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Today more people are demanding action… …to tackle the global climate crisis than ever beforeThis is a fight across borders, across continentsA sometimes bewildering array of critiques… …and responses are hitting the public consciousness We wanted to take a closer look… …at one of the most familiarTrees could remove nearly 25% of carbon dioxide from the atmosphereWe’re going to have to put trees everywhereThe target is to plant thousands of treesTrees suck up and store carbon……so why not plant more of them?It seems like a compellingly simple answer……to the question of how humanity can begin to repair the planetBut what do the experts think?I’m a film-maker here at The Economist……and I want to find out the real story behind trees and climate changeThe world’s ambition for reforestation……for planting trees has never been greaterPrivate companies have schemes……like even Pornhub, for exampleThey had a scheme where for every hundred views……they would plant a treeWow, really?Yeah, but because it’s just an easy win for companies to say……plant a tree, if you do this, we’ll plant a treeBut it’s not as simple as that……and it’s not necessarily……having the benefit that companies are sayingThis represents how much carbon could be stored……if all reforestation projects are plantations……and this is if you let all forests regenerate naturallyNatural, slow-growth forestYou can see it is drastically higherSo what are the pertinent……questions for you?So there’s a big study a few weeks ago……that said that tree planting has the mind-blowing potential……to tackle the climate crisis…So I think that’s the kind of key starting point……for our researchLooking at, to what extent that’s trueTo what extent trees and planting of trees can……tackle climate changeWhen this study from the Crowther Lab was published in July… …these were the headlinesA new study is suggesting that the best way to fight climate change……is through trees……study says it could reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 25%……nature sometimes has the best remedies right?So we’re about to call Professor Tom Crowther……who’s said that tree-planting has mind-blowing potential……to tackle climate crisis so we want to speak to him……find out how and see whether it doesn’t sound too good to be trueYeah so I’m Tom Crowther…….I’m an assistant professor of Ecosystem Ecology at ETH ZurichAnd we about a year ago here started the Crowther Lab……where we sort of bring together a lot of perspectives to have a……holistic understanding of where all the carbon on Earth is……and how we can manage ecosystems to store……more or less carbon in those areasFor your recent study, why is that new and important?So simply put we just made a very high-resolution model……of where trees could exist on the planetAnd by quantifying how much carbon is in that land……we can actually show that restoring forests can capture……far more carbon than we ever previously thought……what we’ve found is actually forests have the potential to capture……200 gigatonnes of carbon……and since the start of the Industrial Revolution we’ve got about……300 gigatonnes in the atmosphereSo it would be very slow, it would be over 200 years……but still we’re talking about a really, really powerful……carbon-drawdown solutionThese numbers sound greatBut how does that translate to real world, real lifeI’m so glad you asked these questions because……the big media explosion was pretty devastating, wasn’t really……I mean it was great got loads of people interested……but it also made led to loads of confusionWe would never, ever propose that tree planting works everywhereWe’re just showing the full potential it’s not like 200 gigatonnes……are really going to come out of the atmosphere immediately……it would be amazing if we even reach 10% of that full potentialAnd so we need all of the possible climate-change solutions in concertBut I do believe trees are more powerful than anything else……that I know of because they’re such a low-tech, easy-access solution……anyone can get involved in it, you feel good about yourself……when you give a dollar to a tree to plant a treeIt’s more important than the simple carbon sequestered by treesIt’s the advocacy that it promotesI don’t believe we’ll address climate change until we all feel……positive and engaged in the challengeI think it’s a beautiful way to open the door to get us engagedThe message that Tom was keen to communicate from his study… …was clearly both broader and more nuanced… …than some of the headlines suggested But is he right to argue that trees are more powerful… …than anything else in engaging people in the climate crisis? We’ve written on the merits of different approaches… …to this challenge across the globe So Asher and I sat down with one of our senior editors… …Oliver Morton, who specialises in climate science and policyYeah well I mean there were headlines on the Crowther……of the single most important thing people can do about climate change……is to plant trees and that’s not really……the single most important thing people can