Chromebooks for Education: KIPP Academy of Opportunity, Los Angeles, CA

USC charter school that was founded in 2003. And it goes from 5th
to 8th grade. And 350 students got
enrolled this year. MATTHEW A. PESKAY: Compared to
other notebooks, there's no software to install. There's no imaging that
needs to be done. Once they're set up and
deployed, the updates are really happening on their own. The less administrative overhead
and burden you have to manage the computers, the
more computers you can put out in the classroom, and sustain
and maintain over time. NASSER: We walk into the
Social Studies class. And we grab a computer. We go to Mr. Sander's
blog, that he created the day before. And we follow the tasks,
or steps, that are set. JAMES SANDERS: My class is
entirely run online. And so my courses shifted
from more of a direct instruction model. And then the students do some of
type of graphic organizer, some type of assignment. To a more interactive based
model, where the students are actually required to think
independently, and create, collaborate. Rather than just memorize
and regurgitate. I think it is definitely a
better model for learning. The learning becomes
more authentic. MARLENA RUCKER: There's
so much information. So many different ways
to approach a topic. In print form, I would
have to give them one, maybe two articles. Now, I can say, here's
a list of 15 articles, and their summaries. There's now an increase in
personal investment, because there's more choice. And when there's an increase
in personal investment, there's definitely an increase
in what they produce, which increases achievement. WHITNEY: For you to have that
one-on-one connection with your teacher, rather than
sitting in class and raising your hand all day, and
never get called on. I think that's just better– ELLIOT: All my assignments in
Google Docs are all stored. And it's not all unorganized. And I can easily send
it to my teachers. CHRISTOPHER: It gives us open
access to different applications and programs,
such as Google Moderator, where we can vote on different
ideas that our teammates give us. DONOVAN: There are different
ways you can make presentations using the actual
Presentation Mode on the documents in your Gmail. WHITNEY: I think our
grades are going to go up, using this. NASSER: The Google Chrome
notebooks, I think they're very unique. They create the next generation
of computers.

17 thoughts on “Chromebooks for Education: KIPP Academy of Opportunity, Los Angeles, CA”

  1. A given moment, there will not be any more of teaching. All will learn us on the computer! Thus, schools will not have grounds any more for being! How many lost jobs(uses)? Vouchers and bad side of the technology…   Yes, Kimberlee Kelly. The children get ready for the digital age…

    Un moment donné, il n'y aura plus d'enseignant. Tous nous apprendrons sur l'ordinateur! Donc, les établissements scolaires n'auront plus lieu d'être! Combien d'emplois perdus? Les bons et le mauvais côté de la technologie… Oui, Kimberlee Kelly. Les enfants se préparent pour l'âge numérique…

  2. they should have been given linux computers so that they learn more about computers. This is too simple

  3. Its only for people that don't know how to use computers.
    I think its good but not really that professional.

  4. @dabombdigidylolz I know I know! I was just saying open-enrollment, not like private where you have to pay to get in

  5. Lol the girl at 1:10 got caught looking at Hello Kitty and gon try to play it off. You got caught little girl. The Teachers are Watching O.O Jk

    This is great and I am all for Chrome and Meego OS but open it up to more than Private school kids. If you want kids to have opportunity, bring this to public schools too.

  6. hey justin good luck its so amazing how its all come around so fast i want to be just like u. u have inspired me

  7. This is exactly what America should care about "RESULTS". Technology really is able to fill many of the gaps that can even make educator's more competent and excellent by providing a medium that students can interact. This is highly productive. The days of memorization and regurgitation put us behind the rest of the developed world academically. We have to do something different. Good idea Google!

  8. This is amazing~ To see children this engaged in academics. I truly hope more teachers start utilizing notebooks for learning. Especially with those with Special Needs. (My son)

  9. "Students who try hard in the academics who are not U.S. citizen should get the opportunity to be successful."
    "I think our grades are gonna go up, using this."

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