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What stops women from becoming CEOs, politicians,
and surgeons at the same rate that men do? Some reasons include overt discrimination,
subtle cultural factors, and discouragement of girls from studying math and science. Those
factors absolutely need to be addressed, but they�re not the whole story. An important
explanation for this disparity that doesn�t get as much attention is the differences between
choices men and women make about their educations, careers, and family life.
To give an example, a recent study attempted to answer why there are so few female politicians
in the US by asking successful women why they wouldn�t run for public office. While the
study found some important institutional barriers were partly to blame, it also found that women�s
preferences played a huge role in the decision to run for office. The women cited the potentially
devastating loss of privacy, the pressure of constant fundraising, the threat of compromising
one�s principles, and the long hours away from their families. The study found that
women, on average, are less willing to make the sacrifices necessary for grueling political
careers. And the women who do enter politics often do so later in life when their children
are older and the toll on family is not as great.
These women are making the choices on how to balance work, family, and public service
that are right for them. It�s hard to fault them for that even if we�d like to see more
women in politics. And, as an aside, it turns out most men don�t want to run for office
either citing precisely those same concerns. One way to increase female workforce participation
is to have men perform a larger share of household and child rearing duties. Stay-at-home dads
are becoming more common and it�s been shown that even a modest increase in a man�s contribution
to child care and housework duties actually helps women balance their work and family
obligations. This is a great development, but as I�ve
discussed elsewhere it�s hard to encourage these kinds of cultural changes through policy.
Top down rules like mandatory paternity leave can actually backfire. In the end, decisions
about how to parcel out household duties can only realistically be made at the individual
and family level where people can take their particular desires, needs, and abilities into
account. It�s not as simple as saying men should
do more at home because such changes require cultural and individual shifts that can�t
be mandated from above. Additionally, given the choice there are many women who would
still choose to spend more time at home. The desire to spend time with their kids may trump
career ambitions, and for the women who feel this way having a partner stay at home instead
wouldn�t make them any happier or more fulfilled. By questioning their preferences here, we
actually undermine women as rational agents. One way to address this is for businesses
to give employees more flexibility in the hours they work and the locations they work
from. This would allow people to more effectively balance their home lives and their careers.
So to attract talented candidates, industries may want to rethink grueling work hours, or
conditions that prevent people of both sexes from maintaining a work/life balance – like
Google, for example, has done. But such proposals are limited by the realities of some professions.
Surgeons cant work from home, and politicians must spend time with their constituents and
their colleagues. And like other kinds of change, these policies cant be mandated without
causing unintended consequences. Ultimately, you cant make every career compatible with
a robust family life. Its not just women who cant have it all in that respect. No one can.
We all face difficult choices in life. While we should fight prejudice wherever it persists
and encourage women to pursue male dominated majors, jobs, and leadership positons, there
will still be many women and men who will choose differently. And thats okay. Some people
are comfortable working longer hours in exchange for higher pay. Others prefer careers with
more flexibility instead. Men and women should be empowered to choose lives that meet their
own standard of flourishing, not the standards chosen by others.
Supporting human freedom means supporting the freedom of diverse individuals to choose
the lives they believe to be the most fulfilling, while eliminating official barriers wherever
we can. In case you missed it, watch my other video
to learn why mandates wont fix the problem of gender inequality.

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  1. Start by getting their own houses in order:

  2. Liberal ideology spreading the lies that propose women can't make decisions for themselves, and hence must be PUSHED into positions others think they ought to be in.

  3. Eh, this channel's social views aren't something I want to support, encourage, or see when looking to relax on YouTube. Sorry to say, but I'm unsubscribing. Best of luck.

  4. Uh oh, some women are gonna watch this and think "all I gotta do is get my husband to do more house work and things will be equal!" but you know they aren't gonna do more actual work outside of the home lol. Everyone wants to break the glass ceiling, but conveniently forget about the glass floor.