do about climate change……is to find ways to move humanity, humankind off the use of fossil fuels……which isn’t to say planting trees isn’t goodBut you know by and large getting off fossil fuels is very importantBut I think that’s true of almost anything anyone says……about any single actionIt’s a good thing but there’s no magic bulletI think key things to take into consideration when people talk about……planting trees is what else is going on on the land……where they want to plant the treesThe other thing is that sometimes planting trees……you plant the wrong sorts of trees and in some parts of the world……planting trees makes the world warmerSimon Lewis actually pointed us to some studies which have……if you’re talking to Simon Lewis I’ve no idea why you’re talking to me anywaySimon knows far more about trees than I will ever knowSo Simon Lewis is an expert in global change science……and he’s been talking us through a lot more of the details on thisIn fact, we’re putting up on the website some articles……and other research materialsIf you want to take a look at them then click on the info-card……in the top right hand of this screenBut for now, we’re on the way to film an interview with SimonIncreasing the forest area on Earth is really important……but we should remember that tree planting is not always goodIt’s all about the how the trees fit with the local environmentThat often means balancing competing interests for the land… …where those trees might be planted… …and considering the needs of local communities But it also matters where in the world those forests might grow There are three main types of forest on the planet Encircling the north, the vast boreal forest… …is disproportionately rich in carbon… …and covers large swathes of Russia, Canada, Alaska and Scandinavia Diverse temperate forests grow sporadically… …throughout the parts of the Earth with more moderate climate And tropical forests grow along and close to the equatorIn the tropics the trees are growing very fastAnd because they’re growing fast because there’s lots of resources……lots of sunlight, lots of water and they’re also transpirating……water to the atmosphere which is helping coolThat cooling occurs in part because the clouds… …formed by this water in the atmosphere… …reflect the sunlight In the colder north it’s snow rather than clouds that offer the most reflection Growing the boreal forest means less snow… …and more dark, absorbent tree coverWhich means there is less of a cooling effect……and there’s more of a warming effect which partly offsets……the carbon storage in the forests in the boreal zoneAccording to one study, in tropical forests that grew… …more than 40% the temperature decreased by just over one degree Celsius In temperate forests it decreased by around half a degree But in boreal forests the temperature actually increasedOne example of a restoration project that is going quite well……is in Uganda on the edge of Kibali national park……just 20 years after the initial planting and it’s moving back towards……a mature forest and a very high-carbon storage forestSo it’s really possible to go from almost nothing……to a really impressive forest in just a matter of decades in the tropicsIn your view what are the main misunderstandings around tree planting?It’s great that everyone loves trees and loves tree plantingWhat people forget is that the emissions are going……straight out in the here and the nowThose trees might absorb those emissions eventually…….it may be 20 or 30 maybe 50 years but there is a big time mismatchWe need to reduce fossil-fuel emissions dramatically and fastAnd then some of those residual emissions that we can’t mop up……and can’t reduce, then we could use some tree planting to do thatSo there can be a more limited role for trees… …in helping to reduce carbon emissions But even that’s dependent on the type of trees and forests that are grown Which is why Simon has sent us to check out an interesting… …and very English projectI’m here in Sussex, south of England at the Knepp Castle Estate……there’s the castleThis estate is a former farm……it was a standard farm about 30 or 40 years ago……and the owners allowed the woods and the fields……and the naturally occuring flora and fauna to flourish here……by leaving them aloneWe’re here to talk about taking carbon out of the atmosphere……and how much success it can have, not just here but on a global scaleWilding is a hands-off approachIt’s become a sort of environment that is a nursery for open-grown……freely regenerating treesWithin 20 years, we have doubled our carbon sequestered in the soilWe’ve got the scrub, we’ve got the grasses, we’ve got the trees……all that will be contributing to this carbon sinkThat’s actually the start of another film… …which you can watch by clicking the link opposite In it we look at why this hands-off approach is effective… …and some of the big challenges in terms of forestation At the other link you can see The Economist’s latest writing on climate change Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe… …so you can get all our latest releases

