Children Learning Reading Review: The Truth Behind the Program

Children Learning Reading Review: My Personal Experience with the Program Hey everybody! Thanks for swinging by and
checking out my video on my first hand review on children learning reading online program.
First, just want to go ahead say it’s a quick informal quick couple minutes of the program.
What I got out of it. What I liked, What I didn’t like. If you are here watching this
right now, you probably either just purchased or are on the fence on purchasing this program
and more or less just wanted to get some more information before making a buying decision.
It’s perfectly understandable. I’m going to first go ahead and apologize because you are
probably going to hear a lot of “ums” and “and’s” in between me talking. It’s completely
unscripted. I just wanted to give my two cents on what I got out of the program. So, let
me dive in. If you are like me, you came to this program because you are looking to further
your children’s education. Your child’s education. You wanted to get a head start or maybe you
are wanting to get them caught up. Maybe you are like me and you just feel that School
is fine, but you really want to take a “hands on” approach with their education and reading
with them and teaching them how to read is just as important as when they are at school. So my story is that I have a three year old
daughter. She does well in school and we also have other work books that we purchased from
Amazon and Ebay also do the, I am not sure if anyone else has ever heard
of it, I believe it’s fairly popular. All of those are great. Now she does those simultaneously
with this program, but my issue with the other programs were, excuse me for the work books
that we bought. They are very…they’re great, but they are very lengthy and it’s very difficult
to keep my daughter engaged for maybe more than five-ten minutes maybe fifteen minutes
at a time before she is asking different questions about irrelevant things or she is running
off because she is getting distracted. What I am finding is that after she runs off and
she will get distracted and get that out of her system and come back. When I sit her back
down, she’s looking at these work books that she is treating it like a chore and that’s
not the angle I’m really wanting to go. I’m really wanting her to be more engaged. To
take the ball and really run at her own pace and want to actively move forward and progress.
So with that we tried the ABCMouse program. We saw that one on TV and figure why not we
will give it a shot. We love that program too, don’t get me wrong, I have no negative
things to say about it. The only thing that is kind of negative I guess you could say
is that when we first started that program, she was right there with us doing each step
at a time and each little lesson if you will. She is now getting to a point where we are
out of the picture. It is literally her on her tablet, I’ve had whatever….and she’s
going at her own pace and really took us out the picture. To where she is interacting in
these games and she is having a blast and she’s learning which is ideally what you want.
But it is kind of taking you, as the parent, out of the game. So, what I am getting at
is, you know at the end of the night I am reading her stories and, you know, that is
one of my favorite times. To just sit in bed with her and read a story, you know, just
have that one on one time, but I’m really wanting to angle it more toward where she
is actively involved and she is going along with the reading and everything as well. So
this drove me back to the internet to just find any information that I can to really
ramp up her reading ability. To get the ball rolling like I said earlier, just let her
have fun with it and be more engaged and want to run and want to just do it at her own pace.
So….sorry I am getting a little off track. So I came across the Children Learning Reading
.com program and again if you are checking this out, you’ve probably have seen it too.
First thing you did is checked out this video here. It was a little lengthy, but you can’t
blame him because there is just a lot of information jam packed in there. As you scroll down, you
start thinking. Well is this a possibility. Is this, you know, is this phonemic awareness…is
this like a real thing and then you see this video. Which I don’t even think you can hear
the audio of it. You go over the progress of his children and you are just floored….I
mean my daughter is three and his daughter reading at four years old. My daughter is
nowhere even near that. Which just opened my eyes to the possibility of this is definitely
something I should look into. I really want my daughter to be at that pace, I mean why
not. What parent wouldn’t so I scrolled through everything else, you know. It was really intriguing
and caught my attention. Finally I just took the dive and really wanted
to wrap my brain around everything and go with it. So I bought the program and bought
the bonuses that came with it too. I think it all was, with the bonuses, around $70 you
might want to check the price on it. I am not sure what it is now, but….so I dove
in and let me go ahead and just give you a brief….I won’t go too much detail into it.
