Choosing Learning Technology? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

We spend a lot of time talking to vendors
in the learning space and I think there are some really good technologies out there that
can help organizations develop a really solid learning experience. However, there are mistakes that people make
and our advice for avoiding those mistakes is three-fold. The first one is really intentionally create
your learning technology ecosystem. There are organizations that willy-nilly buy
things or look for a platform that can do everything. What generally happens is those platforms
don’t provide a cohesive experience, and tend to frustrate the learners for whom they were
created, for which they were created. The second piece of advice that we have is:
avoid the new and shiny. Lots of L&D folks are really enamored with
some of the new things. I’m hearing ‘AI’ a lot right now and
also hearing ‘natural language processing’ a lot right now, and those are great technologies
that are going to do amazing things. But, when you think about what’s going on
in terms of the user experience within your organization and in terms of what your users
need or your employees need, sometimes the new and shiny isn’t the answer. Sometimes the old and drab is the right answer,
given the culture that you have and what you’re actually trying to get done. The third piece of advice we have for you
is to continually evolve. We recently talked to over 30 leaders and
they were kind enough to spill their guts about their learning technology ecosystems. Every single one of them told us how important
it is that they’re continually adjusting that ecosystem. They’re pulling things out that aren’t working,
they’re plugging in things that maybe work better, and they’re continually making sure
that the overall experience is something that is fluid and adaptive to help the employees
be fluid and adaptive, because the organization also needs to be fluid and adaptive to the
industry where they’re working.

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