49 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: "Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle"”

  1. I know I'm going out on a tangent here, but I would love to know Christ Hedges take on the Peoples Temple and the Jonestown massacre. Jonestown was developed as a socialist communist atheist paradise and ended up the worst mass murder of Americans until 911….a huge historic event. The absolute zero recognition of the Jonestown fiasco by America's intellectuals including Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky is fascinating in and of itself. How can 1000 US citizens, including 300 children, slaughtered and left to rot in the hot jungle, be swept under the rug of history? Jimmy Carter held the biggest broom and was quick to do some sweeping…Jim Jones had the White House on speed dial and was his wife's buddy. How could all these liberal good-guy Democrats get mixed up with somebody that makes Charles Manson look like a choir boy? The silence is suspect and a travesty to those murdered. To use Mr. Hedges use of syntax: Jim Jones and Jonestown "was vomited up" by the United States. You would think there would be more intellectual interest in this distinctly American event as tragic as it is riveting.

  2. I cant believe we allowed our governments to allow our industry and intellectual properties to be offshored to countries that use slave labor and have 0 environmental laws.

  3. apart from the character assassination of Micheal Jackson everything else Chris states here is spot on. Despite over a decade of thorough and rigorous investigations including being publicly humiliated ,having his privates photographed and his house turned inside out Micheal was found innocent and so to bring up baseless charges (all which were dropped) as fact is beneath Hedges and counter productive to his focal point as it shows him resorting the very salient sensationalism he decries. whatever money the Jackson estate paid out to the vultures was his handlers doing and no more an admission of guilt than the West Memphis Three taking an Alfred plea. you are better than this Chris

  4. Humans are not built by some good force. We are built by the war of nature… products of selection on an ape variant. We are NOT good, by any measure… we eat the dead, consume life, and steal our calories from plants. The only way to fix this problem is extinction. No more problems at all then. No more suffering of any kind. Peace… like on all the other planets.

  5. Just like their parents they don't have a clue. Martin Luther King? WTF? He hired and beat white prostitutes; he was a woman beater. If that is Mr. Hedges ideal of an icon, no way!

  6. Wow! I am so PLEASED that Chris had headed an LGBTQ movement! I have been VERY pleased with all his speeches, some of which I have listened on David Barsamian's Alternative Radio. (www.alternativeradio.org). We think alike. I am not American born as I am from the oldest democracy in Europe (never had royalty and like the States revolted against the Hapsburgs. namely Switzerland). But lik due to a misunderstanding that Chomsky supported a fascist dictator in the Balkans) I think he is America's greatest intellectual. Both are archived on AR and well worth listening to.

  7. When I speak to friends and family regarding the issues Hedges is talking about, they think I'm crazy and it just confirms for me what Hedges is saying :o(

  8. All these wars are fought for Israel, who is a nuclear power. Israel has hollowed out America to the tune of $4.5 billion a year aid, which is just the tip of the goldberg.

  9. The militarization of our society is the first sign of fascism. Let us not wait, the USA is heading to a catastrophe.

  10. "This talk was taped on January 22, 2003" – ?! How does he mention "Obama administration" five yrs before Obama was elected?! The inaccuracy re: event date is confusing. Apparently ppl post other ppl's videos hoping to get clicks for ad profts. Expoitation is exploitation.

  11. ASP: Identity victimhood mentality politics is counter-productive lest we forget the past history of institutional racism of the Democrat Party's and the progressive liberal leftist's warped version of "freedom" when 21st century "higher learning" universities create safe spaces of segregated people. It actually appears the "educated" can now enter into a realm of stupidity while placing themselves into an endless financial and ethical/moral fragmentation in a corrupt dark hole. Where did common sense retreat to?

    Also, What would "We the People" do in replacement of the corporate state?. Solution, a Trade-off, relinquish, perhaps, the population's Constitutional rights/protections and freedoms to embrace an open One New World Order Socialist Society that would take over 50% from earners and inevitably more and 91% on the job creators' only to be at the mercy and under Government Control asking the (Q) Where did all the jobs go? OR advocation of fools promoting violent warrior-like criminal ideas and/or sexual perversion ambition(s). Particularly, in anger when trying to copulate with someone's girlfriend as vengeance over a single Word admitted and stated at a book event. What ever happened to sticks and stones for a self-admitted conflicted Christian?

    No doubt Mr. Hedges is a fascinating forward thinker who blurs the vision of others, perhaps as a veiled atheist with China's Regressive Marxist wishful thinking/ideologies and platitudes placing limitations on the Almighty, who also at times speaks for Jesus himself. It is written beware of false prophets and deceivers with flawed knowledge or a skewed version of the truth.