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  1. On Friday at 1:00pm GMT we are hosting a live Q&A about the issues surrounding climate change. What do you want to ask our experts? Oliver Morton, a senior editor at The Economist who specialises in climate science and policy, and Sarah Collinson, the director of this film, will be live to answer your questions.

  2. God has created the planet to heal itself. There is no problem with global warming/climate change… except for the liars that are pushing it down our throats.

  3. Canada issued loads of polar bear hunting licenses this year because there are so many bears and they are very dangerous to the eskimo and folk who live in their hunting ground. Greta said the image of the last polar bear from previous years climate agendas made her so sad, guess what Greta the polar bears are coming to eat you, you foolish girl. She has challenges and this is what her parents do to her. Children are being prescribed very strong drugs because they are so hysterical about climate change, well done Greta, your work is done. How will she feel when the first suicide with a note from a child comes out because there is no future, only 12 years left. You people who push this absolute crap climate change agenda are all criminals and I hope you all get prosecuted. I call on all parents to parent and stop letting rich people with agendas ruin your childrens lives. WAKE UP.

  4. Not bad video, but who wants to hear about your office discussions? Just get on with it. You can tell us everybody's job in the credits, too.

  5. Seaweed is better, can be eaten and feed fish that can be harvested – offset should be structured as a transformational subsidy – so an offset when you purchase it helps agriculture transform to carbon neutral even negative – a lot of agricultural can be moved to climate controlled sheds just outside cities so a lot of land can be returned to nature

  6. With more trees, there will be a need for a lot more Co2 as it is the trees are short
    of their favorite food Co2, and trees are trying to adjust by developing less "pores"
    in their leaves, this category are referred to as C4. Carbon, unlike oxygen, is not at
    a constant level or percentage of the atmosphere everywhere and if levels of Co2
    had continued to fall there is a point where trees die then us. Plants flourish with Co2

  7. We need to get our heads around the ecology of the situation. Trees are great but so are tight herds of herbivores munching through grasslands, hammering carbon into the soil. We need to love this world and act in that way.

  8. Grete Thunberg is wrong , Don't just trust the science, question the science and trust the facts , some one please show me the science and the tests done with all variables involved like solar activity because at the minute people are trusting media outlets and celebrities rather than looking at the facts , and looking at their image of rewilding , well that looks like it came straight out of UN agenda 21,
    but my real question is,
    with all these so called refugees, so called climate refugees
    Where do you plan to house them all you will have to build more houses so logically am thinking you must turn away the refugees in order to re-wild correct? Because you know full well increased population leads to urbanisation and deforestation, so what's the real agenda here ???
    Saying plant more tree's is not the solution if your not willing to deal with the other problem !!!
    I agree get rid of plastics plant more tree's, create better forms of energy other than fossil , but your foolish if you think that's possible with a raising population !!!!

  9. The natural feedbacks have kicked in. Nature is in reset mode not repair. The sixth mass extinction is in full swing and we are on the menu.

  10. This is a very cheery video about a very dark subject. Yes, please, plant as many trees as you can though you may have forgotten that when left alone, trees plant themselves. We know for a fact that nature can repair its own biosphere, but only where humans can no longer interfere. Chernobyl and Fukushima are two recent examples. Frankly, the activity shown in this video is far too little and far too late. To save the humans, you’re going to have to give up everything—that’s the price, and don’t bother counting it in dollars.

  11. Why is mankind responsible for global warming? Because you cannot tax the Sun!
    CO2 has virtually no effect on warming the planet, it is mostly due to the Suns cycles.
    The amount is just too insignificant. Mankind has only contributed less than 4% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere.
    However if you frighten ignorant people enough they will pay you vast sums of money to make the problem go away.
    I wonder what will happen when people eventually realise they have been taken for a ride??

  12. Trees are liable to burn, especially with the guaranteed climate change already coming our way. Maybe that's mentioned in one of the other links, let me see. Also, it looks like the tropical forests are doomed shortly anyway – which is a bit of a game changer. Pretty good vid though, well done. Liked.

  13. Nice start on reporting, but it would have been helpful to interview a few people engaged in a somewhat more nuanced understanding of trees and forests; looking at watershed repair, biodiversity, forest based economies for instance. Trees provide so much more than structural elements of forests and carbon sequestration. Simplistic simulations which claim forest location can be detrimental similarly fail to consider nuance and the complexity of interacting larger earth systems. For instance an uninformed viewer could come away thinking that cutting down the taiga makes climate sense. Implying that trade-offs between other human uses for (now converted) formerly forested lands are somehow equivalent in value to the need to keep Earth habitable is irresponsible as well as unimaginative. We should be finding ways to meet such needs WHILE increasing forest and tree cover, not instead.

  14. Step 1: Stop pretending we’re somehow not a part of nature.
    Step 2: Get our fucking acts together since we’re destroying our own habitats.

  15. You should have covered the miyawaki method of Afforestation–planting a diverse mix of different species of indigenous trees very densely to accelerate the process of creating a "mature" forest that sequesters carbon very quickly.