  5. Having one person stay at home and tend to the house/family and the other perform most labors that require leaving the home for extended periods of time has always been one of the more advantageous ways of dealing with things, especially since our kids are not adults and autonomous by the age of 10 or so anymore. This generally equates to males doing labor away from home and women doing labor at home. Its just been easier that way. Thats why its prevalent. 

  6. Sorry, I really don't see why women need to be encouraged into "male-dominated" industries at all. Why? For the sake of it? Seems like a lot of effort for absolutely nothing. If people want to pursue certain careers that's up to them, nobody should be pushing anybody.

  7. Allow me to critique the entire video using the most educated response given by many Democrat pundits. "Sexist."

  8. "Work at home" is defined by women.
    Dishes, vacuuming and cooking being thought of as work that men "refuse" to do.
    While Men are responsible for additional chores such as car repair, home repairs and home maintenance considered by women as "man's work". Which Women dislikes because it's too dirty and physical; which they then reclassified as "optional" tasks.
    Once again the women get the choice jobs as with the children or indoor tasks.

  9. She touches on gender roles that have women doing more house/family duties as a major reason for the gender imbalance, but what about the other side? Perhaps men attempting to achieve positions of power and accumulate wealth has something to do with the gender roles women have placed upon them. Hypergamy explains this. Affection comes with a price-tag if you're male. It's built into male minds and into cultures around the world that men need to achieve things to get what most women take for granted. There's your gender imbalance.

  10. There IS no gender gap. There is a gap in what we choose to do.
    Similar job, similar career path and there is NO statistically significant difference in pay.
    Women SHOULD NOT be encouraged to do manly jobs – it would be silly to have them be ironworkers, or soldiers. They are not as strong as men (generally). But they have better skills in dexterity and so forth.
    We are a sexually dimorphic species. Ignore this to the detriment of society and yourselves.

  11. I'm so glad for all these comments explaining to me why I do/feel the way I do.  I'm not sure how I would have learned to be a proper woman without them.

  12. How about: let employers and employees decide between themselves wages and work. Why do these thick libertarians assume to have a say in that decision?

  13. I really do not understand the need to make women go into main-dominated sectors. Let people choose what is right for them and stop having to dictate what is right or wrong. Some sectors have more women or men in them, so what!

  14. "Overt Discrimination"??? LOL. This is such a miniscule problem today the only reason it is mentioned is to kowtow to feminist libs. Ugh.

    I am not concerned about women making less than men, because it really doesn't happen, when all things are equal. Comparing men with women who have children is comparing apples and oranges.

  15. I very much appreciate your balanced view of this issue. It's very refreshing to hear people talk about this issue without automatically assuming every woman wants to be a mega-successful businessperson or politician or whatever.

  16. The result of family life is children and people you care about.
    The result of a career is a pile of cash that you likely never spend.
    If I ever get married I am going to be a home maker.

  17. But to add to this I think that women constantly assigning blame to others for there own problems might have a role in this. A constant state of victim hood and no drive to improve ones life would likely make moving forward impossible.

  18. This issue will never be solved because most people don't follow the ideology. For married couples both helping with chores around the house and both helping care for children is a positive thing. For work over billions of people and hundreds of years roles have evolved into what we have today. There has been about a generation maybe two generations where governments and the powers that be have been meddling to no avail. There are places of inequality but by and large the west is no one of them.

    If you want to make life easier for everyone you should be trying to reduce the cost of living so people have the freedom to choose what they want to do and families can spend more time with each other and together with their extended families and friends.

  19. >We should… encourage women to pursue male-dominated majors, jobs, and leadership positions.

    Really? You just spent the past three minutes explaining that women choose the jobs they do for reasons that make sense to them. And then you contradict that by saying that we should push them into male-dominated fields? Do you know better what is right for someone else? 

