23 thoughts on “Child Stealing By The State: A Social Worker Speaks”

  1. Why did the police stop looking for the murders of Jill Dando & Doctor Kelly because Dave Stewart Annie Lennox and Tony & Cherie Blair had something to loose stolen children and Royalties for songs The Miracle of Love and Here Comes the rain again, from Michael Boyers, their friends responsible for carrying out the murders including the murder of Michael Boyers son, with a former police officer Janet MacKenzie who's ex husband Rob MacKenzie is one of the gang members responsible for the murders of Jill Dando, Doctor Kelly my son and none other than Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed,  the ring leaders are Ian Henry, Mi5 and the CIA same people, Grant Tully, Terry Boyers, Ian Henry  has amusement arcades in the Newcastle Wallsend area, that pay for the murders including the murder of his former brother in law Peter Gowling, shot in the head in front of Ian Henry by Russell Bonalie who's mate Norman Massey shot Jill Dando in the head, at the time Massey had a remarkable resemblance to Barry George and was working as a chauffeur, drug dealer and ponce for members of Parliament and QCs and claims Tony Blair was one of his best customers, he also did not deny shooting Jill Dando on two occasions that he tried to befriend me in Newcastle City Centre having known him as a teenager, other gang members George Tully along with Stan Henry and Alan Duncan boat builder murdered Ilene MacDougal better known as the Torso in the Tank 1978, the murder of a 17 year old innocent girl that Jill Dando was investigating as one of two unsolved murders, thee other from 1967 Angus Sibbet also murdered by Stan Henry former amusement arcade and casino and nightclub owner now in the health club business formally known as Springs. who’s daughter Kay Henry Gowling, was having an incestuous relationship with her father leading to her insanity, she thinks she and her incestuous family  can get off with trying to murder me and the murder of my son with former police woman Janet Mackenzie, who’s husband Rob, along with  Ian Henry, Grant tully, Russel Bonalie, Joe Bonalie, Santos Cuscanni, Alan Rankin, Bob Senior,  Mike Emerson, Ian Jenkins, Sylvia Cutter, Ernie Cutter,, Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, Eddy Fenwick, Charlie Gray, Terry Boyers, Joe Boyers, Barry Cubby, Tommy Stuart jnr & Snr, Alan Dag, Colin Hume, and  Patrick Terence Thompson, one of the drivers of the white vans seen stalking Jill Dando, and Peter Gowling, 

    The Met never followed up on the leads, so as to help the Blairs get off with child abduction, Katharine Blair is my daughter and not Tony Blairs, Pedophile Billy Blair along with his family are targeting me via Newcastle Social Services, controlled by Adulteress and incestuous pedophile Cherie Blair, who lied to me to get me to have sex with her, then stole my daughter Katharine, and tried to have me murdered on a number of occasions here and in America and Australia 

    The Blairs and Stan Torso in the tank Henry the murder of Angus Sibbet 1967. Michael Lavaglio and Denis Stafford got the blame with the help of the corrupt Masonic police, who also covered up the murder by Stan Henry, George Tully, Bill Duncan, Ernie Clark , Alan Duncan and dave Stewart according to the Eye Witness Bob King fellow musician, 

    The so called worthy master Bill Duncan organised it all, and covered up by bent copper Brian MacKenzie, and Micky Hafferty, Stan Henrys bent coppers,  Ian Henry MI5 Mi6, CIA, Mossad, George and Grant Tully, Alan Duncan and their gang, includes drivers Gary Pern, Norman Massey, Patrick Thompson, Rob MacKenzie the murder of my Son, the gang involved paid weekly visits to Paris warehouses for booze and cigarettes, Guns & Drugs, travelling from Sunderland at times 3 white vans were being used at each murder, these scum, were in those white vans at the scene of the crimes aforesaid mentioned, James Anderson told the Police he could not get near Diana, because of the white vans in front of him and in front of Diana and Dodis car the one in front of Dodi he said had a motor bike strapped in and someone sitting on it shining the head light on main beam into Dodis car, Ian Henry MI6, was the one on the Motorbike that Reece Jones remembers pulling along side him before the crash causing the crash he thought they were paparazzi, you can see the last photo taken was taken from a higher vantage point than a normal car, Anderson also said that their were paparazzi hanging onto straps taking photo’s The cameras used by some of them were burnt in a car at the back of a pub in Low fell, North East England, leased by gang member Jeffery Verrel and partner West indian Albert Harding who claims to be a friend of Paul Burrel, Jeff Verrel set fire to his own car and claimed the compensation for the cameras as well, local newspapers confirm the incident, Verrel is still walking free, he is a friend of Blair, Darling, Milburn, Mullen, David and Edward Miliband and Gordon Brown all members of the same Pedophile Ring as these aforesaid mentioned other criminals that The Met have still to arrest, especially Alistair darling and Billy Blair Cherie Blair and Tony Blair who's sons Euan and Nicky, callum and Anna darling are gangstalking me with the help of the labour party pedophile ring northumberland and County durham Uni Students who are hazing me for the blair family as I know the murdered Princess Diana , Dodi Al Fayed, Jill Dando, Doctor kelly Nurse Brenda Boyers who had the meeting with Jill and Doctor kelly over all the Child Abductions going back to when I was 15 years old and taken to a over 21 gay conceptive night club they thought they could train me to be a slave, dave stewart was the Rent Boy of Conservative pedophile and gang raper ian jenkins who owned the lease on a small club in Monk St Wheatsheaf Sunderland, Mr jenkins Club, jenkins is the head of the gay maffia in newcastle and sunderland and organised all the murders with the help of bent coppers Hafferty and mackenzie Blairs advisor to law, so i was told i have given you all the names of the ring leaders i have named the ones who carried out the murders and the ones who covered up for the murders, all though they did try to arrest Blair on two occasions but were sent away with their tails between their legs, diplomatic immunity The Met have yet to follow up on any of these leads that i have sent them and spoken to them and the FBI about shortly after reading about the Murders. bent coppers Micky Hafferty who framed lavaglio and Stafford for the murder of Angus sibbett 1967 One armed bandit murder that led to all thee other murders due to mass corruption in the jewdicery and lord tenerife Brian MacKenzie covered up all the Murders and child Abductions for their fellow slaves of the cabal, and were promoted, Sir Billy Blair qc quietly covered up all the murders with a 70 year press ban for Alistair darlings pedophile Ring or should i say Ambassador darling the murder of Gerard Harford who was sacrificed, in heroes Club also owned by Ian jenkins a nonce and a ponce who organisers child abductions chid trafficking and murder, Gerrard  was found in the River Wear under the bridge, I was their the night of the Murder and so was a friend of mine and Gerrard's who went on to be a famous shakespearian Actress,   We know what they did

