Chiropractic Adjustment Benefits for the Entire Body with Dr. Dan Sullivan

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, doctor of natural medicine
and founder of, here along with Dr. Dan Sullivan, doctor of chiropractic and
expert researcher. And today we’re going to be talking about
really the surprising benefits of a chiropractic adjustment. And a lot of times when people think about
chiropractic adjustments, they’ll think about its benefits for getting rid of neck pain,
back pain, and headaches. But it really goes far beyond that in terms
of it helping neurological conditions like MS, hormonal issues, such as insulin related
problems, hypothyroidism, inflammatory conditions, organ function, treating children on the autistic
spectrum, and a number of other issues. So, we’re going to talk about really, is chiropractic
right for you. We’ll talk about some of the side effects
and benefits of chiropractic, and again really answer some of the most common questions you
have regarding does chiropractic work. And Dr. Dan, we’re going to jump into here
at the beginning, neurological health. Answer this for me, in regards to neurological
health, what is a chiropractic adjustment? What does it do exactly to the spine, to the
brain, and to the entire body? Dr. Dan: Yeah. Well that’s a great question. I know a lot of you probably have had that,
like, gosh, you’ve seen different chiropractors do different techniques and there’s really
one objective and that is to locate if there’s been a vertebrae that is not moving appropriately
anymore or aligned appropriately. There gets tension in that joint, and what
the chiropractor does is gently creates more motion through that adjustment to release
or gap that joint. And there’s research on this, I was just doing
some studying on this, it gaps the joint and it releases gas from that joint. So, the benefit goes beyond just the gapping
of that joint. Yes, it increases mobility, it will decrease
inflammation. But the crazy part, and I say crazy because
I know a lot of you out there, and if you’re like I was at one point is, man why can all
these conditions that chiropractors may be talk about or claim to be or even now when
they know the research. How could they be related to the benefits
of an adjustment? Like things like you talked about, neurological,
heart, lungs. Dr. Axe: Ear infections in kids, all these
things. Dr. Dan: Energy, sleep, I mean one of the
things that the number, the four top . . . when someone could suggest for the first time,
I always say, these are the four things that we’ve seen most often. Your breathing gets better, your energy gets
better, your sleep gets better, and your digestion gets better. Why would that be? We’re adjusting the spine. It’s like that seems a little bit bizarre,
we’re pressing on the back, for a lack of simplicity, right? For simplicity. But here’s what we don’t know and most people
don’t know and never been taught this. Is that the spine, your spine, your baby spine,
your dad’s spine, your husband’s spine, is intimately connected to your brain and your
central nervous system. And so, the health of your spine, the way
it’s moving and aligned is going to direct function of your central nervous system. And that’s why we know it and the research
has been over, and over, and over again, showing us why when we make those changes to the spine
it affects much beyond just some back pain. Dr. Axe: Yeah, it’s really incredible what
a chiropractic adjustment can do for your organs and for the health of your entire body. And by the way, if you’re watching this right
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ever benefited you or someone you know, love, and care about. And hey, also hey, cut and paste this video,
email it to maybe your chiropractor or someone you love there as well. But you know, MS is one example of a condition
where people have received chiropractic adjustments and seen improvements in multiple sclerosis,
and other conditions, even things like clinical depression. Dr. Dan: Yeah. And that’s again, it all goes back to and
this is where, I just . . . and most people say, is their a placebo? I dive in. I’ve always asked these questions that probably
a lot of you have had. Is there evidence to support, is there research
and science to support and back up the fact that the results that we’ve seen over and
over again in chiropractic, things like MS, things like Parkinson’s, things like balance
and proprioception, all the way to depression. And we know, cognition, thought process, emotion,
and it’s because of the link for that instance, we know it links to the cerebellum, cerebellum
links to cognition, so there’s all these links and it then boils down to, again, the neurology. Dr. Axe: Yeah, one of the things here to think
about and really answering the question, how does a chiropractic adjustment work and why
is it so beneficial? Think about this even with your knee, for
example. If your knee is slightly out of alignment,
it starts to wear on certain areas of the knee. And then over time, what can happen if that
knee gets really stiff over time, there are less nutrients. Think about it, if you have less circulation
in an area there . . . which circulation . . . you’re getting more nutrients to an area, more blood
flow which allows healing to take place, and more detoxification and cleansing and getting
rid of certain things that shouldn’t be there, scar tissue and whatnot. When you have that exchange taking place in
areas able to heal more quickly. Now what happens, if you get a joint . . . so
that’s just your knee, but think about now you have these spinal segments stacked on
top of each other, if there’s lack of motion one of those joints, it’s sitting there, not
moving, less nutrients, less blood flow, less detoxification or cleansing in that area to
where disease builds up and takes place. So, part of this is increasing that motion
segmentally and aligning the areas properly, because if areas are aligned, degeneration
takes place. If there’s not enough motion, a similar thing
happens with lack of circulation. So think about, we’re not talking about the
knee here, we’re talking about your brain and spinal cord which communicate to every