What I got is first what you get is the “Read me first” which is a nice little welcome letter
that kind of explains the program and you dive in and there’s another overview video.
It is really just going into detail on what it’s about what they’re doing and how exactly
you are going to be doing it. A brief history about phonemic awareness and they’re approach
and everything like that. Then they leave you with the….if you have any questions
or issues or anything comes up you can email them. The creators are Jim and Elena Yang.
You can email them for anything and they will go ahead and respond to you. I’ve yet, after
having this for about three months now, I’ve yet to need to email them. Let me dive into
this. So you start off with two different stages. You get the first “Stage 1” reading
which is just over 220 pages long. So there’s a lot of information here. I’m not going to
go through it page by page here. You can see that it’s jam packed with information. The
first night I got this program, I read it. Turned around and read it again so I read
it back to back. I’m still finding myself 90 days later re-referencing the reading on
this because there’s just so much information. It’s not that I’ve ever felt left off, because
the actual approach is really straight forward. I actually prefer it this way. It’s actually
really straight forward…real simple and it’s great because after the reading there’s
an overview and then there’s a lesson and a short video for each lesson that you do.
There’s many lessons involved. For here, you do…the lesson videos are all here. So you
do 1 to 7, 8 to 14, 15 to 20, 21 to 28 now it sounds like a lot. Trust me, once you go
through them all it’s really not even as close to as bad as you would think. It’s not time
consuming in the least. What I do like about it is it’s approach to phonemic awareness.
Now honestly, I knew a little bit about sight words and things such as that, but I didn’t
really know anything about phonemic awareness until I came across this program. I really
had no idea what it was. I mean, I kind of assumed my reading at home with my daughter
and her at school that we would have everything covered. It wasn’t until I came across this
program that I was introduced to this fact. Maybe you are in the same boat, maybe you
already knew and just wanted to do some more digging. I don’t know… but the approach
to it is pretty straight forward. What I like about it is when you start out, you can take
these print outs with the program….excuse me while I wait for this to load up. For like
the first one right….here. This page right here is just a giant cut out. You can cut
it out and print it off, cut it out and it’s just going over the “A’s” and the “B’s” and
grouping “A” and “B” together. So that when they are reading it…ooops battery is running
low. Let me go ahead and…..wrap this up real quick. When you are reading it, you are
teaching them to sound out each letter. So “ah” for “A” and “B” for “B” so “AB” and it
doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a deal, but what you are doing is teaching them to
associate the sounds of the word with each letter. With that being said is I’m finding
myself more engaged and it’s nice because instead of breaking it down like the workbooks
that I’ve done with my daughter previously. Instead of spending fifteen minutes or five
minutes or ten minutes or until I can get her attention or until she starts going off
and does something else as a three year old should. You can break these lessons down to
where you are doing it maybe two to three minutes at a time. And you take that same
lesson that takes two to three minutes and you do it about five times or seven times
a day. You cut out these little letters and you just keep them around the house. In your
pocket or wherever and you just quiz them off and on. If they are sitting there playing
with their toys, just say Hey do you have a second? You put one card that has “AB” and
you’ll ask them to do the phonemic awareness and sound them out and say “AB” and for me
that’s a really great approach. I want to go ahead and continue this. Let me go ahead
and plug my computer back in so this doesn’t die off on me. One second…. Alright, and I am back. Sorry about that.
I just had to plug in real quick and make sure my computer didn’t die on me in the middle
of this review. So what I was getting at is…what I like about the program is it breaks it down
into small letters combined together to help your child not only recognize the letter,
but to recognize it’s sound. Then from there when it gets the letters, you learn to group
them together. For an example, it might be a little easier to explain it this way. What
we did recently was the word “BUS”. So as you are teaching your child…pretend the
cursor is my finger. I will sit there and I will say, “Hey honey. What is this?” and
she will be like, “Letter B.” and I will say, “Yes, no trace it.” and she will do the same.
