China claims social credit system will 'restore trust'

a report from China's National Development and Reform Commission published in the Global Times states that authorities are developing security regulations over privacy leak concerns the Commission is behind China's social credit system a reputation system that categorizes citizens based on their behavior the Chinese government claims the system will help the country restore social trust in a press release Chinese authorities announced new regulations for behavior and public transportation that could affect people's Social Credit they state that eating on trains playing loud music illegally purchasing tickets and even occupying more than one seat can cost citizens points China's strict policies have even reached public toilets according to a report by the South China Morning Post in April 2018 trynna rolled out hi-tech toilets with facial recognition to hand out limited amounts of toilet paper in the cities of Chongqing and jeong-ja the toilets hand out 40 centimeters of toilet paper after scanning an individual's face the bathrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi mobile charging ports and sensors inside each cubicle that alerts authorities if a person has been inside the toilet for more than 10 minutes you

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