organ tissue, every cell of your body. So we can see where it can really help neurological
function. Let’s talk about hormones specifically and
different hormonal conditions with the benefits of chiropractic and getting adjustments, what
hormones could possibly be affected or how could it affect the body hormonally? Dr. Dan: Well, the one thing, and I’ll break
it down simply, it’s the kind of a broad stroke but here’s the stress hormones, all the stress
hormones, these fight-or-flight stress hormones are absolutely, it’s been shown over and over
again, from the cortisol, the adrenal glands kicking up and its affect on the hypothalamus. But again, when I come across the most lay
people or even patients they’ve never heard that, wow, again I take it very simple. Pressing on a back can help hormones, well
the reason is because it’s connected to the autonomic nervous system. When your spine becomes altered and back to
your point about that joint not moving. The reason why in the spine, why a joint not
moving in the spine is so much more sensitive to affecting the brain and neurology, is because
your spine is loaded with little tiny neurons. Tiny little neurons that unlike anywhere else. In fact there’s a part of the spine that have
them way more loaded or densely populated than other parts. The number one area is in the upper neck. So, this is why what people say, well man,
I just don’t understand if I don’t have a pinched nerve, how could it affect my central
nervous system? And the reason is this because all these tiny
little neurons, they need movement. They need free movement, and so, when your
spine doesn’t move appropriately, one little bone, right? One little joint, it affects these what we
call mechanoreceptors that sparks this cascade of events that happens, into the brain that’s
what triggers our stress hormones, negatively. Put that body in that dominant stress responses
if you’re being chased by a tiger or a bear. And now these hormones are starting to kick
out of the body that you don’t want long term. They’re good short term, but long term you
don’t want them. So, and again, most people know the fight-or-flight
situations, our fight-or-flight hormones. So there’s been studies, there was a great
study in 2014, that really pointed out when people got adjusted those stress hormones
were reduced. And again, when we know that happens you can
name it. That’s why energy, sleep, digestion, fertility,
all those start to change, organ function changes. It’s not because it’s a pressing of a nerve,
it’s because that spine is so delicately and intimately connected to the brain. Dr. Axe: As I was interviewing my mom yesterday,
we were doing a video together. She was in town from Florida and I’m in Nashville. And she said to me, I always talking to her
about when she changed her diet, she’d been diagnosed with lung tumors and those started
to go away with her diet, and her chiropractic, and all of these different treatments she
got. But one of the things in my interview with
her I said, that she started saying is, not only did that get better, she lost 20 pounds. She had nodules on her thyroid, those went
away. The cysts on her liver went away. She had chronic constipation, that got better,
she’d chronic fatigue. All of these things got better. So that’s one of the running things you’re
going to see here, when you lower that tension and stress response on the body, and those
joints, and that spinal cord, and those nerves, your entire body gets in a better healing
state. We’ll talk about that more with organ function
in a minute. As we’re talking about inflammation, here’s
another thing. Think about this. If you sprained your ankle and the thing swells
up, right? For a time there’s more fluid there, there’s
more motion for a time being so that area can heal. Well, very similar things can happen within
your spine, but you don’t want that inflammation there long term. Chiropractic adjustments allow for more motion,
but they really help reduce inflammation body-wide. Dr. Dan: Yeah, and that’s the one thing as
far as you say inflammation might immediate goes to arthritis, because a lot of you out
there, you’re suffering with arthritis. Those joints don’t move as properly, they
stick, they get up the morning, and you’re in pain. That’s why chiropractic is so beneficial for
pain too, it’s because of that inflammation and making sure those joints are staying mobile. Dr. Axe: Yeah, and time, and time again. I mean look up online chiropractic research
or in fact, if you just do a Google search for Dr. Axe chiropractic benefits, I’ve got
an article there where we have medical studies showing chiropractics been shown to be more
beneficial than medications at treating headaches, neck pain, low back pain, and arthritis of
the knee and your joints. And so again, so crucial to the health there. Let’s talk about organ function for a minute,
Dan. How does a chiropractic adjustment help with
organ function? Dr. Dan: Yeah, so it goes back to that what
we talked about, because there’s an intimate connection, you hear me say this over and
over again, that intimate connection. Because so many . . . across the board I talked
a lot of MDs, I go in and train PhDs and other researchers and even they have never heard
that there’s such an intimate connection between the spine, the function of the spine, the
health of your spine, and your autonomic nervous system. And so because there’s that relationship when
the spine is . . . when there’s a vertebra that’s not moving or aligned appropriately,
it will affect the autonomic nervous system and it puts that again back to the stress
response. And when we know your stress response, now
the autonomic function. So, when you got women that come in . . . there
was one I could tell specifically. She had spent $80,000 out of pocket to try
to get pregnant. She had two adopted children, been at it for
ten years, and we addressed a couple specific areas. One of them being up here because there’s
so much neurology and it affected her brain and then it actually got her stress response
down enough to where she got pregnant, fertility. Dr. Axe: It’s amazing. Yeah and we’re talking about every organ in
your body. Let me talk about digestion for a second and
