Claire’s Teacher Effect Story

One of my greatest passions as a teacher is
instilling a love of reading in the children I teach and one of the children in my class
said that he reads because he has to. That was a real eye opener for me because
he would look to anyone walking in, like he was engaged and he was loving it and actually
what he was saying to me was there were so many other things that he’d rather be doing.
One of the projects I’ve been involved with is the Open University Teachers as Readers
development work which explores how we can support reading pleasure in our classrooms
and in our schools. Which made me take a step back and reflect on what reading looks like in my classroom environment. I worked with the children to give them ownership of their reading spaces in the classroom and
as soon as that child had experiences of reading where they associate it with something they
enjoyed doing, that experience of enjoying reading then led on to much broader and more
adventurous reading choices. The last week of term they’ve just done their
class treat and what got voted for above watching DVD’s and water fights and anything else
was independent reading time, so I had hot chocolate and they brought in their blankets and cushions to make it comfortable. And we just had an hour where they were just
sat reading and we’re just completely engrossed in what they were doing. I couldn’t love my job anymore and 99 percent of days I finish kind of ready and raring to go the next day. But then there’s the occasional day where something’s gone wrong.
Confidence has been knocked and you feel like you’ve not done quite as good a job as you
want to. Teaching can be like a roller coaster and
you’ve got to have the resilience to climb back up to the top of that next peak again
if you’ve had a dip. I’m Claire Williams and that was my teacher
effect story.

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