30 thoughts on “Children's day Special Social Work by INDIAN JOCOSE”

  1. India me anek dramebaaj Dikhavati social worker h ….
    Yadi aap vaastav me sachche social worker h to jaaiye Daily Government Hospitals & Vaha jaakr gareeb pacents ki actual real problems ko daily You tube me daaliya jisse Indian Government ,Raajneta ,Baaki dusre Smaaj sevak , Aam janta dekhkr is vyavastha ko sudhaarne me apna apna kuchh sahyog ( Yogdaan /Help) krne k baare me soche…
    Vrna ye faaltu ka drama krna & khud ko Social worker bolna band kr do….

  2. Nice bro, nedaad foundation ek dusre ki help karne ka best trika plz join it my WhatsApp no. 8171903355

  3. Gud Work bro keep it up… har ek needi person ko help kro uski bhavnao ko samjo… nice work brothers 🙂

  4. you can volunteer to distribute leftover food to needy & hungry, or find and involve in any volunteering activity here: https://www.myselflessact.com

  5. I am a Citizen of Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    This is a plea for help.

    On 29th of July 2018 school going students were killed by a reckless bus driver. The students protested with slogans on the same bus stand.

    Since then All students of Bangladesh are protesting for safer roads and more strict regulations.

    Their intention was never to harm even a single person. Neither it is now.

    But today POLICE AND PEOPLE OF CHATRO LEAGUE tortured students with tear shell, they beat students brutally and raped the female students (on 2nd August 2018). The students are trying to defend themselves with sticks and tree branches that they've found on the streets.

    4 students have been murdered and other 4 female students have been raped, many more have been injured severly. And the Government is sitting there silent.



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