Climate Strike | Education for Sustainable Development at The University of Sheffield

We will meet our 43 per cent reduction target by 2020. We have divested from fossil fuel companies entirely. I think that by joining this strike, this Climate Strike, we’re sending a message – it’s a very clear very powerful message. It’s a message to say that our University community is actually committed to taking action, to doing something. To do something that really is going to have to address some of the most formidable challenges that we face. It’s so important that we make sure we all have our voices heard. People our age don’t have the vote and it’s about everyone unifying under a common issue and making sure that we have a future. It’s the youth that are saying to politicians wake up, do something, make the changes that will allow us to deliver a sustainable future. And we should absolutely support them because we’ve not been brave enough and they have. I think it’s critical that we show our solidarity around one of the most kind of pressing threats to humanity. And it’s wonderful to see so many people taking the climate crisis so seriously. And it shows the world how committed we are as a group of people to sorting out the climate mess. Regardless of your age, your gender – we just have to make sure that we stand shoulder to shoulder because it is a common enemy and it’s something that we have such a limited amount of time to fight and it’s everyone’s battle. I’m absolutely delighted to announce today that we will be embedding Education for Sustainable Development into the curriculum of every single course we offer in this University.

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