CLEVER CRANE – Cartoon Cars Construct a SLIDING PUZZLE – Classical Music for Kids! Educational Video


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    Cartoon Cars & The Clever Crane!
    Oh look, these are some parts of a vehicle. But what vehicle?
    Ah! Here come our colour cars with 4 wheels too! can you see? 1, 2, 3, 4.
    So why don’t we put all these pieces together!?
    Wheels, platform and a jib! It’s a crane. We built a crane!
    Let's look for similar vehicles. Can you see any?
    2 cars, 2 excavators, 2 cranes- just like ours!
    Now here’s our own crane again. He is back with us on the construction site.
    Hmm… What will he build? It’s a slide! Can you see?
    Our Colour Cars will love to slide down it! Let’s watch them! Go, colour cars!
    Orange car! Green car! red car! blue car. Our colour cars had fun on that slide.
    Here comes our clever crane and here are more cars waiting to play on his slide too! Clever Cars and Clever Crane!

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