Children’s Educational Video: Explaining Racism and Discrimination

In the world we live in, some people think that they are better than other people. These people seem to believe that the world is split into different groups of people, called races. Some of these groups believe they are more or less superior to other groups. For example in the most common form of racism we can think of, day in day out, black people are called rude words and often hurt by their white counterparts. When this occurs, and a certain group of people are treated unfairly compared to the people who mistreat them, it is called racism. Racism is a form of discrimination. Discrimination is where people or some people, are treated badly or goodly, based on a certain perceived feature of the person or those peoples. Racism is where people are treated badly or goodly based purely on race. Racism has been going on for years now, and it has influenced many events such as the slave trade, which was when innocent Africans were taken by Europeans and forced to work in America as slaves, World war 2 when the Nazis discriminated against Jewish people and many others The apartheid in South Africa And of course the civil rights movement in the USA. Because racism is a key factor and a bad factor in all of these events, people around the world are trying to get rid of it. Most people agree that racism is a bad thing, and that people need to stand together, against racism and everybody needs to be treated the same in a good way, t his is called equality. Thanks for watching guys and if you enjoyed this video then please click the link here to subscribe and don’t forget to like, share and comment on this video! Thanks for watching.

31 thoughts on “Children’s Educational Video: Explaining Racism and Discrimination”

  1. you are so brainwashed it's embarrassing.

    Races DO exist. Each race is unequal to every other race. that is not a defect. That's reality
    stop spreading LIES!

  2. The way to end racism is to not talk about it not teach about it and leave in the past!!!! #peaceandlove #prayforpeace

  3. Carla Linton. Racism and discrimination against other people because of their skin is wrong and not right. And it is displeasing to God.

  4. Slavery Slavery the Holocaust,evil Europeans,but not the Muslims,the Chinese and  South Americans.It's the  the same old shit. over and over again This is Soviet propaganda .Racism is nothing but an opinion .This is a dangerous ideology .
    So where is the NAACP when I'm treated badly ?? You all are full of shit.Equality is brainwashing of the highest order and this video is creepy.You people are insane.

  5. A race is just a group of people who don't share that much in common with each other, who should be judged separately as individuals. That's necessary to judge them more accurately.

  6. The world is split into multiple races and you know it. Give me one reason why Mongoloids, Negroids, and Caucasian can be summarized into one big race. Also the slave trade was not because the Africans being black, but because they were undeveloped. It may not be a nice comparison, but if the aliens would come to Earth right now and we don't even know how FTL technology works, do you think they would be kind to us? The whole thing about the Jews was not really racially motivated either. You could say their treatments towards the Poles was, but then you would have to acknowledge that the Soviets did the exact same thing.

  7. God created different races of people never intended people to mix if they do it's an Abomination we must reject it even if that means the mongrel bastard children

  8. Meet The Flockers now that song screams stay away from sjw colleges. meme_america is another reason. Those tweets scar whites because they highlight white hate. Professors like Ciccariello-Mahes. Professor Ekow Yenka, Professor Johnny E Williams and Professor Kamau Kombon are just a few that lower the grades of whites. Preach white genocide in their classes, tell their students to not render aid if you see a white person in trouble.

  9. notice how the narrator explained it in the context of whites being mean to blacks. he chooses to do this in order to imply racism is only a thing that whites can do.
    the result is, people today think only whites can be racist, and therefore, will only care when racism is done by whites.
    they will also deny whites the right to have an identity "because it's racist"
    it's pretty ironic

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