Chris Petr talks about your Social Welfare degree at KU

I think the PhD level is really unique and important because it's not a practice degree it's research and scholarship and service one of the things that we did when I was a ph.d program director at the National Group the gate group we agreed that the idea of a ph.d outcome is to produce a steward of the discipline what that means in social work is that they generate the knowledge and the principles and the values that help the social workers that the bachelor and master's level do their job the PhD is about continuing to revitalize the profession we're responsible for the health of the profession really for the ongoing health and revitalization of the whole profession so it's a real responsibility a program that has PhD program it's a vitality to the whole school and the whole enterprise that really draws faculty because that shows the dedication to the generation of knowledge and to the perpetuation of the profession and the enrichment of the profession I just really appreciated the opportunity to be able towards the end of my career to have the opportunity to contribute at that level and to be asked to be in that leadership role and to accomplish some things it feels it's nice to be recognized you

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