Then you move on to “U” and then you move on to “S.” Then from there you go “B-U-S.”
as you swipe your finger under the word and she will do the same and be like “B-U-S”…”BUS!”
She learns to group B-U-S to create the word and it will eventually click. It’s the same
way with “CAT” Let’s say this is letter “C” and makes a “Cuh” and letter “A”and “T” and
they follow along and it’s the same thing. Eventually you get to a point where you lay
a card out that says “CAT” and they will go through it and go “C-A-T” and they run their
finger across the bottom and be “CAT!” That minor approach which doesn’t even seem like
that big of a deal. Like it should be a given on how you should teach your kid, but you
know this is something that I have never even came across before so this is all new to me.
I guess in my uneducated opinion, I found this approach a lot more….a lot better that
what I was doing. Because you could do one or two cards in two to five minutes. Then
they can go ahead and go about their business and have fun and be a kid and then, you know,
you catch them about an hour later and you can do it again. It’s just the repetition
and the phonemic awareness of learning to sound them out and group them together that’s
really just forming an impact on my daughter’s life. So what else do you get in the program?
Okay-when I had purchased it, I purchased the bonus with it. In my opinion it was definitely
worth it. All the printouts that come with it. I think I have already shown you this
one. You get, what do we got….fifty pages here for just the first stage. Everything
you could possibly think of that you need. So you don’t even have to go about trying
to figure it out on your own. It’s all right there, you can print them off, cut them out,
whatever you need to do. Then it comes with these great stories too that…I remember
there was this time…not even…like around 90 days ago. Where after dinner we would be
lying in bed and my daughter would just be lying there and I’d be sitting right next
to her on the bed and I would be reading her a story. Now it’s gotten to a point, especially
with these stories like this…You know let me expand this. Bob is in the tub. Short little
stories like this that I went from where I was readying to her. To now instead of sitting
next to her reading to her and she was staring at me, we’re both lying in bed. She is holding
the book….I printed this off. She is holding the book and we are both together following
it and she is running her finger across the word going “B-O-B” “IS IN THE T-U-B” and it
doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. As you start working at it, you know, they progress
and it was a real eye opener one night as she was sitting there reading this and going
thought it. Then all of a sudden I realized, I went from, in this short amount of time,
I went from reading the stories and not even really even following with my finger. Just
kind of reading it to her, to get her into the story mode and get the story over and
get her to bed so I can get ready for the next day….yadda yadda yadda. Now it’s to
a point to where she is holding the book. She is literally following through with her
finger and she is actually reading! It just dawned on me one night, WOW! In such a short
amount of time, I went from reading to her and now she is reading to me. You can just
see the progress in such a short amount of time. It doesn’t even seem like you are taking
that much effort at all because you are only doing this in short two to five minute spurts.
Maybe do it five to seven times a day, but it’s in short amount of time. You don’t feel
you are pressuring them, you don’t feel like you are taking time out of your day. You are
literally in the middle of them playing, you pull out a couple of cards and quizzing them.
If you would, for lack of a better term. That alone is worth this program. I would highly
encourage you…if you are on the fence about it. This is just jam packed with information.
The reading alone is over 220 pages. You can get so much out of this. You know if you are
on the fence about this, the beautiful thing is that it’s not that expensive. On top of
that there is a 60 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not interested,
I’m sure these two don’t want to keep your money and it’s a simple email to get your
money back. Then you can go about your business finding something else that may work out for
you. In my personal opinion, I’m extremely happy. I can’t even really put it into words…it’s
one of those things that as you are going along and doing it, the moment you see it
“Click” in your child and you can just see that. From there they are off to the races.