  16. It's often said that the Earth will flourish after humanity is gone. If, however, the 460 so comercial nuclear power plants worldwide needing regular maintenance (in order not go Fukashima) actually do melt down they will release enough ionizing radiation to destroy the atmosphere leaving the Earth much like Mars. This is a guarantee if our societies collapse due to pandemics famine and wars due to climate change.

  17. "We are under the gross misconception that we are a good species going somewhere important and that at the last minute we will correct our errors and God will smile on us. It is delusion". Farley Mowat

  18. A engineer was hired to plan a platform on which to raise pumping equipment above the level of a recent river flood. He asked my father what is the all-time high? Dad laughed. The highest record level is 45 ft. he replied. The engineer wrote down the fact, but did not understand by Dad laughed.

  19. If planting trees is gonna save the planet, why are vast areas of the Congo being cleared to mine lithium and cobalt for electric vehicles and smart phones?

    Over 5 million dead and millions of plants, trees, animals gone. Ancient tribes of indigenous peoples homeless. This is more of an emergency then the stuff being discussed in this video.

    It will only get worse.

  20. AS THE EARTH WARMS TO THE TIPPING POINT OF NO RETURN TAKING us all INTO RUN AWAY CLIMATE CHANGE THREATENIG THE FUTURE OF ALL LIFE ON EARTH as The Arctic Icecaps Melt Rapidly our world will become too hostile to sustain life ..

    Meanwhile , INDONESIA AND THE AMAZON TROPICAL RAIN FORESTS ( vital for cooling down the planet are being burnt down on purpose) THESE FORESTS ARE BEING DELIBERATELY BURNT DOWN and life on Earth has never existed without them because they produce Oxygen and cool Earth naturally because these Forests are the Planet Earth's Lungs .

    THIS IS ABOUT CORPORATE LAND GRABBING GREED , TO ENABLE THIS 'LAND' TO BE TAKEN FROM THE NATURAL WORLD CAUSING MASS EXTINCTION OF THE WILDLIFE , CAUSING THE MURDER . Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing AND DISPLACEMENT OF THE TRIBES WHO PROTECT THE FORESTS , so that BIG MONEY INTERESTS CAN GROW HUGE PLANTATION CROPS TO FEED us and Farm Animals < ALL TO BOOST SUPERMARKETS PROFITS , supermarkets we seem to want to shop in all the time , with no care what or where products are produced or who or what it affects in other parts of the world ? I do not understand this mentality.

    The last 2 Tropical Rain Forests on Earth are BILLIONS of YEARS OLD and they are now being set alight and burnt down deliberately For Palm Oil , Soya , Sugar , Rubber ( to name but a few) Plantation Crops

    TRADE DEALS WITH USA Corporate BIG MONEY America is also Destroying the Tropical Rain Forests also for , Logging , For Fossil Fuel Mining and precious minerals ; Oil and Fracking , diamonds and gold and many more etc.

    This Land grab happening is the cause of the destruction of the most important vital Tropical Rain Forests on Earth because they Control the WORLD'S ECO SYSTEMS, THEY CONTROL THE SEASONS . Burning down the Tropical Rain Forests is destroying the WHOLE Planet's CLIMATE forever for food production which, is moving exclusively into these parts of the world as OUR fields are EMPTY and Organic Free Range Small Family Farmers are going extinct too as homes and land in the UK is being taken over by wealthy Private buyers and the land is going to HUGE MANAGEMENT COMPANIES being Subsidized to not farm in the UK .Instead of us feeding OURSELVES INSTEAD FROM OUR GARDENS AND FIELDS we are watching the Wilderness on Earth being destroyed because of Government Policy to make tax avoiding Transnational Corporations from abroad get rich from pure terrorism .

    WE ARE LITERALLY EATING OUR WORLD TO DEATH IN ONE GENERATION to BOOST WORLD BANKERS' INVESTMENTS , AND FOR TRADE DEALS exclusively controlled by Cargill LTD the main International Terrorist Agra-business Dictating World Agriculture ( no one has heard about ) and monopolizing the supermarkets to undercut local produce ( Cargill Ltd has taken over from HIGH Street Shops that sold Local Produce because everything we buy in a supermarket is dictated by Cargill Ltd, and mostly comes from anywhere in the world or is produced here using the worst farming processes harmful to our health because of poor animal welfare and poor soils & chemical usage etc.

