CHITCHAT GRWM || Stop Calling Me Hearing Impaired || UK Education System Is Broken || BSL as a GCSE?

(Intro music) Guys, this week is going to be a very very very busy week for me Not week but month actually So I’ve got London next week, then I have Manchester Deaf weekend the week after that and then I’ve got my Deaf Presenter event Yeah So I’m going to London next week, and I’ve got loads of things planned that I want to do So you’ll probably be seeing a lot of vlogs of London I’m really really excited though The one place I am definitely going to be going to is the wall which says… ‘If Sign Language Was Equal, We Would Already Be Friends’ I can’t wait to go there Now in this video, I wanted to talk about something that is really.. not like bothering me But it’s just annoying me at how many people actually say this term So the word I’m about to say is Hearing…. Impaired I think the vast majority of the deaf community do not use the term ‘hearing impaired’ Me personally, I don’t like to use the term ‘hearing impaired’ because that suggests to hearing people that I still have some hearing, like “hearing” .. impaired And impaired is… I don’t know, I just find it really uncomfortable to say the word impaired A lot of hearing people will use the word ‘hearing impaired’ like they will jump to the conclusion that I am hearing impaired Who even… I’m not saying that someone calling themselves hearing impaired is a bad thing I’m saying don’t call me hearing impaired Because I’m not.. I’m Deaf Okay. Deaf that’s it. Deaf I also saw a post that someone shared about captions The post (not there) Basically was talking about how hearing people will say to a deaf person ‘ oh look at this video’ and it doesn’t have captions, it’s a YouTube video and then they’ll say ‘it does have captions though’ and then they click on the ‘auto generated’ captions Please, if your a hearing person, never ever say this to a Deaf person ‘Oh it does have captions, auto generated captions’ These captions are absolutely rubbish I’ve had to sit through classes in secondary school where they put a YouTube video on And then they remember oh, ‘we’ve got a deaf student in class’ When they remember, the subtitles that they put on are the auto generated ones, and I’m like If you guys have me on, yeah Instagram I actually posted on my story, about doing a video and I put two options People voted the most for ‘looking back at my GCSE’s results’ The whole reason I wanted to do this video was to show hearing people and deaf people You know, Deaf people can get their GCSE’s These statistics that are out right now saying that deaf children are less likely than their hearing peers to get a GCSE But this statistic is so true The only reasons that deaf children are failing their GCSE’s or not even getting any GCSE’s Is because, either there’s not enough specialist support, teacher’s in mainstream schools are not trained enough to educate and teach Deaf children Yeah, just the basic basic lack of support that is there for deaf children in mainstream schools Okay yeah, I am so grateful to have a free education You know that some children in other countries, less developed countries don’t have free education like the UK does. But for minority groups, which is like the Deaf/HOH – this group The education system is not designed for us, at all At this moment of time, the education system is not designed for the Deaf/HOH children, at all. It’s just pathetic, how can you sit there and watch thousands if not millions, of deaf children’s education just be wasted away like that Like that’s money, you know, the government, that’s money that YOU are wasting on not even giving these Deaf children a proper education that they deserve Don’t even.. Don’t even get me started Deaf children should not be going through this at all We deserve the same education that hearing people get This boy has done this legal campaign about getting BSL as a GCSE And like.. yes We get taught French, Spanish, German, Latin… whatever in school How many of us actually remember what we learnt from French in secondary school? Or what we learnt from Spanish in secondary school Or what we learnt from German in secondary school Why not use BSL as a GCSE It’s something that is — it will include so so many Deaf children That are sitting in secondary schools, right now, they’re sitting in secondary schools And they are feeling so so isolated, so alone And I honestly — it breaks my heart to even think about that You know like – a child is actually sat there thinking that they are not worth anything because they are Deaf And because these people, these teachers, these professionals in these schools are not making them feel like they belong, or making them feel included within the education system I signed the petition for BSL to be a GCSE so if you guys want to sign it Make sure you click the link below and sign that petition Share it to your friends, share it to your family, share it to whoever It’s about time that we started including Deaf people within the education system That’s how the whole ‘Deaf and Dumb’ stereotype comes along People assume that because this Deaf person didn’t get their GCSE’s, it’s because they are Deaf No,no no no, NO Hearing people, listen yeah So hearing people, you just go to class You go to Maths, you go to English, you go to Science, you go to whatever lesson you’ve got You sit down and you can hear everything that, that teacher is saying You can take in all that information And you don’t have to worry about that teacher turning round facing the board, not being able to lip-read them You don’t have to worry about your interpreter not coming to class, and your just sat there not knowing what’s going on the whole time Hearing people, you need to open your eyes and see how privileged you are Do you know what, I am most likely going to do a whole video about this education system I am going to do a video on it, I promise you That is my rant over about this education system I’m sorry if you guys felt offended or you feel like it was way too in your face To be honest with you, I just don’t really care because I think it’s time to get the message out (laughs) Ohhh You guys can tell that I’m so passionate about Education for Deaf children I am so passionate about it That is the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed listening to all my updates, and…. especially the Education part I mean, just let me know your thoughts about the Education system for Deaf children It will be interesting to see what other people, Deaf and hearing people think about the education system and how it caters for Deaf children Let me know in the comments below Bye guys!

7 thoughts on “CHITCHAT GRWM || Stop Calling Me Hearing Impaired || UK Education System Is Broken || BSL as a GCSE?”

  1. Amen to this entire video!!!
    I became deaf as an adult and still hate the term hearing impaired. I am not impaired because of my deafness/hearing loss. I am only “impaired” by society’s attitude and lack of accessibility for deaf people.
    Luckily I was hearing in school. However, seeing the feelings I have about isolation in society and then thinking how so many deaf children are going through that feeling gets to me. Not enough is done for deaf (and disabled) children and it’s no wonder GCSE results are lower in average to hearing peers.
    and auto-captions…. don’t get me started.
    Keep up the good work. Also, hope you have fun in my hometown!

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