They are actively engaged, they’re excited, they want to do it, they really want to do
the learning activities and they’re having a blast doing it and keep going and it’s just
a breath of fresh air to see them actually excited about stuff like that because you
just don’t see it that often. Especially when I was doing workbooks and doing ABCMouse,
yes they’re having fun, but they are zoned out on a tablet and there’s no interaction
with Mom and Dad. You know, I’m getting a little excited about this because this is
just such an eye opener because you just don’t see things like this often in your child’s
life. I couldn’t say enough about this approach. Joining this program….or buying this program,
I had no idea what to expect. What I did know was that the approach I was taking was working,
but it was more like a classroom environment. Literally sitting at the kitchen table while
we are cleaning up after dinner doing a workbook. It was great for about five minutes and then
after that it was like treating it like a chore. With this, you know, you do the little
quizzes here and there and then you do the print out books and next thing you know your
kid is taking the “reins” and reading and you just get excited and it’s a beautiful
thing! So with that being said, there’s really not much else you really want to go over here.
From here, it’s either you decide to take the dive or this isn’t something you want
to do. Like I said it’s completely backed up by a 60 day—2 month guarantee. I’m 3
months in and I’m thoroughly impressed and I’m not even done with the program yet. Just
seeing the progress so far has helped us and given us ideas of other things we want to
do. We’ve bought those mini dry erase boards and we do that to just out of the blue start
writing certain words and she can go ahead and sound them out and she can do it herself
and start writing them out. Or the little letter magnets and as we’re preparing dinner
and stuff like that we will go ahead and just start making random words and she will just
go to the fridge and put her finger across the letters and just you know say “CAT” “C-A-T!”
You know it’s actually a fun game. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and keep them
in the kitchen and keep everyone together as you are getting dinner ready. I guess if
you’re still on the fence, you know, if it’s the money side of it…you have the guarantee
and you are not really risking anything. It’s definitely worth taking a look at. I’ve kind
of gone through the whole program. I mean, not exactly the whole program. I haven’t even
scathed what the details are. It will start out once you buy it…with a pretty lengthy
overview. It’s straight forward and it’s just a lot of information. The information you
are retaining isn’t exactly for training your child or helping them read. It’s more of an
overview of where they came to the phonemic awareness and everything like that. After
that, I couldn’t say good enough things about this program. I’m really excited to keep heading
on past the second stage. Really excited to you know what my daughter progress and start
hitting the harder books and again if you are on the fence about it. Feel free to just
check it out! Dive in and take the plunge. There’s really no risk to it. If you are unhappy
with it, it’s just an email away to get your money back. You can’t even go to the grocery
store and make an easier attempt. At least there to get a refund, you have to go to Customer
Service to speak to somebody and wait in line. This one…just to see the simple fact that
your child progressing and being actively engaged and having fun while they are doing
it is worth the price alone. So with that, feel free to click the link below. Leave your
comments, if you have any questions, comments, your personal experience, anything like that.
Feel free to come to this page. Check it out. If there is anything you want, leave a comment.
Other than that I’m pretty much wrapping this up. I feel like I have gone on a little too
long. I guess that’s one downside of it being an informal unscripted review. I am just kind
of rambling on, but you are getting a real experience testimonial on the program. I’ve
had such a blast doing it. You know half the time you don’t even see it as teaching your
kid. It really just comes across as they’re playing or as you’re doing this or you’re
doing that, you just grab a stack of cards and spend two to five minutes real quick going
over these letters and then you move it on to the kitchen and take the letters on the
magnets. You do that and the next thing you know, you are lying in bed right before bed
time and they’re literally opening the book and reading to you. Right before your eyes
that progress happened in such a short amount of time you just can’t even believe it. So
I hope you got something out of this. Like I said it’s very informal. I just wanted to
give you a heads up of what all you’re going to get with it. I believe I left a few things
out with the bonus. Um….sight words, children rhymes, things like that. I mean it’s all
listed in the program once you hit the buy link or whatever. Feel free to just dive in
and take the plunge. There’s a risk free guarantee, but if you’re anything like me and you have
done it and you put it work and do it everyday. You are going to see results. When you do
see results, you are going to just want to keep moving forward and be more pleased with
progress your child makes. So again, I do want to thank you taking a stop and watching
this video and I apologize for all the “ums” and “Ands” like I said this is very informal.
Just my personal experience with it. It’s about as real as it can get and with that
being said I do want to thank you for watching and I hope you go something out of it. Thank

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