Dr. Dan, I know that I’ve taken care of a lot of children on the autistic spectrum. And with those children one of the things
you’ll notice is oftentimes they’ve got digestive issues. And they’re having a really high sympathetic
response to certain things like gluten, or food additives, and chemicals, and things
like that. But what happens as we’ll talk about here,
when you have somebody who has a misalignment in their upper neck and also sacral area,
can be huge, that can really affect your, what we talked about the sympathetic versus
parasympathetic nervous system. And think about this, I’m gonna switch gears
here and talk about a runner. I used to do triathlons, I know you had told
me that you went for a run this morning. And when you’re out there running think about
this for yourself, you can’t digest a cheeseburger, because all of your energy goes to your extremities. It’s you’re in a sympathetic state when you’re
running, when you’re fighting, when your cortisol . . . you’re in that state. So actually it weakens your digestive system
during that time. A lot of children with autism or people with
digestive issues, they have these high emotional stress levels and their body is functioning
like they’re running all the time. So they’re not able to digest, so that’s a
high sympathetic, low parasympathetic, sympathetic like fighting and running. Parasympathetic is secretion of digestive
enzymes like your salivary glands. It’s your intestines having peristalsis and
moving and supporting a healthy bowel movement. All of those things that need to happen in
people with IBS syndrome, a lot of children on the autistic spectrum, and people with
even autoimmune disease, in certain regards these people have digestive issues. In order for you to digest properly, your
digestive system starts with your nerve system. And so, again, if you can increase that parasympathetic
response and one way to do that, is by decreasing the tension in your upper neck and actually
your sacrum, this is why actually a lot of doctors are effective who do things like cranial
sacral work, upper cervical work, and even things like Logan technique on that sacrum
area. But all of those areas increase that parasympathetic
response, cortisol drops down, all stress hormones drop down, improves digestive health,
children on the autistic spectrum who have really high sympathetic states. I know this is a long explanation, but that’s
one of the reasons it works so well. Dr. Dan: Yeah, that’s great. And I’m telling you right now, I’m listening,
if you’re out there, you know somebody with a digestive problem, you know somebody maybe
they try to get fertility. They’ve done everything, they’ve changed their
diet. Like this may be the missing link, right? And so, share it with them. You forward this video to them because this
may be the thing that they needed to hear, they’ve got all these pieces of the puzzle
and then this one thing, and they’re like, “I’ve never thought about that.” And so we want you to share with them because
a digestion, fertility, all the organ stuff is all related. And, so now the question may be asked though,
and before we get to the heart is, how would they have gotten this, right? So what we know, and again this isn’t my opinion,
this isn’t Dr. Axe’s opinion, what we know through the radical research is that even
being born today, that there’s trauma, there’s trauma to our spine, there’s trauma in utero. And then you watch a two-year-old learn to
walk, you watch a five-year-old. I mean, from sports injuries to the things
that we do. It’s called life. And so people say, “Well how would I have
gotten these tiny little things we call subluxation, how have I’ve gotten my spine unhealthy?” And so first off, a chiropractor can really
go and specify what areas. It’s like looking at teeth. You can have decay and even an early cavity
without knowing it because you don’t feel it. A dentist goes in there and finds it. And that’s what a chiropractor does is looks
very specifically with specific testing to find out, do you have one of these things? Does your child or does your baby, and where
would that have come from? Maybe in the birth process. There was a study done in 1992, a great one
saying that 85% of babies unfortunately are born with tiny little misalignments that’s
affecting that. So then you may say, how would I’ve gotten
it? And a host of things, but the kicker is, how
do you know? And that is make sure a chiropractor can check
you. Dr. Axe: Yeah, absolutely. And again, we went from the birthing process
can start there, to falls as kids. Think about people in sports. I know for myself playing . . . I played soccer
and thinking about, how many times I was heading the ball, when you think about wrestlers,
when you think about football players. Just the number of impact. Dancers are actually very hard on the spine,
females that do dance. These are all people that should be getting
chiropractic care on a regular basis to really not just help their spine and their joints
and their pain, but also really help support all of these different systems in the body. And if you’re enjoying this live video, we’re
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hey, post that in the comment section below. And let’s talk about the last couple here,
the heart. We talked about the parasympathetic nervous
system, there’s a nerve in the upper neck, the vagus nerve. Talk about that and how this can actually
affect blood pressure. Dr. Dan: Yeah, exactly. And the vagus nerve is connected to so many
areas and that’s another big one, because there’s a link in that vagus, has a very specific
pathway coming through that upper cervical spine, controlling a lot of these organs that
we’ve already talked about. You got to keep those pathways open. And so, we know that neurologically, when
a spine is altered and particularly the upper neck, it’s going to affect that vagus in a
negative way and so it interferes with that. And a chiropractic adjustment relieves tension
off that, removes interference. There is some great work so, 2007 this is
a crazy study, 2007, a guy that all upper cervical, just looked up here, the only area
