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Books made of paper? So last century More and more people are doing their reading on an electronic reader You can get them in black and white in color with backlit screens and some even come with a keyboard So how do you know which e-book reader is right for you? Consumer Reports’ resident expert, Rich Fisco, says sizing up screen technology is step one. Most people can rule out a reader with a color LCD screen If you’re looking for something that can read children’s books or magazines you’re much better off going with a tablet. But if you’re mainly going to be reading books, e-ink readers
with black and white screens are your best bet. These readers are lightweight and easy to read in bright light. In the dark, for most, you’ll need an add-on light But you can get an e-ink black and white reader
with a built-in light, if that’s a priority. There is one e-book reader that uses color e-ink technology but it’s proven disappointing in tests, looking washed out and dull. Next consideration, the size While most readers have a similar screen size the weight and thickness can vary. If you’re going to be carrying your e-book reader around
a lot, you’ll want one that’s lighter and thinner. How fast a page turns is another consideration. Some e-book readers turn pages faster than others. And while many flash a black screen between every page there are ones that don’t. And how do you want to get from one page to the next? Some let you turn pages by swiping or tapping a touch screen. Others have bars or buttons to push Best are e-book readers that have both options. And if you want really large type for easy reading shop carefully for one that enlarges the type to a size you like. Of course, an e-book reader is not much
use without any electronic books to read. There are sites like Gutenberg and feedbooks that
offer older, public domain books for free. But most people are going to be downloading there books wirelessly. The Kindles have access to the Amazon bookstore While the Nooks give you access to the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Something else to consider If someone in your family already has an e-book reader you might want to get one that’s the same kind That way you can share their library and you don’t
have to pay for the same book twice. If you’re planning on using the public library to borrow e-books some e-book readers make it easier than othersn And finally, you can pay extra for a reader that has
3G wireless so you can buy books anywhere and everywhere but for most people, downloading via wireless is just fine. I’m Ann Burr Tenthoff for Consumer Reports.

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  1. The first step should be a choice based on formatting and DRM. Better to have something that runs as close to a "universal format" as you can get–and won't result in having to buy the book again when formats/technology change in years to come. ^^

  2. Nexus 7 for reading? If your reading is limited to tweets and facebook 'thoughts' then yeah, Nexus kick ass… But when you want to read for hours, e-ink or real paper is the only option.

  3. What about a reader where the buttons produce piezoelectricity when you press your thumb on them? That way, you wouldn't need a battery to update a page.

  4. And now, in July of 2016, all those e-book readers are obsolete.

    I prefer paper books. For reading e-books in PDF or HTML or any other format, it's handy to have a convertible notebook computer. The screen flips all the way around, so it becomes a tablet.

    Just like with cooking or fixing a car, you don't need a special, single use gadget for every little thing. E-book readers only have one use, reading books. It makes so much more sense to spend a few more dollars and buy an actual convertible notebook computer. And I like Windows 7.

  5. I'm looking for a e-reader that could read Google Books which e-book reader should I buy that lets me read Google Books

  6. i would have banged her head out of her spine if she would have pushed my books that way. So present century !

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