CINAHL Continuing Education Modules – Tutorial

CINAHL® Continuing Education (CE) modules
are interactive educational modules that allow
nurses to satisfy CE requirements online. CINAHL® CE modules are accessed through
the CINAHL® Plus, CINAHL Plus with Full
Text, and CINAHL Complete databases. In this tutorial, we will look at how to search for
CINAHL CE Modules as well as how to enroll
with CINAHL and take tests to earn Continuing Education credits.

From the CINAHL advanced search screen,
check the CE Module limiter and click Search.
A result list of CE Modules is displayed. Click
on the link to access the CE Module you would
like to study. A new window will open. The first time you
access CINAHL CE Modules, you must set up
an account by clicking on the pre-registration link.

Fill out the pre-registration form and click
Register. You will receive an email with an
unlock code before you can enroll. After enrolling with your emailed unlock code,
select the link for the EBSCO product or
interface from which you are accessing CE Modules.

The Quick Lesson for your chosen CE Module
is displayed. Click the Accept link at the bottom
of the screen after reading the disclaimer to continue to course materials.

Click the link to continue to the Course
You may opt to click Interactive Review to take
a practice test. When you are finished
reviewing the course materials, and have practice test, click Take Test in order to receive
your Continuing Education credits.
Fill out your personal profile, including your
state or nationally issued license number, and
click Update. Then click Yes I am Ready. You will have only
two opportunities to take the test and pass. If
you do not pass the test on the first attempt, you will be given 72 hours to review the
materials again and take the test.
After passing, you will be issued a certificate
which may be downloaded or printed. If you
have taken and failed with both attempts, you receive CE credits. You may, however, select a
different CE Module and study and take its
exam when you are ready. CINAHL Education certificates are good for two full years from the
date of completion.

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