China: Why They Must Free Our Parents From Concentration Camps | NYT Opinion

Last time I talked with my
mom was Dec. 31, 2017. My mom told me, don’t
try to contact with us. We will contact with you. He said, let’s
talk next time. Let’s talk next time. That was the last time we
ever talked to my father. She left a message
over the WeChat saying that she’s
going to Beijing. That’s the last message
she left for me. Almost everyone that I
know was taken into camps. It felt like our entire social
circle was just evaporated like that overnight. My friend told me my
parents are studying. But I know the word studying
means re-education camp. In the one night,
I lose everything. It’s torturing me of not
knowing whether my mother is alive or not. I don’t know what she
is eating right now. I don’t know what
she’s doing right now. Does she have enough clothes? Does the people inside of
the camp or detention centers are torture her? More than a year after
my father’s arrest, we received the news
that he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. They fear that Uighur people
learn their own culture too much. And they fear that we
have this kind — we have this kind of ethnic pride. And they don’t
even give a reason. Just because
we were Muslim. I feel scared. Like I had nightmares of
me being sent to China and got caught up into
the detention centers. Instead of being a normal
human being, I turned into — I was forcibly turned
into a political being. When I feel homesick
nowadays, the best thing I think I can do is try to do
something to help my father, try to do something to help
millions of Uighurs that are locked up in
concentration camps. People who are
watching this video, please call your senators. Ask U.S. government to
help the Uighur peoples. It’s not the re-education camp. It’s the jail.

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  1. I hear a lot of pro-Beijingers asking "why are HK people so concerned with an extradition treaty?" – because they don't want their home to turn into this. The story of the Uighur people needs to be better understood by the international community, this is a great piece.

  2. In a world of nukes every country will feel powerless in helping these people. if this was the old days such situations could be resolved with a few thousand deaths but today….. America even lets North Korea torture their people and they just have a fraction of the power China possesses.

  3. NYT promoted the bombing of Iraq for fake WMD story. NYT is not in a position to criticize China for fighting Islamic separatists backed by the West & Turkey.

  4. What’s the definition of concentration camp? “Ethnic pride”? If you asked the White House if it would allow these guys coming into this nation, it will tell you NO coz they are radical Muslims

  5. CCP is so evil , they want to spread their evil regime to the whole world I hope US can win this trade war and stop china use money to control other countries

  6. You can not be Chinese patriot or Amerian patriot at same time. The same things happed on the Japanese during WW2.

  7. Meanwhile here in the US we have more slave labor in jail than any other country in the world. More than 2 million people behind bars but yeah let's focus on anywhere else but our own back yards…

  8. America should offer to trade all of its Communist Protesters for the Democratic Protesters in Hong Kong.

  9. you kids are anti-china criminals, so the whole families pay the price. it's literally the meaning of family.

  10. France24 covered this subject in depth last evening. Reporters were repeatedly detained, and they risked their lives getting close to a particular detention camp. They interviewed people who taught in the camp. The Chinese central government has millions in terror in a futile attempt to establish lasting fear.

  11. The anti-terrorist war will never stop until all Americanpigs are all killed in west China and including its neighbour states.

  12. As a Han Chinese, I am so ashamed of the crimes committed by the CPC regime and the widespread racial discrimination towards Uighurs in China. I sincerely wish their ordeal would be over soon.

  13. Where is the UNO UNSC, the WHO amongst all this! This absurd times we live in has shown that there is no value for human life!

  14. Poor families. CHINA communist party is just despicable. And all its ants defend it. Imagine were took away from.your parents or children and not knowing for years wether they're alive

  15. nyt: helped spread 9/11/01 dis info leading to millions of muslim deaths in the name of fighting "terror".
    nyt: china is bad for fighting a war on "terror".
    meh. im more concerned with jeff epsteins buddies and their enablers in positions of power in my own government.

  16. shame on you nyt. shame on you. you embrace a group of racists who use islam as an excuse for their antisocial behavior. You must be racist yourself. SHAME ON YOU!!

  17. Look how many of the so called "left" are silent. The so called peace and anti war people. These people are happy at this. They enjoy muslims being killed but only if russia or china do it. Imagine if the US put a million muslims in prison. China does it its cool. Russia supporting assad killing civilians and hospitals? Its cool. Im anti war so i support this.

  18. Well when you peddle communism to the masses you get mass up raising. Democrats need to pay attention to china and learn what its like too live under communist rule. this is what the main stream media and the elite want in America. Democrats love big government because they cant take care of themselves like children. Pathetic.

  19. Wait! We have a very similar concept here in the U.S, it's those "detention centers" for immigrant families and children.

  20. Trump sucked up to the Chinese leader and gave no thought to the suffering of the people. My heart breaks for the many trapped in concentration camps.

