Class Ki Topper Aur Last Bencher – Amit Bhadana

If you want I can also sacrifice my life for you But sweetheart just remember one thing Don’t ever hurt me Because I love you What? You love me! How many people know this? Is there a problem? See, I have cleared this before starting our affair That I’m a Class topper And you are a last bencher If people get to know about our affair then they will taunt me. I agree, you’re a class topper But I’m proud to be a last bencher And just remember one thing I spent a lot of time with friends But never share our conversations with them Forget humans not even animals know about our affair. Relax! don’t worry. Hello sister-in-law You both are enjoying your time Don’t listen to him. His father is an astrologer He must have told him No one knows about it except him Mother promise How are you sister-in-law? Enjoying your time behind the bushes! Keep going continue! Now how come he knows? How would I know? I’m not an astrologer He must have read it in some newspaper I promise no one else except these two Know about our affair God Promise! Mother Promise! Greetings sister-in-law! Is it you Amit? Now what you have to say? Why you all are making my life difficult? You know what your friends did yesterday? What the hell they did now! I was talking to Rahul Natasha Yes! I’m struggling to solve a maths problem Can you help me out? Yaa sure tell me What’s two plus two? Four Ohh I thought it’s 4 What a fool! Your friends kidnapped him just because He was talking to me You are laughing? Instead you should talk to them My friends are such idiots I’m going to teach them a lesson Just Wait a minute. Who farted? You? Me? What you did to Rahul? We kidnapped him Did you break his bones? No.. Just slapped him 2-3 times Idiot you should have cracked his bones Useless boys! You are useless Its you who farted! Darling I warned them They won’t repeat it Why the hell he has come Must have brought some unpleasant news This is not my bench Last bencher You must be troubling her Go back to your bench Sir don’t be so rude You are lucky to have last benchers like us Students I got your result today As usual.. topper is Natasha And guess who flunked? Dumb he’s our friend Shove it into my nose you idiot He is hopeless Thank you for your appreciation Don’t act smart otherwise I can get under your skin Sir you’re wrong You can’t under estimate the value of last bencher If there are no last benchers then there’ll no last benches And if there are no last benches Then carpenters making them will get unemployed If they get unemployed Then our economy will go down And if it goes down Then our country’s progress (known as Pragati in Hindi) will be in danger Beware! Nothing should happen to Pragati (A girl’s name). She’s my girlfriend Shut up! I’m talking about country’s progress Sorry brother. I sometimes get carried away in anger Sorry sir continue I’ll continue after final term exams And then I’ll evaluate your progress I’m going out of my mind Because this teacher has insulted us a lot We have to teach him a lesson by getting full marks We need to teach a lesson to his girlfriend too She was laughing when teacher scolded us Vikas just tell him not to say anything about her She’s more than my girlfriend She’s like a doll I wish I could take her home He has lost his mind Do you have any goal in life? Are you interested in studies? Or you want to invest only in girls? Buddy you don’t know me yet You want to see my investment? Is it? See then This is a mutual fund investment app KUVERA I have set a goal in this and have invested too KUVERA’s AUA is more than 7500 crores There are so many apps like this This is different from others You also get advices apart from making investments And it can help your father too Through this you can save tax of 45000 rupees by investing in ELSS Great now come along us Where? To study in library and get good marks Guys I don’t have time to study I need to milk my cow. Bye Stop! You have to come along No no I won’t… Why you have brought me here? I’m scared Buddy let’s show our teacher what last benchers can do I’m thinking the same. I’ll shut everyone’s mouth By gifting a 20kg cake to Natasha Dumb! we are talking about preparing well for exams Natasha is a topper She will do something good in her life And you’ll be selling noodles in streets Ohh is that funny? What’s the issue? She sits in front of me in exam I’ll copy from her and score passing marks Okay you make your cake We are going, to make chits for exam Go, I’ll still score more than you There must be some book in library Which teaches how to cheat in exam. What are you doing? Don’t try to cheat from his answer sheet Do it by your own I have chits, you can’t stop me Amit do you want a chit? Do I need to take it from you? I have a topper sitting in front of me I’ll copy from her, mind your business Natasha Yes Amit! Can you show me the answer of question no. 5? Take this and copy Wow! she gave me her answer sheet! I’ll keep it with me forever No issue I have chits Please give it to me How is he writing today? Don’t disturb me kid Go ahead let me write You are not able to fill one sheet How come you have another one? Sir please listen to me N..a..t..a.. Natasha Sir its not her fault, i’ll explain Ohh shit! When did he stole my sheet? I have no real idea Amit why did you do it? I think I should prepare for exam rather than planning your birthday At least I’ll pass the exam Can we celebrate your birthday day after tomorrow please? Are you stupid? Birthday should be celebrated on Birth Day Don’t worry I’ll show you my paper Just plan my birthday and relax Sir I’m class topper and he’s last bencher Why will I even talk to him Please give back my sheet And expel him from class What are you saying Natasha? (Fake crying) Sir he’s trying threaten me Please expel him from class I have to complete my exam Sir its a request Don’t worry child, I know these kind of boys Take your sheet Thank you sir Come let’s go Sir please listen to me, I can explain Explain it to principal Sir I have been framed Why are you taking me to principal I have to do my paper, I was not cheating sir Now your exam will be cancelled Come you fool Idiot! I was helping you but you wanted her aid, now suffer. He was trying to be smart He won’t dare to come back after such humiliation Happy Birthday Topper! How come he’s so busy writing? He’s hasn’t asked me anything today Has he prepared well for this exam? And what if he scores more than me Shit! Flying squad Lets pull out the cheaters! Lets get out the cheaters! Tell me whose that person? Tell me? There’s only one in this class Right students? Tell us I’m here to catch you What the hell! Cmon show me what you have Give me the chits! Ma’am she’s class topper. You won’t get anything here Cmon remove your socks Sir I can’t, my socks smell a lot How can a class topper cheat? Ma’am this is not mine I don’t cheat in exams I come across a lot of girls like you I’m in flying squad from the time you were born Chit in geometry box One more here! Ma’am please try to understand I know everything in this paper I don’t know how come it is here I don’t know anything about this I know everything, you can ask me too Come let’s go to principal office Titu sir please say something Explain this to your principal Amit please tell her that I didn’t do this Oh my God! Ma’am please understand I didn’t do this. Please ma’am Let’s go! Let’s go! I was not rude even to unknowns, you still were mine I’m not your lover just a dream for you, now I’ll be fine Natasha your today’s exam is cancelled And get your parents here tomorrow But sir.. Stop! And sir you have been suspended for 2 weeks How can you let students cheat? Get out from here. Right now! Ma’am would you like to have something? No thanks sir. We should leave now Thank you! Sir four persons are here. They are saying they are from flying squad What? Then who were these? Hello Amit! I’m sorry You taught me to love and then broke my heart My last bencher friends are far better, they don’t know this art Such a loser! Hello! You will enter from this gate Will we be able to pull this off? Just have confidence. It can make fake look real Be confident. I’ll send you my classroom no. But how will we get into college? Gatekeeper will help us out, don’t worry. Silly girl I’m not a dry leaf that will fall on ground and fail It wasn’t about exam it was about your betrayal.

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