he addressed, a chiropractor out of Chicago. And here was the thing, they eliminated everybody
from the study that had ever had or currently had back pain. So, there was nobody with back pain. This when you say, well you know what? I don’t have back pain. Would I be able to benefit from chiropractic? Well listen to this study. There was no back pain because they found
the misalignment. They took a group of individuals, they did
find a misalignment but it wasn’t causing any pain. And this is why I say, it’s like a cavity
that’s not causing you any pain, you need to find it and we need to fix it. So they found this upper cervical problem
and this chiropractor took a group and he adjusted them, and then there was another
group that there was a fake, a sham adjustment, right? And the cool part is the way the technique
. . . because there wasn’t a popping or cracking. It was a very specific upper cervical technique. So nobody knew which one they got. And the group that got adjusted, that got
the actual chiropractic adjustment, had blood pressure that had lowered as if they took
two blood pressure medications, compared to the group over here that had no change. So addressing this changed the blood pressure
which ultimately we know impacts on the heart and it all has to do with that parasympathetic
balance and the vagus nerve. Dr. Axe: It’s incredible. And think about the number of people that
are living with tension in their body, tension in their neck, at the base of their skull,
tension in those traps and shoulder muscles, the low back, all these different areas, mid-back
here. And whether you have tension or not it doesn’t
mean that you don’t have a misalignment, what chiropractors term subluxation which is that
misalignment of the joint to where there’s lack of motion, and the motion is in an improper
plane. Let’s talk about the immunity here. One of the things that I’ve referred to a
lot of chiropractors for even today amongst all these things, is ear infections and kids
and an immune related problem. So, how does chiropractic affect the immune
system, or what are some immune issues that you’ve seen chiropractic benefits? Dr. Dan: Yeah. And so one of the things that comes out is
constant colds, flu’s, like catching every bug, if somebody sneezes in the next county
and your child gets it, right? It’s like, why is my child so susceptible
and it turns out that because of the neurologic system that we’ve been talking about is so
connected to the health of the spine. We know that kids under chiropractic care
that are getting their spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis when needed, their immunity
goes up. In fact that was great today in 2011 that
showed that, they measured this certain immunoglobulin’s of this immune system factor, that that there
was a 139% increase in IgA, serum IgA from the people that got spinal adjust of care,
which is in your IgA is simply, is your ability to fight the colds, the flu’s, and infections. And so, it was a huge point and again, we’ve
know this . . . with just through the results but the science is now catching up. But some of you may say, well, gosh, science
backs that up and we’re just catching up?” I mean the science is just being done to reveal
why children, I mean, again, and across the board, not just children, ourselves, somebody
that could be from one day old to 99 years old, experience the benefits of immunity,
like immune system changes. I always get the . . . you get the patient’s
like, this may be a coincidence but I used to get respiratory infections like twice a
year. And now [inaudible 00:19:29]. I don’t get it at all. You hear this over and over again, and now
we know exactly why and it goes back to what we’ve been talking about, is the neurological
communication that is directly dependent upon the health of spine. Dr. Axe: Yeah. We have a seventh benefit that I didn’t put
up here, but this is a bonus for everybody watching. And again, hey, if you’re enjoying this live
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video. And also, hey, if you’re a chiropractor, we’d
love to hear from you on here. If you’ve benefited from chiropractic care,
we’d love to hear from you as well, as part of this video. But number seven, Dr. Dan, is pregnancy. And I know that you’ve got three little girls
at home, in fact, you just had a little one. How long ago? Dr. Dan: Yeah, just a month. So, five weeks ago. Dr. Axe: Five weeks ago, and I know that you
guys have done . . . you’ve been really involved as a dad and taking care of your wife, Amanda,
and bringing them through the pregnancy process. But talk about specifically, let’s first talk
about the mom during pregnancy. I know a lot of moms who get chronic pain
in the hips, and low back, and even the mid-back after. But a lot of women who are pregnant who have
benefited from chiropractic care. So, talk about their benefit, talk about the
benefit of the baby, turning and different techniques there, and then also of an infant
newborn, so a lot of benefits there in terms of pregnancy. Dr. Dan: Yeah, all of the above. And the one of the things you look at for
a mom, what’s so critical for mom is her to stay . . . for a pregnant woman, is to stay
active. That mom needs to stay active and so, one
thing that chiropractic does is it helps them be active, it helps them stay mobile. One of the reasons the moms, or pregnant women
don’t stay active is because there’s pain. And so it eliminates pain because it increases
motion. As a pregnant woman, their ligaments start
to get a little lax because they’re carrying so much fluid. So that it’s so much easier for their pelvis
to get misaligned and get in areas of not moving appropriately. And so, chiropractic, a gentle, very specific
adjustment goes so far beyond movement, reducing pain and then increasing the neurological
system. So now, for in utero, to make sure that baby’s
getting the proper nutrients. Again, most people don’t understand the connection
that brain is directing that. And so, the health of the spine is so important
for that child so that all the nutrients and the stress hormones are staying down, and
the mom is delivering that baby. And then the third one is obviously a newborn