    Why would you want more women in dangerous fields like coal mining, logging, trucking? Do you want more women to get hurt and die just to try to prove that "women can do it better and in heels"? Guess what? They can't. Some things men are better at than women, and those skills tend to be in higher demand in the marketplace, hence the higher wages. If you try to push women into those fields you will end up with miserable women who can't compete in those jobs on the level of men. They'll probably switch careers into another field after getting an expensive degree, such as in neurosurgery. That would be a misallocation of resources. Why would you want that?

  20. Unmarried single women with the same education and experience actually make a little more than men, there is almost no overt discrimination left. Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities do earn less on average but when you adjust for education and experience the gap shrinks greatly. 

  21. 0:36 If women are less likely to aspire a political career, doesn't that mean that they are in general more moral then men?

  22. why does she maintain the "prejudice and discrimination" theory so strongly, while the whole video explain the otherwise.. the ammount of discrimination is way under the line to be worthy to be called discrimination. what happen is, woman had more privilage to chose more time for home and family.. society and their spouse in general wont punish female, for their choise to stay home..  so, i think, let drop the victimhood mentality.. men, wants more time with their family too.. but we are not so privilage to be respected while earning less then our spouse.

  23. Why should the "gender gap" be closed at all? And, really, how are girls "discouraged from studying math and science"? What "subtle cultural" aspects, for example? I've seen a video in this very channel saying (and others) saying/linking to places that say that countries like India have more women in tech jobs than places like Norway, because the higher pay is more significant in decision-making in these places. What about the "gender gaps" in areas with less male than female workers? In my country, for example, we have a quota for females on civil construction, but no quota for men in any female-dominated areas

  24. We also should step back and ask why "closing the gender gap" is a concern at all. I see no reason why the statistics must be balanced. Indeed, it makes more sense to be unbalanced… it's called specialization- which increases our prosperity. Because women have the children and must be closely involved with them when they are first born, it's natural the women will specialize in running the home while men will specialize in bringing in the dough. None of this diminishes the value of women (or men) one iota. We are not valued by our income. Of course, women should be equally free (legally) to pursue careers as they wish, and misogyny should be eradicated, but beyond that, this is a non-problem wasting our time. There are so many other issues for liberty lovers and everyone that need our attention- not "gender gap" crap.

  25. You haven't established that there is "gender inequality" or even what you mean by the term.  Research I read says that single women without children in cities make around 8% more than their male counterparts in the same jobs.

  26. One issue not addressed is Americans have children way too early, because most teens and young adults think sex is the only way to have fun.

  27. Comparing politicians to workers who actually produce goods that make people's lives better is hilarious. Why would we want any talented person – man or woman – to wade into the cesspool of politics instead of doing useful work in the voluntary division of labor?

  28. When fathers have the right to make his impregnated partner bring a child to term and then become custodial w/o the permission of the mother,we will then be equal.Life ain't fair people,get over it.

  29. i have no problem with women at home and men at work. or vice versa, as my mom work but my dad stay at home. as long as the whole family is happy. 

  30. Women would be more successful if they dropped feminism and by extension their hypoagency, victimhood mentality. Develop more sense of agency of self. Feminism actually makes many women paranoid that they are constant victims, going to be raped and of course that hateful theory of patriarchy. Well, made my point.

  31. The language of "empowerment" is still part of the problem.  It suggests a top down encouragement of certain behaviors which we know is not effective.  Forget empowerment, and just let people make up their own minds.

  32. Yes, but the Fascist – Leftists aren't listening. Why think when when it is easier to Blame & Shame Men? Patriarch!! Penis!!!
    Leftists minds & ears are filled with Ideologies slogans, rants, and hatred of all things Male.

  33. There is no need to "parcel" out anything if you are with the right person. I come home and things aren't done, then I do them. It's the same with her. When you add it up everything gets done. There is no war one women.

  34. Ok, so wait…. was there a point to this video?   Is it … "do what cha feel?" — I don't see how this "closes the gender gap" … in any way ..

