Chilume Social Service Society's Activities : 2018 – 2019

Jamie social service society is a secular nonprofit organization founded in the year 2006 the organization draws inspiration from st. jerome Emiliana who dedicated his life for children and their development Carew is a small slump with 18 thousand households located in Banglore not in the year 2014 all state solutions private limited partnered with the chilla me and supported skill development of unemployed youth many government and many good opportunities and ecology support for the disadvantaged children Athena given the you think Alyssa be given this any food and never ever gets under the power gamer who swallows authority them over the past three years with the support of austere solutions Private Limited we have for more than 25 images each SSG consists of ten domestic woman we provide capacity-building trainings such as enterpreneurship development program give me leadership government escapes and woman rights Vanessa on Miami nanosilver a sangha facility near a lower third of a table and open at the other end asana Perugia who a a Parramatta dinner at the difficult our paya parapet catherine de manila job of the universe full of tyranny I'll state the silhouettes angle cat fund another I must say my mr. Ruppert avian winter chill me is angered in Delano ticket an angry mother Kali what an honor it is salivating Olinda tamale martini you want to stick it on how many marine animal cracker can GM litora Durham chicken and younger with it Andre syllabus under Terry beta here to buy the new – relax we buy a Vienna bigness modified li-chee lament song mother was in the sauna for their DNA we provided seed money for 250 incentive woman for their micro enterprises and now they improve their livelihood opportunities and gained monthly income up to rupees 10,000 to 12,000 my stationary bikes illuminated the conditioning of financially for my money any what your generosity and tomorrow kaliesha photography so methodological biopython are still thanks man phenomena channel thanks the best way of empowering our family is to ensure education for the children with the support of all state solutions private limited we have supported 128 students for their higher studies none s Ravikumar and I'll stay tell me more Hunter and Annika TLC kv-13 I will never give a the novella namaste Vanessa Anita I stayed chillin than an driving hunter at award steady named Peter Mallick a nominee listo summer sales so that C day at tautness or permanent English dude Italy with Lyndon and ELR go dun du duuuh rocker and the Novello no scratching Renan Itsuki Donna don't you maker in the computer not a few computer Cal colony Langley the supermarket a little cells Ikeda I will record in the head by the canal here and go to market and buy after please continue and thank you still mad thank you I'll stick unemployment is a grave condition in Islam communities with the support of all state solutions Private Limited Salama continues to train 340 unemployed youths in tailoring bank making computer and driving skills in a complex communication thank you for Allstate answer to me that making center become a modder center for livelihood opportunities for unemployed women and men in the slum community necessarily and arson now back manufacturing monetary Willemijn that no car adizero he burns mile terminal drain equal to degree all significant out thanks l target when my heart and only the operation Minh City B Jeremy's have you said no and help are using too much thanks he'll fetch all three in kidney inspection of the lair never yell front of the guy relay as personal I never seen me artist know then again Fernando number none tree in Santa Marta and he canceled it after tonight a yoga even I saw a out medieval combatants we also supported for chronically ill patients for treatment and medical support we support our own 32 chronically patients in this love chili Mississippi – to our seventeen uh Samantha Samantha bond over a hundred one time my dad again sound another Khun Danai flowering a teller interrogate in a court either SSLC much the PUC with delicately you could and honest I am Arthur Sullivan Tao on the our sake wrote the Islamic early were driving knuckles court either a computer death occurred recorded earlier and comical again not only are all gather which are the liquid our borders to awareness consider a sachet Ibaka from the Vienna Martina read all the best to Chile may social society all set all set city what I'm apologizing they'll kill me social service society he is very very thankful to mr. Chetan data the indeed of all stream solutions by the capital who journey with our organization since 2014 I'm very thankful also to all the society who guided me to implement a program affective transformation in the lives of slum community you very much you

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