Cleveland experts: Local litter problem can only improve with better education

well we get a total F grade Ohio has a litter problem and it's caused taxpayers more than forty million dollars to clean up over the past ten years and it's not just unsightly Cleveland leaders tell us more litter means more crime five on your side investigator Joe packing a kiss went in search of answers to solve this growing environmental issue and Joe the experts you spoke with say people need to be educated to make a real change and Rob better enforcement against homeowners business owners and roadside renegades who think it's okay to eat drink and smoke and then simply take their wrappers and trash like this right here and throw it out the window the Northeast Ohio litter problem reaching a crescendo people just pitching it out carelessly Cleveland leaders pointing to studies confirming the connection between litter and crime if there's trash and debris around a store it is a higher probability of robbery back in April ODOT on the scene of the massive Northeast Ohio litter cleanup admitting it is head to pick up 3.8 million bags of trash over the past 10 years costing taxpayers 4 million a year but is their effort helping to solve the growing problem we're just basically focusing on cleanups which seems to have become more of an enabler than anything city statewide community activist Robert Carroll EO says much of the trash is coming from convenience store customers who simply discard their snack alcohol and tobacco wrappers under the roadside Carillo says comprehensive literal wareness education and signage in the school's stores and in the media are critical locally I don't see city state county coordinating well enough to abate this problem or put a dent in it from the perspective of prevention and outreach and education Cleveland councilman Kevin Conwell says better litter enforcement is also paramount it's such a big issue Conwell's gone to the cleveland law director to tie litter compliance into a stores liquor license renewal to do a cooperative agreement with the owners of businesses that receive liquor license the cooperative agreement will state that you must clean in front of your business three times a day meanwhile Kari leo says if literal education statewide isn't improved immediately this mess will only continue to get worse defend the land well let's defend the land from this horrible litter ich and garbage issue we have a state representative Tom Patton says he'll look into old Dodds budget to see if there's money there for driver education and billboards to let Ohio drivers know that they need to respect our landscape reporting live here in Cleveland I'm 5 on your side investigator Joe pakootas

3 thoughts on “Cleveland experts: Local litter problem can only improve with better education”

  1. People should bring their garbage home with you throw it in your own trash bin stop dirtying the streets!

  2. Demokkkrat's always looking for someone to blame , rob , tax and cheat…
    Its not the store owners fault Demokkkrats shit where they eat…

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