  21. Keep the good work! The Chinese government will appreciate your collaboration on convincing the US people that China will collapse from inside one day. I value your culture of only telling the truth partially.

  22. chinese people in hong cong are begging for more freedom and the american left are working to take more of their own away

  23. And this was the same country who with Pakistan wanted an UNSC meeting citing Human rights in Kashmir. The hypocrisy is too much.

  24. do you know how to best support xinjiang, hongkong and Tibet ?
    go there, spending all your money there liking there is no fuxking tomorrow. the people there will appreciate your generosity for their potential independence activities

  25. Same thing north Korea do to their people China is in North Korea pathway….both country are pathatic and now Hong Kong people are going to be in camp soon.

  26. That's hilarious "If you are concerned about the situation in Xinjiang, here is some action you can take. Subscribe, More from the New York Times Video."
    I guess the only actions that will help is to get that subscriber count and those views up.

  27. How can we allow this to happen? No form of concentration camp should ever exist have we not learned from the past to act

  28. Wow! It is interesting to observe that Americans are lecturing the Chinese on human rights. I wonder where was the New York Times when millions of people were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq by the failures of the Bush administration.
    My fellow Americans, get a life and focus on your own affairs.

  29. Whats odd is that the average Chinese supports their govt, including the govt’s measure vs Uighurs, Tibetans, Taiwan and Hong Kong 🥢💔⏰

  30. China will release them when the "re-education" is complete soon enough, and just in time to send all the Hong Kong protestors to those camps.

  31. I don't doubt there are camps. Are they brainwashing camps or Nazi style concentration camps? NYT embellishes to get readers to get emotional without facts. The UN had reported the numbers as up to a million but now you have hatched a new number of note than a million. Something does not add up.

  32. I don’t know what they talked about?As a Chinese,I never heard about those things ,am I live in outer space?😂Go to film the concentration camp and show us!Just don’t interview those people who knows where they from ?and who they work for now?!BTW,China has 55 minority nationalities,including Uighurs and Tibetan in case someone didn’t known from hundreds years ago.And some of them want independence.We suffered from the wars and kinds of “revolutions” from 100 years ago,now we just want live a peace life and develop the economy.In short,I think some policies are necessary…

  33. so NY times support Islamic extremists and terrorists now? good job, NYT

  34. No muslim country has dare to talk about persecution of Muslims in China. They only talk about Palestine, Israel, new Zealand blah blah

  35. I am Chinese. This re-eductioan camps are not reported here, but even if they are reported, people here would think it is normal and it is maybe a needed policy. You know the Chinese authority even invited BBC to do a inside report.

  36. Mark these words. China will fall. All evil reigns eventually do. Every evil civilization has always failed. It is just a matter of time. Same for every evil doer. The US is paying for all the karma, every pain we cause has consequences. We better wake up to this fact now, or life will tumble you into submission. Be humble, be kind. The meek do inherit the earth. At this point only animals will be left, the way we are behaving.

  37. The Uyghers will never get help or attention. Firstly, they are Muslim. Secondly, our economies are too intertwined with the Chinese economy to take a human rights stand.

  38. If you live in China ,you have to obey its law ,maybe these people do something against law ,that's why they are being detained

  39. This will exactly happen to the people of HK if they surrender to China. I hope and hope God will give aid to the people of HK.

  40. Funny,check what American do in the middle east,killing Muslim,now come back to care Muslim?really Funny,why my Muslim friend in China are all fine?

  41. 作为75事件的亲历者,那天晚上我从长江路红十月小区办公室7点多下班后,坐72路公共汽车准备到苏州路出租屋;当天没感觉到什么,第二天早上去上班发现没有公交车,后来转车到火车站走路到办公室已经10点多了,然后才得知75出事情了;晚上很多视频流传出来,我想说的是:维吾尔同胞们,你们现在看起来那么善良,但是75晚上杀人是极端错误的,无论是对政府不满还是什么,百姓是无辜的,汉人也很不容易,我看到所有的视频,是男人、女人、老人、甚至十几岁的孩子去杀人,打碎公交车杀人、在碱泉街、在人民医院,这些视频不准流传,都是朋友通过u盘拷贝的。

  42. May justice be brought for us Hong Kong people and Uighur, Tibet and Taiwan people as well. We must be freed from the communist party's oppression in assimilating our identities and freedoms! We are unique and different from the mainland, and you must not force us to become one of you! I hope Chinese in the mainland will be freed from brainwash education as well

  43. Odessa shooting is a Beautiful scenery! Support democracy and freedom! Americans must pursue democracy like xinjiang. The United States needs more such beautiful scenery.

  44. 0:16 it is clearly a photoshopped image, I see New York Times also figure it out and try to blur the image and cover the truth, very interesting.

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