Citi offers gap year opportunity with ServiceCorps

Wherever you see yourself, we think that starting
with a year of service is the best way to start a career. ServiceCorps is the first cross-sector national
service program that works with non-profits, corporations and top college graduates to
enable them to have a year of service after their college graduation and before they go
on to their corporate careers. We talk a lot about enabling progress in the
world at Citi. ServiceCorps for us have been fundamental
to attract, develop, engage and retain early career talent. To give our new hires a chance to go off and
experience something they can them bring back to us a year later so that they’re better
bankers or sales people or traders, so we’re thrilled about the partnership. ServiceCorps I think is just a really great
opportunity to get a diverse experience. I definitely enjoy getting to know people
through volunteering. I’ve really wanted the opportunity to try different
industries and different experiences. To give back and have a social impact. I want to take the education I just received
and put it back towards a really great cause. So what we do is pay 100% of a student’s college-loan
repayments during their year of service to create a future where we can empower today’s
emerging leaders. I hope to take those leadership skills and
apply them to Citi. It’s one year of your life and I think it’s
so important at this age and this stage of our career to try out some new things. Having this opportunity for Citi to sponsor
essentially my education as well as sponsor my service to others is a win win for all
parties. Definitely made me want to sign my offer with
Citi knowing that I would have this opportunity.

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