City of Hollywood – Box Tops for Education

Are you throwing away money that can be
going to our house Erlich schools hook looks like it’s time for the recycling
bin lynnie we’re not the boss shop what do you mean mom don’t you know the Box
Tops like three money for our schools you see it around package that’s what
ten cents for our schools for anything we gotta buy that little square it looks
like a postage stamp how can that be worth money and you learn of these work
done if you clip it any from all the products that we bought that have your
stamp it adds up fast well that’s news to me just think everyone in Hollywood
save 10 use Latin dolly more for I schools so if we could get the whole
city of Hollywood to collect these and donate into collection boxes our local
schools would have like a hundred and fifty thousand dollars an extra money
for computers milks PE splash and lots of other things pretty cool right cool
that’s incredible I think it’s time for me to stop throwing money away and start
saving box tops hand me the scissors where do I turn these in box tops can be
dropped off at several locations throughout the city including david park
community center Fred Levin multipurpose center arts park at young circle
hollywood beach culture and community center dr martin luther king jr.
community center washington park community center driftwood community
center boulevard heights community center and k gaither community center even city hall at the front desk or you
can bring them directly to the local school of your choice hello I’m Christy
Krueger and this just in city of Hollywood residents are raising
much-needed funds for local schools with General Mills Box Tops for Education
Program box tops are found on products you use every day such as cereals soups
Ziploc bags taco shells cookie dough juice boxes and many other products you
have in your home to find out more about Box Tops for Education go to Box Tops
for Education com to see a complete product list you can also shop online to
add points to any school you designate watch for great things to happen at your
local schools you

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