[inaudible 00:21:47]. Dr. Axe: Well, yeah, well let me ask this,
so for instance another thing too, Dr. Dan, is my brother-in-law recently he’s a chiropractor
here in Nashville, Tennessee, Franklin. Dr. Ronson Dykstra. And he had a pregnant mom come in, who is
about nine months along and the baby was turned in the stomach. So, talk about, how could chiropractic actually
help align the baby in the womb? Or getting ready for birth? Dr. Dan: And what happens is in the pelvis
there’s one bone and like our backbone, called the sacrum, right? And that bone, when that becomes misaligned
there’s a ligament that attaches from the sacrum to the uterus called the sacral uterine
ligament. And when this bone becomes altered, shifted
just a little bit, it puts tension on that ligament and then that uterus, it’s tension. And so, what that does is it relieves that
tension and it allows that . . . and then combined with this, there’s a little maneuver
going into the front called the Webster’s technique that a lot of doctors or chiropractors
know, it literally . . . sometimes that woman will feel that baby move right away, right? I have endless stories and chiropractors . . . endless
stories of they adjusted that sacrum and then that baby within minutes to days to . . . they
change when everyone is saying, “Well, if this baby doesn’t change we’re going to have
to go in and then take it out, C-Section or something,” and it gets in that normal position. The body wants it to be in the normal position. It’s just that interference and that tension,
it doesn’t allow it to, and so, that’s the beauty of being able to turn a breech baby. Dr. Axe: Yeah, and last thing here I’ll mention
to, after the birthing process. How soon after your little girls were born,
were they adjusted? Dr. Dan: Yeah, within minutes, within minutes
they were checked. They all had different issues, right? I can’t pinpoint. I mean, all their births were a little bit
different. Non-traumatic, as least traumatic as possible
but they’re all different. So, I checked them, probably within, the last
one was in five minutes. Check them and make a tiny little adjustment. People say, “Gosh, how do you do that?” Again, it’s very delicate. Dr. Axe: So soft, and gentle, and delicate. Dr. Dan: People would say, it’s like checking
the ripeness of a tomato. It’s like really that soft. Dr. Axe: Yeah, that’s great. So as you guys can see here, the benefits
of chiropractic care from the medical research right now is overwhelming. And again, there’s a lot of things that I
think again, people know in the medical studies it’s been shown chiropractic care can help,
headaches, neck pain, low back pain, things like sciatica. But in addition to that, helping neurological
conditions like MS, helping hormonal problems such as adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism,
and even clinical depression, neurology, inflammation, and joint arthritis, organ function, we talked
about too, your entire digestive system. Your heart health and blood pressure, your
immune system, pregnancy. And again, there’s a lot of people today,
Dr. Dan, instead of turning to something completely natural that has been practiced, for . . . really,
adjustments have been practiced in a way, since Chinese medicine, I mean Chinese medicine
but even more recently, getting even more specific with adjustments with D.D. Palmer. But again, for a lot of people they’re still
turning to drugs, medications, and even surgeries and they don’t realize there’s another way. There are things like diet nutrition, there
are things like chiropractic care, and all natural treatments. And so one of things for you, I know you’ve
been such a great spokesperson and educating the world, speaking all over the world and
country on the benefits of really how chiropractic works. I want to encourage you and say, hey, thanks
for watching this video. I you’re not subscribed here, make sure to
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comment sections. I want to thank Dr. Dan Sullivan. His website is The Chiropractic Advocate. Dr. Dan: Would you mind if I say one good thing? Dr. Axe: Yeah, go ahead. Dr. Dan: And to your point, the list could
go on, and on, and on. Dr. Axe: We could keep going. Dr. Dan: I just did a study on a performance. So like a group that got adjusted their pelvis
adjusted, their vertical jump as athletes were better compared to those who didn’t get
adjusted. Actually they did a stretching regiment versus
a chiropractic adjustment. And so, it’s endless. And we know this. But here’s the caveat, I do want to make sure
we get across is that a chiropractic adjustment is not intended to treat any of these things. Dr. Axe: Yes, true. Dr. Dan: It’s not intended to get rid of the
headache, or get rid of the fertility, or get rid of the hormone problem. It’s just to remove interference. And this is the one thing, as chiropractors
and we’ve kind of taken some hits and some challenges, like, “Well you claim to do this
and this.” Listen, we don’t claim to do any of it. The body is inherently programmed for health,
right? And so, what we know is that, when there’s
interference that a host of things could happen. And so, the objective of the chiropractor
is to remove the interference not to treat, not cure, not to overcome that for the person. Allow their body to do it. And so that’s the beauty of what we can do
is say, “Well, you’re designed to do it. We just remove the interference.” Dr. Axe: Yeah, and I’m so glad you said that,
Dr. Dan too, because remember this principle, your body heals itself. What chiropractors do, they remove interference,
allow the body to then heal itself. Just imagine you had a cut on your hand and
it just kept getting bothered there. We remove the interference, and now the area
can heal. That’s what chiropractors do. And we could do a whole thing on sports performance. The best athletes in the world from Michael
Phelps, to Joe Montana, to Tom Brady, all these people, they all get chiropractic care
for performance. So, obviously there’s a whole other area to
where people can see benefit. So, I want to say guys, hey, thanks so much
for watching this live video. Thanks Dr. Dan Sullivan for being here, and
we’ll see you on our next live video.