    The Transnational Capitalists Corporations who profits from destroying our planet and feeding us cheap substandard ethically bankrupt food and produce , the business who profits from the destruction of the planet are total immune from paying TAX to the UK , or anywhere else on Earth so that the PROFITS ARE BIGGER FOR CAPITALIST USA too Boost their US Dollars Their Economy and Stock Market Shares .




    GET INFORMED !! and TAKE ACTION TODAY and EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN , and CHILDREN EDUCATE YOUR PARENTS ! Because we have to live differently because time is running out !!
    Sky turns blood red in Indonesia

    By Christopher Brito September 23, 2019 / 5:20 PM / CBS News tps://

  21. The real story behind Corporate Trees Planting and Climate Change caused by DEFORESTATION !!
    In other words we can not replace what we are destroying , because Ecosystems can not be created by man , it takes billions of years to create atmosphere and The Earth's Ecosystems, and it takes minutes to destroy

    WE HAVE TO STOP DESTROYING THE TROPICAL RAIN FORESTS NOW and we need to support locally produced , organic , free range small family farms and producers for high street shops .. get out of the supermarkets

  22. Well done. Have enjoyed watching the Economist try new formats over the years, ever since breaking free from 3-colour printing.

  23. Biodiversity will be restored with time due to evolution. If the factor which disturbes natural processes disappears… And that factor is us!

  24. I’m willing to wager the rothchilds run this site just as the own the economist magazine and use it as their propaganda machine. CARBON IS THE BUILDING BLOCK OF LIFE WAKE UP PEOPLE

  25. Do we need to reduce co2 emissions fast and now? The answer is NO !!
    If you want to redistribute health it's OK!
    If you want to reduce pollution of plastic, herbicides,pesticides etc. OK!

    But the manmade co2 is not the problem, it is a propaganda in order to oblige people to change.

    Go see what the real science ( not paid by government subsidies) says about it?

    Freeman Dyson, William Happer, Patrick Moore,Tim Ball, Willi Soon, And thousand of others knows that the climate is run by cycles in nature related to the sun.

    Go see the videos of Tony Heller with the real data ( not the computer simulation ) and if you are just a bit open minded you will see!

    CO2 is a plant food, is the gaz of life itself, it's what you are releasing when you breathe, it's what you're drinking in your favorite sodas!!

  26. it is the growth of humanity that is the real issue, combined by the stock market mentality which based on continued endless growth backed by endless consumerism of junk enhanced by the modern way of life… the continued exploitation of poorer countries, their resources & people maintain the better way of life in the developed world. The world will most likely suffocate in its pollution issue (plastic for one) before anything else…

    President Trump stopped the 3.5 Billion Dollars because they couldn't show where it goes.
    Climate Change is :-
    Spring Summer
    Autumn Winter
    Global Warming is due to Sun Spot & Thermal Activity. If CO2 LEVELS drop below 150ppm plant life will DIE. With CO2 LEVELS of 1000 to 2000ppm give optimum plant growth to feed the population. We fill Greenhouses with CO2 to boost plant growth.
    Remember the OZONE LAYER SCARE ? We had a hole in the Ozone layer that was going to kill everything !
    NOTHING ! ! !

  28. Douglas Vogt of the Diehold Foundation has proven that galactic cycles run sunspot activity, ice ages and all the little climate changes such as the current one, and all the events are very precisely synchronized. Unfortunately Doug's research shows the next end of the world/Armageddon projection to be precisely Oct 16, 2046. The sun going nova and the polar reversal has nothing to do with climate change but it will "repair the planet" in a natural way with this recurring extinction-level event.