    As such, I can not appreciate his passion b/c he overtly harbors self-hatred in a self-admitted statement of "I've spend 20 yrs. outside of America I don't consider myself an American anymore" (10/8/18 Seattle Univ.) speaks volumes of his personal disconnected state and perhaps his own harmful existence to his credibility. Kindly do not reach out your hand, the informed, will certainly stand in your way with pushback. Who's the genuine fascist(s) when performing a side step song and dance unwilling to delve into the killing of African white landowners yet comfortable enough to tackle the left's acceptance of porn but not abortion's inhumanity and self- annihilation, Empathy? perhaps he's truly a spiritual interloper w/o empathy in favor of destruction regarding the origins of the most vulnerable of humanity which invalidates his possession of a inverted vacant divinity education.

    But on a positive note(s) at least recent Oct. 2018 Nature Journal article offers hope admitting mistakes/miscalculation were made with the Ocean Water Climate Change Warming Study so less worries seems appropriate.

    Also, two things can be true at the same time, Civic Nationalism = love for one's country, and appreciation for others but we are our own worst enemy in this war as uninformed manipulated sheeple so we should look deeply into the mirror of Personal Responsibility, Destruction and Truth, not build Walls of Excuses. Mr. Hedges' hope is just the beginning for the few, but FAITH empowers us all with genuine strength. The pure strength as one progressive radical Republican named Lincoln possessed who was assassinated for his noble effort(s).

    Finally, I conclude confidently and with conviction ultimately opposed to Mr. Hedges and the fake news media's proven lies neither can deceive me Or undermine the minds of deeper thinking Americans. But having heard his words, certainly I have learned many things which has positively educated me. Currently, if America is in decline, it saddens without despair, in my humble opinion, the US is still the Greatest Country on God's Green Earth, as I offer my gratitude respectfully, an American.

    It also should be noted Hedges was a writer for Nader who is of Lebanese origin speaks Arabic w/natural sympathy for his people. ASP.

  12. The ending is so moving. I have so much respect for Chris Hedges. If politicians had his integrity the world would be a better place.

  13. Fifteen years ago and it sounds like he could have delivered this yesterday. Thrilling and depressing at the same time.

  14. Greetings from S/ W FRANCE ! Let us build Open Social – Political Ecological University Globally ! We will deliver Humanity from this NEW SLAVERY SYSTEM ! ABRAM BADAL

  15. Excellent. Watching this episode on 11-5-18…day before midterm elections. Hm-m-m. I appreciate this critical thought time, after saturation of campaign "rhetoric", my hate for trump's ever presence, and sadness for my grandchildren who will have to endure a disintegrating nation. Their need for self indulgence in this culture Chris describes. I've seen happen what he's saying, as my peers from WW ll have also seen, lived. I will be gone, but the illusion of hope for their better world persists in me, anyway. Chris is NOT wrong.

  16. Chris Hitler and The Bolsheviks were funded by the Rothschild family as well. The guy standing against the wall at the end with glasses looks like Dr.Stephen Greer.

  17. What would he prefer? No television, no corporations, no entertainment to provide an escape from people's mundane lives? What benefit does looking at the world with such a glum and negative point of view do for anyone? I find him rather melodramatic and he merely rambles on about insignificant topics without providing any form of solution. Oh wait, he's as left as it comes and would rather a society devoid of corporate or private interactions and would have everything government run and totalitarian. Its been proven time and time again that that doesn't work. So its freedom to spend your life indulging in the things you like(regardless of whether they are "illusions") or it is a life controlled by people who feel they know how to live your life better than you do(government).

  18. "The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle"   could be a label of any age. Roscoe Conkling "Fatty" Arbuckle (March 24, 1887 – June 29, 1933) as an example. What we observe is the perpetual expression of the human condition. The wise observe but do not participate.

  19. I feel like he uses waaaay too many metaphors when he speaks. It's like he's trying extremely hard to make every sentence sound super deep and powerful, almost like he's an MLK Jr. speechwriter or something. It's certainly a unique style but I think he overdoes it, bigtime.

  20. Trump is the epitome of American exceptionalism and manifest destiny. That is why so many despise him in the US and around the world. Its called harsh reality – something Americans just cannot face.

  21. "… then I realized that what my father has given me was FREEDOM! "
    – CHRIS HEDGES , one of the most brilliant man of America. Thank you for such a POWERFUL speech and this inspiring human being you are! GREETINGS FROM BRAZIL

  22. You listed 3 blacks and 1 Caucasian women. No Caucasian man has any scandal. Wow! Roman Polanski, Marlon Brandon, etc.

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