Chrome 77 – What’s New in DevTools

49 thoughts on “Chrome 77 – What’s New in DevTools”

  1. Does “Copy Styles” copy all styles for that element (such as :hover and :focus) or just the current styles applied?
    This will be super useful for learning how other people have put clever little things together!!! 😄

  2. Loving the stage Next I want to see you working on a piece of wood and then look at the camera like "oh hey didnt see you there" xD

  3. A boatload of new features.
    Copying the elemnt style will come in handy indeed.

    The dark theme for the dev tools has been around for a while, but there are some areas where it's sub-optimal when it comes to contrasts. I hope it will get better.

  4. We've been able to toggle light/dark theme in the dev tools for years. When are we going to be able to do that for THE REST OF CHROME. I shouldn't have to set my entire OS to light mode just to make chrome not look terrible (which it absolutely does in dark mode). Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc all allow you to manually enable light or dark mode without having to change the setting for the entire OS. It's super annoying that Chrome can't do this very simple feature.

  5. As a seasoned Chrome dev-tools user for over 6y, I would like to suggest a focus mode for break/log points where code that is outside the local scope (curly braces) is dimmed down.

  6. 3:09 – Prefetch cache gave me the though that I wish there was a way to manually flag assets to be prefetched then also ignore loaded assets on full reload while devtools is open. I do so many page refreshes i'm always waiting on assets to load it drive me nuts.

  7. Thanks for the update! Also, I learned about conditional and log breakpoints which will be very helpful! 🙂

  8. Any chance of adding a checkbox in the Network panel next to "Hide Data URLs" to hide OPTION requests? At the moment having to manually type "-method:OPTIONS" into the filter every time is a bit cumbersome.

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