25 thoughts on “Claire's 1st driving lesson – 1 Getting moving”

  1. I was gonna go with LDC but i couldnt wait till i was seventeen so im going with another group that do a course once a month for 15-16 year olds so they ready with all the clutch control stuff but i kinda wish i was with ldc coz my friends instructor is so good

  2. I've got my first lesson tomorrow, you made me feel at ease. If my instructor isn't like you I'm gonna be pissed I blocked block lessons 🤣

  3. I took 6 lessons switching in different instructor and still I don't some of this lady doing her first lesson I wish I get good professional like this instructor 😭😢

  4. Lol idk why I'm watching this anyway, I got my licence 4 years ago. But damn, I wish I had an instructor like this guy !

  5. Diesel is way more learner friendly, some petrol cars will stall if there's not enough gas within a 2cm bite that sometimes you can't even feel, I'd only recommend experience drivers use petrol.

  6. My instructor is alright. He cannot even dare to be a bitch with me. I'm very chill and very nice, but if you get stressed with me I'll become a motherfucker… then you will ask for another student. So it's that simple.

  7. Lunatics. !!! For overtaking. !! WTF..No wider there are so many idiots on the road that can't overtake…overtaking a moving vehicle should be part of the test. .

  8. I love this instructor, he's much like mine. Thorough, Patient and reassuring. Anyone saying she's dopey or thick when she's clearly nervous and a new driver(I take it you didn't bother reading the description?)is guaranteed to be one of those typical idiots who think they own the road and know it all, frequently drive too fast, overtaking to save 3 seconds not correctly using their clutch and revving round corners. No one is impressed by the way…. The type all proper, sensible drivers hate. Well done Claire and thank you Bob for this

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