91 thoughts on “Chiropractic Adjustment Benefits for the Entire Body with Dr. Dan Sullivan”

  1. Can help for a flat feet my 5 yrs old has his right foot going to inside when he walks, he has chipmunks but is not helping much, could you please give us an advise? Thanks in advance

  2. I got to Dr Alter in Fort Wayne, In. He is the best he kept me from having neck surgery and the pain is less than it has ever been. He works on the knots and does adjustments. No neck cracking. Stretching is so important to do every day.

  3. i ask my doctor if a chiropractor would help my neck. he told me i was to old that it could do more damage than good. i am 66. i have headache all the time and my neck hurts 24/7 and i cannot turn it about 1/4 of what you should be able to. is he wrong? i sleep with two to three pillows at night. do you think that's my problem?

  4. Phil D Goforth chiropractor Socorro NM uses Palmer Method Amazing results. pain from 9+ to 0 avoided surgery completely taking NO prescription medications. He has office in Colorado also.

  5. Thank you for all the helpful information Dr. Axe! I'm so glad that I discovered your YouTube channel! Have a great rest of your day!

  6. my mother is 75 & is in need of an adjustment. Does anyone know of a chiropractor in the fort worth, texas area?

  7. I have a friend that had been depht the most of her adult life, she is 83 years old, is it possible improve her audition with those adjustments, sorry my english, thank you for your answer!!

  8. I literally got one adjustment for the first time two weeks ago and my chest pain/inflammation went away! I was hesitant about getting more done because of the cost but this video just gave me confirmation! Thank you!

  9. me and my son goes to the chiropractor my son is on the autism spectrum and what I noticed is his comprehension had improved and his sensory is much less. One thing my chiropractor said to me this is not currently all I have to eat right , drink filter water also he educated us God design our body perfect if something off which triggers our nerves and brain. also once u get adjustments ur body will learn how to handle stress before we use to go 2 times a week now our body adjustments last longer so now it every two weeks. so I am excited

  10. Dr Christina Meakim from Healthy Life Chiropractic has changed my life. I walked in to her office on my 40th bday and stated today I am pain free. She does NUCCA chiropractic and it's gentle and results seen immediately. My kids and hubby also go to her after seeing my results. She's a true Miracle worker. San Francisco location

  11. I had very bad headaches and the adjustments resolved the problem. IT took a couple of months but they went away

  12. Dr Doble in Sebastopol California it changed my energy, confidence, posture and more. He follows Palmer's Specific method who was the guy that invented chiropractic 😉

  13. WITHOUT Chiropractic adjustment…. I wouldn't still b walking!! It's what keeps me walking.. and still able to move and function. When I go too long between adjustments… I'm n GREATER pain!

  14. Working with chiropractor Dr Jae Reed in San Francisco has changed my life. He specializes in a modality called NET and has done more helping my anxiety and depression than all the antidepressants I used to take for 20 years.

  15. Had severe respiration problems from birth where I would quit breathing to the point I was turning blue a minimum of 1x per day. MDs documented it, but could not even diagnose a problem. Went to all sorts of specialists and still no answers. It wasn't until my mom's best friend recommended her chiropractor that anyone was able to identify the cause: the top vertebra had misaligned just enough to affect the vagus nerve control of my lungs. Ever since that first adjustment, I have never had a breathing problem!