  29. Can Nature save the planet?! Leave it too an economist too come up with such an ignorant, uneducated, unenlightened, question.
    Nature, gives life too life, More trees, less humans.
    The key is to plant trees that were indigenous to given continents around the world. It's not rocket science. Think pre human. Before we arrived, there were estimated to be 6 trillion trees on the planet
    All those trees dealt with all the C02 emitted by every living creature on Earth. From the smallest insects to the largest mammals, and everything in between. As well as decaying plant matter, and methane release.
    Then we come along, start cutting down trees and adding to the C02 output through burning fires, and our own population growth and exhaling C02. Time goes on and more trees get cut down, and our population goes up, and then….the industrial revolution hits. And with it, our population explodes, and vast areas of forests are cut down too accommodate farming. 60 – 70% of which is agricultural farming. So we clear forests, to feed animals in the form of cows, pigs, and chickens, too raise them up to kill them, and eat them! What?! This is the stupidest practice ever, from an ecology standpoint, nevermind the fact we really aren't designed to eat meat, hence all the health issues in the world. Then we start burning fossil fuels for transportation, etc etc etc. So in addition to the Natural output of C02, we now have Industrial, fossil fuels, and human overpopulation 7.5 billion, where it should be 1 billion or less…..And only HALF or less of those original trees that moderated C02 levels. Well gee….it's a wonder why the weather's so erratic, being as trees are the air conditioners of the planet. C02 levels have been steadily going up, instead of balancing out. C02 is a temperature moderator, as it allows a certain amount of heat from the sun to escape, while retaining just the right amount of heat for life too thrive.
    How to reverse this…Do the exact opposite of what we've been doing.
    What people don't seem too understand, is that this planet is, and always was, a self correcting, self sustaining system. That is until we came along and forced our will upon it. Forced being the key word. But, i wouldn't count Mother Nature out yet. One day, unless we get our heads out of our ass's, Planet Earth will press the RESET button, and a mass extinction will ensue. And way before the normal oscillations that have occurred in the past. And for what? Self importance, greed, wants, hunger for power? Or all of them.
    Realization will get is out of this self induced mess we've created by disrespecting the very thing that gives life too life in the first place. Planet Earth. Welcome home. Wipe your shoes before you come in please.

  30. Plants love CO2 and want more. All carbon based life forms seem to flourish in warmer climates… not that humans can actually control the earth's climate… we can't… but just saying… life on this planet prefers warmer climates.

  31. Natural climate change associated with the grand solar minimum mini ice age of the 1600's has returned for its 400 year cycle. Expect radical weather, radical temperatures, meridional jet stream flow, record snowfalls, glacial growth, global cooling, Polar Bear population booms, falling sea levels, blooming deserts, global greening, galactic influences, cosmic rays, wandering magnetic poles, volcanic uptick, earthquakes, mud floods, atmospheric compressions, giant hail stones and associated catastrophes with famine from crop failures leading to "peak food" shock and real climate migration, which has NOTHING to do with the man-made co2 global warming climate change hysteria. See ice age farmer, adapt 2030, John Casey, Tony Heller, Piers Corbyn, grand solar minimum news, ice age now dot com, etc.

  32. Maybe instead of just planting trees, American governments should clamp down on car manufacturers and invest in public infrastructure and solar and wind power

  33. The Economist writing about the state of the environment is like the Nazi party writing about the state of Israel. Sorry to be so cynical, but for the longest time The Economist has aggressively pushed the neoliberal corporate free trade agenda that gutted the middle class, as well as the unsatiable economic growth agenda which has destroyed our planet. This is a decent video, but your news organization has no credibility to speak about these matters at this point. Just go out of business and save the world some carbon emissions please.

  34. Oh my goodness the polar bears are melting, everyone quick hand all your rights, wealth and future over to a select few who promised to save the world if you just comply.

  35. • Economist Magazine is going the way of Time, Newsweek, US News & Report… now the new look, propaganda from scared FOSSIL FUEL. OIL has put billions into denial since Reagan.
    •Those that deny are nothing less than brownosers to their billionaire handlers. How does that make you feel? Like STORMY DANIELS, eh, bend over !

  36. People complaining about this. And waiting for governments to do something. Do what we are doing ok our farm we grow our own food. And generate most of our power. Wind solar. And soon water. It's easy. Stop waiting for the government. do it yourselves cliff Taree australia

  37. Well, on the third day, God told the earth to bring forth vegetation and the earth complied with the Creator and has been fulfilling that command ever since. Left alone the earth can repair itself to a certain extent depending upon the conditions of the soil and availability of water and sunlight. Man can assist the earth by planting more trees and other types of vegetation especially in those areas that have been disturbed by development and if done using basic forestry and ecological practices (avoiding monoculture communities), we can begin to sequester vast volumes of CO2 and create equally vast amounts of O2 on the planet. Other strategies for human adaptation to changes in our world need to be pursued since some of the mechanisms involved in the eart'h's changes are far beyond our ability to change or mitigate.