  35. I forgot, this is why I unsubbed from this channel. They constantly perpetuate the very lies, that they pretend they are against. There is no gender gap. It is across the board a lie. Every study, has shown that women are not behind men, but in quite a few cases are ahead. Making this constant repetition of "gender gap" a total lie. Good bye.

  36. This video really sums up the reasons for perceived discrimination.  You have a very subtle way of saying that some women just want to be mothers and some women actually do like being homemakers or having nice relaxing part time work as their children get older.  That IS the life for some people.  There are some men who want that too.  The bottom line is this is a cultural issue and the statistics that feminists use to cry discrimination are just made up of personal cultural choices.  

    Girls should not be discouraged from following their dreams.  That is where the problem if any is.  If a girl wants to go into Math, Science, Engineering and you discourage her you're simply an asshole.  The same can be said about a guy who might want to go into health sciences but ends up as a Nurse.  If that is what he enjoys all the more power to him.  There is also a stigma that exists against stay at home fathers as though they're lesser men than other men.

    This is where our cultural issues are.  These can't be and shouldn't be mandated away through more economic policy.  Persuade people that is the key to winning this battle.

  37. The proximal reasons for the gender gap are the ones explained in the video. The root reason in the gender gap is the much higher testosterone present in men. That is it.

  38. Ha, I don't want to be a politician because I'll need to sell out to the interests of my party, and I'll probably gain many enemies because many of my political opinions are not very popular.  I also don't want any children because I /really/ like to keep to myself, plus I don't want to spend all of my money on someone who will likely not even be grateful -_-

  39. Lol the comments but how isn't there a gender gap when men do in fact get payed more even when they have the same job. And yes it has been proven. Because society was like this for a long time.

  40. For every person (or feminist) reading this: The gender wage gap is a MYTH.
    A very big LIE, that still goes on in the world, for MANY years now.
    Yes, women earn less IN GENERAL !!! The word is in GENERAL!! About 21% or so.
    This does NOT !!!!!!!! mean they get 21% less salary / wages compared to men for EVERY / or THE SAME job!!!!!! Get this through your skulls.

    The "gender-wage-gap" (this word is VERY misleading / not correct at all!) just compares salaries of men with that of women.
    NOT for every occupation or anything like this, it just throws ALL the occupations (and thus also all individual situations from both men and women) on ONE HEAP.
    And then it concludes that men on average ! earn more than women on average !
    (about 21%)

    1) It (the "gender wage gap") does NOT take into account that men often work in industries / occupations that simply pay more! (compared to women)
    2) It does NOT take into account that men often work longer hours a week than women
    3) It does NOT take into account that because of this, men also get more promotions / salary increases in general
    (people working full-time / long hours simply get promoted more often, thats just the way it is)
    4) It does NOT take into account that men simply more often ask (!) for a salary increase, compared to women.

    So it is just an AVERAGE comparison of salaries / wages of men and women, nothing more.

    However feminists (often purposely) TWIST this truth / twist the numbers and the interpretation of this outcome.
    And SIMPLY state: ALL women are being discriminated 21% in pay compared to men for the exact same job.
    This is just SO wrong!!

    (and often they (feminists) even get support / back-up from politicians , like Obama, who just copy their / this statement)

    Its just a big fat LIE.

    Here is a link to a FEMALE professor (!) also explaining it:

    Can we PLZ stop with this nonsense-statistic from now on??
    Thank you.

  41. Why are there hardly any American female politicians? We have heaps in Australia. Almost half. I doubt discrimination stops women from becoming CEO's, you can't have kids and be a CEO. So you have to choose and most choose kids. Which is better actually.

  42. High income jobs like being a CEO mandate extremely high iqs and there are drastically more male geniuses than female ones is anything statistically there should be less women in those jobs

  43. Why do women want to have children? This choice is the main factor in this issue. Men do not get this choice because women do not form partnerships with men who are less economically successful than they are! It is women's choices that is sabotaging equality.

  44. Why does equality play second fiddle to women's choices but men have to surrender their choices and ambitions for the sake of equality?

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