Chinese businesses ‘no longer interested in learning from overseas companies’

Scott thank you for coming to the studio today thank you for having me so old woman's been in China now for 15 years covering a variety of sectors what do you see within that time from your clients in terms of sentiment and requests that you've had I think the single biggest change is the at the beginning of that 15 years what most of the companies were interested in was best practice from different spots in the world you know how were other companies in other countries doing things how are they organized how did they think about strategy how do they think about the market and as the Chinese companies have become bigger more successful more confident I think they're far less interested in best practices from around the world they're more interested in specifically what's happening in China and foreign best practice well not irrelevant has become far less important those companies still aiming to then move abroad in the future yeah I think many of the Chinese companies still have global ambitions and they'll need to learn about other markets as they move into them they're just not they're not that interested in how big American or English or French companies are running themselves or not nearly as interested as they used to be and within China then what would you say is the big the big future industry that you see that's really growing I mean almost every industry is growing as you know but the the really exciting developments we see happening are in retail where I think the Chinese have moved from a position of learning and exploring to really leading the world in all of the trends around retail all the way from from payments you know at a technical end to to customer experience as well and I think the other a it's really interesting is the the whole manufacturing supply chain in China where the the potential to automate that and and and make it work faster and better and more efficiently is incredible if they can get it right on the flip side China's been opening up its financial system quite a lot to attract a lot of foreign investment do you see that working R is there a lot more demand from foreign companies really wanting to come into China or what do you see so I think it's China grows and matures that that's the main driver of the demand for foreign companies wanting to come in they don't want to end up in five years without a physician in China but the opening up of markets or the the deregulating of various areas I think has a positive effect and and and you know the more that the more of that that's done the more the demand they'll be and your based out of mixture between New York and London and what do you see in terms of changing sentiment especially with the trade war at the moment affecting a lot of sentiments of what you see so I think most of the business community I interact with still thinks that still hopes and thinks that the the trade issues will be settled at one point hopefully soon so the demand to still learn about China and best in China is significant and remain significant I haven't seen it slowed down very much except in very specific highly sensitive sectors like like tech for instance but it's taken some time now so I think there is a bit of a turn in sentiment around the world just because of the uncertainty thinking let's just hold on until it until we see how things play out and because of the trade war do you see US companies and Chinese companies shifting their focus in terms of where they want to expand abroad so for instance Southeast Asia did you see that yeah I think as they pause and wait wait for the end of the trade negotiations no one wants to stop moving so they're looking for where else they can expand now and I think Southeast Asia will will see is seeing and will see a pickup right across right across the region we see more discussions more partnerships being struck them than there were before the trade war great well thank you so much for coming to the studio Scott and it was great to chat thank you for having me

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  1. Fakenews. Plenty of chinese companies want to associate themselves with western ones and even universities, just as kaiwen beijing academy a state owned institute and westminster college.

  2. yep, we love to pay in west by smart phone only, SUUURRREEEE, China is leading the way. Weak up is not 1994 anymore. Thats what happen to you if you stay in China for so long as a westerner.

  3. There are market in the west for the Chinese to learn from especially how to create instresting News networks reporting like Fox News BBC, CNN and many of the mainstream media in America

  4. There a Lots of Storys were german manufaturing move from china back to Germany the most comen axplonation was we lost to muth mony producing in china can you give me some Inside wath the bisnises do rong?

  5. As the world's most populous country, China has the most brainpower to come up with plans and ideas, as well as the most manpower to implement said plans and turn ideas into reality. Larger populations have more geniuses, and since China's population is 4 times that of USA, China has at least 4 geniuses to every 1 American genius. And this can be statistically proven. Source: China's Statistical Advantage:

    Taken from the above:

    Consider two standard bell curves, say one with 1.4 billion people and one with 326 million. The number of average people in China is very close to 4.3 times the number of average people in the U.S. That is also true for those in the top 2% say, which produces scientists, the best business and government people, and the most competent computer programmers. Even there, China would have a 4.3 to 1 advantage, which would be quite an advantage, everything else being equal.

  6. When I visit South East Asia, I often say to my Thai, Indonesian and Philippines friends one thing:

    one day not so far you will run to Europe to spend long holidays cause EU zone currency/economy will collapse…

  7. Incompetent politicians make problem bigger while spending time.
    Please do unification quickly!
    When is Korea unification ?
    2019.7.15 – I am Zhang Fei. (張飛) in Japan
    ・The missiles that North Korea is hitting in recent years is the same thing that the PRC government is hitting. The People's Republic of China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, so China must be in a position to stop the missiles hit of its neighbor, North Korea. 
    Zhang Fei (張飛) 2019.7.15 in Japan

  8. from all this conversation, the only time it really catch my attention was when they show me trump and xi face.

    the captured moment was so great. and i like it.

  9. Thats the end of International Chinese students and say hello to the International Indian Students. Western universities are such scam bugs.

  10. The nationalistic sentiment and isolationism of the Chinese is of concern to me. I definitely see an uniformed and coerced population, reluctant to intermingle with the rest of the world. What this means for the near future both politically and economically; not sure I'd like to see.

  11. China is the 🌏leader today 👏👏👏
    China study hard
    China working hard
    China only got stronger and stronger day by day😁😁😁 no backwards wow.

  12. I think China might consider the US to be foreigners. By the US demanding fair trade practices, from the Chinese perspective, they see it as Western powers trying to meddle in Chinese politics. I don't think there will be any solution to the trade war. On the contrary, it will be long drawn out and probably get worse.

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