  38. There's a really cool search engine that plants trees, called "Ecosia ". It lets you know how many trees it has planted on the main search engine page. And if you get the app, which is free, it shows you how many trees your searches alone have planted.Tell more people! Here is the link:

  39. Out of one hundred species ninety nine are wild animals and one percent are human beings and they are the most dangerous.
    "The Third Pole" is our greatest threat.Water wars are coming.

  40. I'm old enough notice how the weather have changed just in my lifetime, and dramatically changed for the last 30 year. My city, Bangkok, use to be quite cold for months in winter, now not even a sign of cool air. There are severe deforestation around my country and around the world, one of the biggest, thickest and most dangerous jungle in the middle of my country disappear just in my lifetime and only tiny part of it was left as a national park, not to mention all of jungles north to south that are in the same situation.

    It is true that we can't solve this crisis with only planting trees but it is still important to plant them as much as we can , be it by nature or monoculture (at least for a short period until nature heals itself), as they are the only tool we have to take carbon from the air and store it in the ground, no man made machine could do that more efficiently and they also produce oxygen, lower ground temperature etc. It IS part of solutions and I don't think its enough to just let nature take care of itself alone at this time. At least, why not planting some first , local species, let it be mother tree then have nature do the rest? With all that tree planting, we also need to cut down carbon emission, use "less" plastic, use less fossil fuels, recycle our waste, and the list goes on.

    I don't quite understand why many people think it have to be "A SINGLE" solution. They wait, wait and wait for that magical solution and do nothing (even hinder other in many case), for me that's lazy and selfish. At my age, I don't think I will live long enough to see any improvement on this crisis but at least we must "DO" something now not just debating, thinking and researching.

  41. It is frustrating to watch this, as it does not point out the amount of deforestation that has taken place. 'Planting trees' comes later only after reforestation has taken place. So there is a lot of trees to be planted to recover ecosystems that will then again become carbon sinks. So yes, there is need to plant trees and then plant some more and expand those natural forest areas. If you recover the rainforest for instance and all the other forests harmed by human activities, just that recovery planting process can make a massive difference to climate change. "How many trees would have to be planted for this recovery to be achieved?" is a better question to ask.

  42. wrong question!
    there is nothing to "repair"!
    Because there is no "status quo" of the nature, no 100%, no "right" nature!
    Do you think the nature "repaired" itself into being what it is today or creating "humans"?


    Is it good to protect the environment?
    Yes, but this is something different!

  43. Clean air + water are important, but Climate Crisis is a "FLAT EARTH" Scientology. The Earth has a 26,000 year Calendar in the Milkey Way GALAXY. About 10,000 of those years are an Ice Age Winter, which should begin again at around 3500AD. Mammoths adapt, birds migrate, and YES the Climate Changes.
    The REAL CRISIS is Crime + Corruption in the SINagogue of SATAN Banking Cartel.
    The WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS objectives are to enSLAVE Humanity with Taxes + Climate Regulation FEES for Socialist ZIONISM. Notice that Thunberg is a ZIONIST JEW with a NWO carbon tax for AGENDA 21.
    Enabling ZIONIST JEWS to mismanage the $2.5,QUADRILLION,000,000,000,000 Global DEBT was a Terrible idea, but allowing them to spend the rest of your money is INSANITY!

  44. When Pornhub announced they would plant a tree for every thousand views, did she offer to participate by shagging in their videos?

  45. If you (The Economist) want people to get out of carbon base fuel. First its the West that must make the first move. Walk your talk.

  46. I believe that technology and innovation can solve our problems. This is all just some political agenda to save the "beauty" of nature !

    Oh and for those who say there is no planet B, you are wrong. We have the Moon and Mars to colonize. And for those who say what gives us the right to do so, the answer is simple: rights are social constructs and dont apply on survival.

  47. Re-wilding will help, (science estimates 10 – 25% carbon dioxide)
    but it won't be enough,
    and it won't be soon enough.

    We're in an EMERGENCY N O W :

    change now, or global civilization will destroy our food’s habitats worldwide.

    If we continue fossil-fueled “business-as-usual”,

    then the resulting greenhouse gases will cause a run-away warming of our planet (estimate is 4 to 9 degrees C).

    This would cause extreme weather worldwide

    which would destroy the entire current web of life as we know it.

    On the other hand, if we stop all fossil-fueled industry,

    then the air pollution would clear out of the sky,

    and more sunlight would immediately warm the earth some (science estimates approximately 1 degree C)

    up to a total of approximately 2 degrees C above pre-industrial average temperature.