  16. Diane Babalas in Ann Arbor, MI uses BGI and her practice has changed my life! At 55 I was struggling with the early stages of arthritis, poor digestion, food sensitivities, raging hormones, poor moods, fatigue, seasonal allergies and sinus pain…the list was long! I was a wreck and 3 years later I'm medication free, feeling great and living a much better lifestyle focused on wellness. To me, adjustments helped me to get back on track and help me stay on track and better able to handle daily stressors. If this a placebo as some comments have stated, keep 'em coming! It's working for me.

  17. Another area kids and teens actually get neck whiplash is on roller coaster rides and bumper car slams…etc

  18. so believe this or no but t i had a chiropractor adjustment 3 years ago and he snapped my kneck and i felt an explosion in my head and later on turns out when i headed to emerge after this appt because i was sensitive to light and turns out i got A concussion!! fml.. it was so bad!!! now i have permanent nerve damage in my brain all thanks to this chiropractor!! please think twice before getting a adjustment

  19. Dr Snyder in tulsa ok and Dr lovette on Midwest city. super good chiropractors
    when you know the difference it's a big deal

  20. I see a osteopathic doctor. Osteopathic doctors provide manual medicine therapies, such as spinal manipulation or massage therapy, as part of their treatment. She's on maternity leave… Can't wait for her to get back to work.

  21. Anyone who still can't understand how chiropractic adjustments work, just take a look at the human nervous system. It's all connected!

  22. Dear Dr. Axe, I came to your channel by coincidence, I love your advice and it's well presented and researched. I have found it helps a lot of issues, including scoliosis, immune system, respiratory system, TMJ, hormone levels go down, my heart, headaches lessen and of course my back. Keep the videos coming. Take care. Dawn Elizabeth

  23. Slow down Dr.Dan you're speaking way too fast man. It's hard to convey information when you're firing like a machine gun. I appreciate both of you immensely though for sure. Good on you.

  24. Dr. Michael Johnson in Bixby OK has been able to get me back to optimal levels in my mobility and my overall well being has improved immensely! He is so committed to his patients and is always willing to explain anything you want to know about what spinal health does for your whole body.

  25. asking to add a chiropractor i e wentvto his name is. Eric. Osgood. in. Reno Nv. He's been in Reo now for a few yeas now. he is the best chiropractor i have ever been to that hasnt hurt me while adjusting me. my late husband who had had neck surgery a few years ago and was real sure Eric couldnt adjust him properly because of his neck. i talked him into letting Eric try. he did and when he came out of the room after being adjusted he was so amazed Eric did adjust him and he felt alot better he said. he was surprised. as far as me ive had to go to one since about 1984. which i havent been to him in a few years now only because i dont work no no im didabled and its hard to leave the house right now. so Hopefully Eric will read this. because I owe so much to this family him, his , mom, wxho i met Eric and his wife through I did her nails when i had my lisence for cosmetology. which i did for several year.s and went to Eric faithfully. i need to go back now. im sure it would help the pain im experiencing every day all day long. but if you live in Reno sparks or any where arond here and need a chyropracto. call Eric Osgood you'll be pleased!!

  26. I tried a chiropractor and when she cracked my neck it hurt. I wasn't aware that its suppose to hurt, so the second visit she used a gun shaped item on 3 areas of the back of my neck. I do not go anymore.

  27. Hi Dr! Loved this video. How young do you recommend to get an adjustment. My 9yr old daughter is currently in swimming, softball and tumbling. Will this benefit her?

  28. John Soforic in latrobe pa was my chiropractor for years. always felt great afterwards. he tested me for thyroid because I waa experiencing depression and exhaustion and he did a test, said my thyroid is not working. sure enough, after getting blood work, I had hypothyroidism.

  29. The best Chiropactor is Dr. Miller with the Roselle Center in Fairfax, VA . He combines naturalpathic medicine with Chiropractic. He has helped to heal my gut issue & my back pain. He looks at the body as a whole. Love him.

  30. Dr Josh and John Sandoz Mt Laurel, NJ. Can't say enough them and there methods of adjustment and therapies!! For 10+ years of chronic pain. I have RA, osteoarthritis, Lyme, migraines, and digestive issues and other issues. Days before I was in wheelchair, they were KEY in locating with X-rays and MRI of causes of pain, btw adjustments, pain management plan, therapies I am walking now unassisted and progressing toward real life back. Love while atlas orthogonal way of adjusting!

  31. chiropractic is one of the misding links in health. Dr. Allie in Farmington CT. she's awesome! go see her if you're in the CT or MA area!

  32. I was told by my surgeon to not go to a chiropractor before they fused my neck on 2 levels. I wish I had not listened to him. I have gone to a chiropractor for about 6 years now and the difference in my levels of pain and mobility has been amazing. Even with a fused neck my first chiropractor gave me 25 degrees more rotation. I have since moved far away from him and found another amazing chiropractor who also practices Fundamental Medicine. She has taken care of a few issues with homeopathic remedies – I am so very pleased and highly recommend chiropractic therapy to everyone!

