing but quiet (not so good in the wet) resin/organic (!!!), semi metallic, fully sintered (possible rotor wear issues?), kevlar or ceramic? Then there’s cooling fins and aluminium bodies to dissipate heat. This sounds like a video on its own!! My Haibike Allmtn RC has Shimano SLX brakes which are now squealing (plenty of pad left, probably a contaminant – could do with help on that subject to!) So advice all round would be much appreciated

  6. And expect a chain snap during hard climbs, I've had 2 chains snap on my 2019 Trek, a knee to the frame both times, I hate chains and derailliers, can't wait for better tech to come out.

  7. Look far ahead works for me, if you concentrate too much on whats right in front, you wont be able to anticipate speed increases to get over obstacles.

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