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uh-huh it’s Christmas today I’m so excited let me back some gifts my favorite toy and her ribbon i love this one one more year let me arrange under the Christmas tree d Oh what have you done it’s ok i will take it again I’m very hungry let me have some cookies I love this one I don’t know when we’ll Santa com let me check the chimney he has not come yet you can play with the wall are your having great time let me check if Santa has dropped a gift for me no he hasn’t dropped a gift Oh center has gone oh they’re my friends not be Santa Claus hi Merry Christmas sweetie Merry Christmas friends you’re welcome please be seated whoo o.o trying to write on the Slade sorry you found out I wish to play with the snowball bring up blue oh that may be lined out what are they doing that oh wow cute snowman friends let us make one more snowman yes real much fun i’m enjoying it going great language fun i’m enjoying it so much fun hey so much fun while how to make his eyes and lips hey I have some chocolates in my pockets let me make the face with that perfect so much fun i’m enjoying it it’s evening time let’s like the gang girls perfect let’s decorate the cake need a proper played meet we have made snowballs do you want to play with the who wow so many snowballs no I’m busy decorating the key i will join you later perfect so much win let me close the window all the candles have blown off let me like them again perfect let me decorate the cake with different things snowman la Santa Santa good time to write something on the cake the cake is ready it’s time to body on the Christmas oh the side guys not come yet i’m waiting for the Santa class let’s enjoy the cake it’s very yummy have some fresh juice so now we have some fresh june so now when will Santa calm i’m waiting for his prisons he has not come i will sit here and wait for him to be Santa’s here Merry Christmas kids you can take your presence kids come here I Santa is not giving me any presents all worries baby is ready now she’s I was killing ready here is your gift thank you bye-bye goods why bye Santa wow it is cute come on friends let us dance please some lovely music playing ok

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