39 thoughts on “Chromebooks for Education Overview”

  1. I only want to speak out for myself. But no one should complain how bad or horrible Chromebooks especially when it comes to peoples opinions on Chromebooks. Chromebooks may not be for everyone, I found a video which is helpful if you are either looking for a Chromebook or laptop for productivity, entertainment, gaming, video or photo editing, and much more. For a lot of gaming I would suggest a desktop computer, but if going for gaming do not go for a heavy laptop. Choose laptops wisely and see which one is for everyone.

    For only just productivity and entertainment. MacBook or other laptops are okay but I suggest only looking for laptops or Chromebooks that are solely good for productivity and entertainment. As for light gaming, not heavy gaming. Only some Chromebooks not all may have the google play store which means the one a customer uses the 2-1 Chromebook to use as a tablet, laptop or in tent mode that also has a touchscreen as well.

    Gosh.. people complaining these days. Some adults or younger people may not get what they want but what they should work hard for by trying.

  2. Windows 10 has automatic updates. Puppy Linux boots up in 10 seconds. All good computers exit sleep mode in less than a second. Many computers have 8 hour battery life. Many computers have 3G and all modern computers have Wi-Fi. Thanks for admitting all chromebooks are basically a web browser. Teachers can access students EMAILS? Really? That's big brother you can feel watching you over your shoulder. Software updates can be done by students themselves and can be done automatically. Yearly factory resets can be done easily on Windows too. Non-existant security because a web browser can't get a virus. Oh wait, it can and web browsers, even Chrome were affected by an ad that was really a virus that ran in the background of your browsing. And it was on YouTube. Security needs privacy, one thing that Google lacks.

    Chromebooks are big brothers, low-quality and falsly advertised computers that connect students and teachers with the power of the big data virus, the G.

  3. Google makes my school life much easier with their 4-in one pixelbook. Much better than a normal computer.

  4. Yeah but they are bad and waste energy but people can still goof off I think pencil paper is better

  5. I'm planning getting a chrome book that I can use within the browser, in addition to using for my studies in the fall. With that is using my phone less, so I won't have to use up as much data which will be amazing. And the chrome book can only handle many specifications, like media consumption, internet browsing, using gmail and other applications run by google. And I worry that hackers can steal personal information, and passwords from many online and offline users.

  6. Malware and viruses? I think they were mistaking for hackers. Because they are thefts for stealing people's personal information especially passwords. The network and internet were the most important, in addition to you cannot download applications outside the browser like Microsoft applications. Just go on the Bing website! Keep in mind that you want to download a application within the browser, so you can detect if public network is reliable for connecting. As suggestion, I would prefer using personal hotspot or carrier's hotspot like Xfinity.

  7. If I could I would use the CMD prompt and use a bat file to find the network of Chromebooks and shut every single one in America down, and then DDoS them before they are back up and running. And once I'm done I would immediately shut my own PC down so they don't know who did it. 😂😂😂

  8. Do the chrome books be joined in with a regular laptop because a teacher said that I can do a project at home with my laptop IF I long in my ar username and password?

  9. I convinced my dad to get me a Lenovo Chromebook. I'm very picky when choosing hardware and battery type. Lithium Ion vs Polymer battery

  10. make available manufacturing of chromebooks in india so that our government can avail these to all our childrens and bringup digital dividend to the marginals…. a far betterway then freebasics or internet.org

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