    This would cause the worst hurricanes, droughts, and floods that we have ever seen in our human history.

    Reality: we’re stuck “between the impossible and the unthinkable.” — David Roberts

    How has this happened?

    Science has measured it:

    if we use the amount “X” of heat to burn fossil fuels,

    that creates pollution that causes 60,000X of that original burn heat in the atmosphere over the course of that pollution’s lifespan as greenhouse gases.

    Two choices:

    1) sacrifice now (and even cause pain)


    2) delete life on Earth.

    There is no Planet B.

    This is not a drill.

    Reinvent, reimagine, rebuild.

    Think of the last 100 years as our "bumpy start" or "growing pains"…

    Let's make it the beginning of our future!

  48. The simple answer is yes (nature can self heal) tho complicated by how we’re gonna get out of Her way. Then further we can steward, which is like mimicking nature or facilitating nature’s recovery. Like mycorrhized planting of natural diversity of trees outward from existing stands, or planting what will take these days. This will expand the hydrological cycle. Then moving agriculture to the periphery of extant stands of forests, planting orchardlike woodlands (like a grove with a canopy letting dappled light thru). Then in desert regions of full sun e.g. California can grow microalgae in photobioreactors. Fastest growing plant known makes oxygen and sequesters carbon quickly as needed to beat tipping points. Ending oil use would be an interesting transition

  49. "Can Nature save the World?" It´s a very ambigous question. The World is Nature, Nature is the World. They´re both the same. We have destroyed it and keep on doing it. We have to respect the place we live in. The society we have invented is not nature-friendly. There are points where Nature CAN´T repair itself: when it´s about SYNTHETIC COMPOUNDS. In the case of Global Warming it would take a loooong time to reset things at the point when we "touched" Nature. There´s a lot of CO2 already release which takes lots of years to be secuestred by photosynthesis. We have deforestated so much that we have to help natural processes to reforest, I believe. We have to go carbon negative as soon as possible. And in the case of pollution by synthetic compounds Nature doesn´t have the "tools" for making them part of the system, so WE WILL HAVE TO HANDLE IT. Plastics, farming chemicals, gases like HCFCs, IT DEPEND ON US. PLEASE PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES. STOP AVOIDING YOUR PART OF RESPONSIBILITY ON THIS. STOP BLAMING AT GOVERNMENTS AND FACTORIES. WE, CONSUMERS, ARE BILLIONS. WE ARE ALL GUILTY (specially westernalized citizens). It will worth nothing if governments spend lots of money and emisions on the Energetic transition if we all don´t learn WE HAVE TO CONSUME MUCH LESS ENERGY. It´s not just the Source, which matters a lot, BUT THE QUANTITY. WE CAN´T GO ON LIVING THIS WAY.

  50. What crysis? 500 scientists sent a letter to the UN saying that they dont agree with this climate crysis. I agree with planting trees, but this CO2 climate crysis is ill informed, brainwashed bullshit not backed by science. This is entirely a politicised agenda. Guess what plants breath in? Carbon dioxide maybe? Hystorically the CO2 parts per million dropped to 180 and that was when the earth was in a ice age due to no greenhouse effects and almost all plant life was killed. And also on the other end of the spectrum it got to over 1000 parts per million and plant life florished producing tropical plants as far as alaska, even there was algae in the north pole according to fossil evidense due to the ice caps being melted. i agree humanity is warming the planet but for the better in regards to giving life the air it needs to grow. This climate alarmists stupidity is just a one sided argument not accepting the bigger picture and channels like this and the media is brainwashing gullable people that dont want to do research.

  51. Repair the planet?? As though some harm was done. Planet will be fine. Ecosystems will adapt and change. Humans are part of this and will have to adapt and change as well.

  52. You can save the WORLD if stop some big companies provide and creat a plastic bags,bottles can etc.. like COCA COLA COMPANY more plastic they thrown in river lakes etc.

  53. Next step for "The Economist" will probably be to sell us some shiny geo-engineering solution that will do what trees can't 🙂
    Make no mistake if nature can't solve this issue by itself, nothing will. Period.
    Not everyone can invest in the next super-green tech. Everyone can plant a tree everywhere.

  54. BEST SOLUTION TO COMBAT GLOBAL WARMING:- Large Scale Global Afforestation projects



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