  33. Watched this being highly sceptical as there have been many documented debilitating results from chiropractor adjustments when less risky treatments (albeit slower acting) treatments are available. However, this discussion makes sense and I was unaware of the research backing the claims you have made. Here is my problem with chiropractors…….. why does the patient need adjustment? If it's trauma related then there maybe an argument for adjusting to realign a joint BUT in most cases it is due to other factors e.g. poor posture, muscle imbalances, adaptive muscle shortening/lengthening, weak musculature particularly stabilizing muscles etc. Addressing the cause as with all health care issues should be the priority not jumping to the easy answer such as the magic pill or a chiropractic adjustment.

  34. Dr. Gus Tsiapalis is a chiropractor that works in Toronto. Is helping me tremendously with Neck and Lower Back Issues (health, alignment and mobility). Better sleep, better mobility, less inflammation are just a few benefits I have experienced.

  35. I had a rib out of place and it was so painful but I went to a chiropractor and she made alot of adjustments on my body that I didn't even realise were out of alignment, I felt awful during the detoxing time but after that I felt much better! Each time I have an adjustment I feel more energized and healthier🖒🤗

  36. Dr Teresa White (corrective Chiropracter) in East Grinstead, UK is an amazing Chiropracter.. has helped me and my family enormously. Tel: 01342315298

  37. Dr. Axe, have you heard about Nuga Best? A korean product that also do chiropractic healing through a bed that has rolling stones.

  38. My chiropractor Dr. Vernell Lucas helped to decrease my knee pain through the use of chiropractic adjustment and the addition of Kangen Water. He states a hydrated body helps to add to the success of an adjustment.

  39. I've loved every episode I have seen from you and especially this one!
    I had severe chronic low back pain and was getting stiff necks on the average of 4 xs a year. A good friend of mine is a chiropractor and offered to give me treatments. I went to him for 5 treatments and was cured. that was about 30 years ago and i still feel great! it helped with my total well being from my head to my toes. Chiropractic improved every aspect and function of my whole body.

  40. Dr. Robert Bercier in Hastings Michigan is amazing! He’s been my functional health doctor for little over a year, helping me with hashimotos and TMJ. He finally convinced me to take ashwagandha all because of you Dr. Axe! Thank you!

    I've been here with DR. Kody Semrow. Awesome results! I had trouble with stability in my leg and and right shoulder when lifting or exercising. I also had lower back pain and my rib was out of whack! Dr. Kody helped me out and I now go every six months just to keep things flowing!

  42. My sons behaviour had a remarkable improvement with his adhd after back alignments. He went from bully to class captain in 3 months. My depression halved after back treatment and I had less asthma attacks.

  43. I have cerebral palsy & have been under chiropractic care for 12+ yrs. It has made a huge difference in my life. I don't take any pain relievers anymore, sleep better, my neck curveture has improved 22% in the last 2 yrs with a new exercise we discovered along with specific adjustments. I can't say enough good things about chiro. I tell everyone, find a good chiropractor, you will change your life.

  44. I was in bad shape with my lower back. My chiropractor was amazing, he got me out of a lot of pain and i could finally stand up straight, it took me 3 months with my chiropractor to get back on track.I now go for regular adjustments at least once a month.

  45. My family and I have always gone to Dr. Shaun Locklin who has helped us with everything from back/neck/shoulder/leg/ankle pain to headaches, earaches and migraines. We would never consider going to another chiropractor!

  46. Dr Ax thanks for all your great videos! chiro , gut and soo much more. These are all methods to get to the root for the body to heal itself.. Thank You!!!

  47. I'm 77 M, with diabetes. One of my former bragging points is that I never have any back pain, but last month. I started having this pain in my upper back and across my shoulders, all the way to my upper arms and front very upper chest area. Everyone thought I was having a heart attack, so I went to the ER. The vitals didn't show anything, so i was xrayed in the upper back areas. The diagnosis is that I had a lot of Arthritis in my upper back. I was given 2 prescriptions an oxycotin and a pain releiver. This week, I had an appt at the VA and I started hurting again, so I went to the ER there. They just gave me muscle relaxers. My question is, is this something that a chiropractor could help? I note that each time the pain starts, I am in a stressful or a hard thinking situation. If I sit down, it eases, but doesn't completely go away without pain medicine. That last bout was Mon. It's Sun now.

  48. I had Sciatica through all 3 of my pregnancies. Chiropratic gave me free pregnancy’s, (lol ! That was supposed to be Chiropracrtic gave me 3 pain free pregnancies). also has relieved maigraine, and currently arthritis in my neck.

  49. I get adjustments regularly, about once a month. Before I started going regularly, I would carry a lot of weight in my neck and shoulders. Started going to the chiro, they did x-rays and discovered the disks in my neck were stacked. Over 2-3 months of consistent treatment, I have curvature in my neck again.

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