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Hey friends, I came here to
meet an old friend. But my! It’s so hot here. Hey, Dr. B there you are. Hey, I was just telling my friends
how hot it is here. Well yes, that’s because we
fall under the Torrid Zone. Oh, that reminds me, today, I’ll tell you of
all the different Climate Zones of the Earth. Zoom in. The climate zones of Earth, are distinguished by
the latitudes that run across the Earth’s surface. The most important ones are… The Equator. Tropic of Cancer. Tropic of Capricorn. The Arctic Circle. And the Antarctic Circle. The region between the two tropics,
is the Torrid Zone. Or the Tropic Zone. This is the hottest part of the Earth. The Sun’s heat falls directly on this zone,
during the Solstice and the Equinoxes. Did those words just bounce off your head? Solstice and Equinox? Well, the time of the year when the
Sun passes overhead.. ..the farthest North, is known as the
Summer Solstice. It usually takes place on the 22nd of June. And the Winter Solstice is when the sun
passes farthest South of the Equator. Which usually happens on the
22nd of December. And an Equinox happens either of the
2 times each year. When the sun crosses the Equator and day and
night are approximately of equal length.. ..almost everywhere on Earth. Mark the dates, again! It usually happens on March 21st
and September 23rd. The Torrid zone includes, most of Africa,
Southern India, Southern Asia, Indonesia.. New Guinea, Northern Australia, Southern
Mexico, Central America, Northern South America. Next is the Temperate Zones. Which fall between the two tropics. And the Arctic Circle in the North. And the Antarctic Circle in
the South respectively. This is the perfect vacation zone. As it usually has mild temperatures. And enjoys all the 4 seasons, annually. Summer Spring Autumn and Winter. This is because in these regions,
the sun is never directly overhead. These are the regions that fall in the
Temperate Zone. The North Temperate Zone includes,
Great Britain, Europe, Northern Asia,.. North America and Northern Mexico. The South Temperate zone includes Southern
Australia, New Zealand,.. ..Southern South America and South Africa. The last of the zones is the other extreme. And so it’s called the Frigid Zones. It is the coldest part of the planet. These zones lie beyond the Arctic
and Antarctic circles. So, you know they are freezing. And even their day-night cycles
are super weird. That’s right. Sometimes the sun doesn’t rise
or set for 24 hours. And sometimes, the day is literally
one year long. With 6 months of day light and
6 months of night. TRIVIA TIME! The edges of the Temperate zones are also
sometimes referred to.. the Subtropics, Subarctic and
Subantarctic. Aristotle, the ancient Greek Scholar,.. ..was the first one to come up with the idea
of Climate Zones! Well friends, now you have a better idea of
how the climate of our planet works. And seeing how the climates are getting
all Topsy- turvey, these days,… You know where it might be going wrong. So, tune in next time for more fun facts! This is me zooming out. Hey kids, you liked my videos, didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on
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