CITY SHAPER Kickoff Video

[ Music ]>>History has always
showed us a path forward. From a long time ago
to the present day, our world has seen
thousands of cities grow, thrive, and change over time. While civilization has
given us a blueprint for how we construct our
cities and our environment, it is up to us to forge
our own destinies. In Star Wars there’s a belief that even one person’s
actions can make a significant difference to the entire galaxy. Now it’s your turn to shape
our growing FIRST City for the better. Let’s explore the
evolution of cities past and see what we can
learn from them. As FIRST City booms
and faces challenges for its future existence,
your mission is to be a force for change and create solutions
to help transportation, the environment, and new
buildings to make our home last for over a thousand generations. Together we rise. [ Music ] The 2019-2020 FIRST LEGO
League season will explore how architects combine science
and art to make buildings and structures for
their clients. Sometimes they make
new buildings, and sometimes they
redesign old ones. They work as part of a
larger team, just like yours. Structural, civil, and environmental engineers make
sure a project suits its site. Construction workers, like
electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, and project
managers make sure the job stays on time and within budget. Every role is important
to get the job done. Together these teams apply the
same design principles a Roman named Vitruvius created
thousands of years ago. Buildings should be strong,
useful, and beautiful. Our cities and towns face big
issues like transportation, accessibility, and
even natural disasters. How can we shape a better
future for everyone? It will take teamwork,
imagination, and those Vitruvian principles. What solutions can we create now
to help shape an optimal future? How can we use our
environment and modern-day tools and technology to build
FIRST City to last? A building needs a
strong foundation. In all FIRST programs,
our foundation is built on our Core Values:
discovery, innovation, impact, teamwork, inclusion, and fun. The Core Values should be a part of your FIRST LEGO
League experience. Use them throughout the season. Your Innovation Project
is one component of the FIRST LEGO
League challenge. This season you and your
team will identify a problem with a building or public
space in your community. Not sure where to start? The Robot Game Field has many
examples of real-world problems. Explore the real-world problem
behind the mission and use it to jumpstart your work. Or pick a problem of
your own to explore. Next design a solution
with your team. You may want to research
how others have tried to solve this problem. You may improve a solution
that already exists or find a brand-new approach. Next be sure to share
your solution with others. Helpful feedback can make a
good solution even better. So be sure to ask
for ideas to improve. If you plan to attend an
event, you will also need to prepare a presentation. Your presentation
should be 5 minutes long. Be sure to include the
problem you identified, what steps you took to
research it, and how you came up with the solution
you designed. Also, make sure to tell who
you shared your ideas with and how you refined your
solution along the way. The object of the CITY
SHAPER Robot Game is to shape your growing city with
more stable, beautiful, useful, accessible, and sustainable
buildings and structures. Solve the real-world
problems represented in the missions to score points. As a team, identify the
missions you want to solve. Design, build, and
program a LEGO robot to complete the missions. Use EV3. Test and refine
your program and design. Your robot will have to
navigate, capture, transport, activate, or deliver objects. You and your robot will only
have 2-1/2 minutes to complete as many missions as possible. So be creative. Now, let’s take a
tour of the missions. Elevated places. If the robot is supported
by the bridge — [ Bell Rings ] If one or more flags are
clearly raised any distance only by the robot — [Bell Rings] Crane. If the hooked blue unit
is clearly lowered any distance from the guide hole — [ Bell Rings ] — support it by
another blue unit. [ Bell Rings ] And Level 1 is completely
in the blue circle. [ Bell Rings ] Inspections drone. If the inspection
drone is supported by axel on the bridge — [ Bell Rings ] Design for wildlife. If the bat is supported
by branch on the tree — [ Bell Rings ] Treehouse. In this mission,
score all that apply. If a unit is supported by
the tree’s large branches — [ Bell Rings ] If a unit is supported by
the tree’s small branches — [ Bell Rings ] Traffic Jam. If the traffic jam is lifted — [ Bell Rings ] Swing. If the swing
is released — [ Bell Rings ] Elevator. If the
elevator’s moving parts are as follows: blue car down — [ Bell Rings ] Balanced — [ Bell Rings ] Safety Factor. If the test building is
supported only by the blue beams and some beams have been
knocked out at least halfway — [ Bell Rings ] Steel Construction. If the steel structure
is standing — [ Bell Rings ] Innovative Architecture. In this mission you can
only score on one option. If a designed and
built structure made of white LEGO bricks,
clearly bigger in size than a blue building unit, is
completely in any circle — [ Bell Rings ] Partly in any circle — [ Bell Rings ] Design and build by location. If there are any circles with
at least one-color matching unit completely in and flat
down on the mat — [ Bell Rings ] 9 Please note the blue circle
is not part of Mission 12. By height. If there are independent stacks
at least partly in any circles, add all of their
heights together. [ Bell Rings ] Please note a stack is
one or more building units with Level 1 touching
flat down on the mat and any higher levels touching
flat down on the level below. Sustainability upgrades. Upgrades are the solar panels,
roof garden, and insulation. If an upgrade is supported
on a stack which is at least partly in any circle — [ Bell Rings ] Please note only one
upgrade will count per stack. Precision. Precision tokens left on the field can
result in extra points. Remember to read the
Robot Game rules and check for any updates during
the season. Use your engineering notebooks
to keep track of your work and ideas throughout the season. You will be amazed out
how much you will learn. Good luck this season. And remember this is more than a
challenge; it’s an opportunity, a chance for citizens of
the galaxy to work together, strengthening and protecting
the force that binds us, and creating a place
where collaboration and collective wisdom
can elevate new ideas and foster growth. Together we rise. [ Music ]

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