  2. way to go..be proud of yourself..EIA(Manitoba) has been making my life a living hell!!!& it seems like I can't get help anywhere 🙁 I would love to talk with you.

  3. It's a strategy of social engineering: taking children away from the poor to alleviate social security and giving hem to the well off.

  4. What a woman! I'm anxious just listening to all this, how she managed to cope with all this and with such firmness is crazy.

  5. The same has been done even in the south east in London boroughs north and south and no doubt nationally too in the past decade/s

  6. I was detained in Mental health – medically kidnapped via the police due to untrue scheduling via a psychiatrist who hadn’t sited me to even write the schedule. Claiming apparently I was delusional- for exposing the crime & corruption in Australia nsw trustee & guardians aka strangers who are Court (Tribunal ) appointed to medicate, isolate elders to take their estates. This is organised crime via elite government employees! Benefiting from the proceeds of crime. Media attention ? There are gag orders prohibiting media from exposing these paid criminals!
    We are all wards of the state ! Via our birth certificate and the fabrications that are created like our strawman. Look up the GLOSSA CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE- romley stewart & the Justinian deception.
    The Ombudsman in nsw is a criminal – he use to be the state coroner- concealing deaths in the custody of “ public guardians “ –
    Yet criminals are given coronial investigations yet wealthy elders with dementia aren’t??
    So who is really benefiting?
    Targeting our most vulnerable members of our society is putrid !! Unfortunately most kids taken into care are abused by pedos! Its so sad yet true. Any whistleblowers are deemed mental !! Why ? They don’t want the truth exposed . It happened to Fiona Wilson too for exposing origin energy electricity provider !! I’m australian!! And Eli Priest has also been detained as well for mental health assessment! Yet later released !!

  7. The Soviets put their opponents in insane asylums, had psychiatrists state they were crazy, medicated their opponents, etc.

  8. The reason people don't talk up is fear you can't win against the hierarchy your voice is a whisper in a storm the health system is broken and corrupt take a look at mental health aged care most people can't afford to lose their jobs . If you have morals in these jobs you can't stay you need to be a psychopath .

  9. Ive done nothing but the best for my child im the best mother ever and they take her from me for no reason other then what they said witch is me not being consistent and but her in a home where horrible things has happend to her from what shes told me i cant belive there doing nothing about it i dont know if i would be able to go on if shes permently removed from me

  10. My daughter has been taken from me and put into foster care for no reason they took her from me becuz im not consistent is the reason they gave me she now in a foster care and she has been telling me inappropriate things that has been done to her also there are drugs being sold from the home shes in i told my lawyer everything and they are doing nothing about it the courts are now wanting to but her up for adobtion im so worried about what my child has told me and no body is doing anything about it

  11. Respect to UK Column, Brian Gerrish and Carol Woods. I notice it is 2016 this interview done and just seen it. Well done. So serious.

  12. Having been through the 'system' in a much smaller way with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, I can completely believe that our establishment is corrupt.

  13. You know what's messed up is that people who honestly need to have there children removed and placed in foster care never lose there children. But the people who should still have there children had them removed from there care. The children from the good familys are easier to place in homes because there parent taught them manors. These children say please and thank you and are easy to care for. But the children from the family's that need to have there children removed are bad children they cuss at you and throw things and fight with the other children. These children are harder to place because no one wants to deal with them.

  14. oh my god I just found this, pity she didnt put her house in trust fund under her children's name at the time she was verbally warned she would lose everything. The changing of names is a common trick , Dr Katherine also states this , beware should this start happening to you for any matter particularly in receiving any benefits or any dealing with anything to do with a govt department. and case numbers .

  15. From my limited research it seems that child molesters and paedophiles are in general smarter than the average population. It seems gay men are also smarter than hetro men, on average, and gay men seem the most motivated to abuse young boys. Since they are smart and clever, they can bend and twist the system to their benefit. Seems strange the way this plays out. Also, from what I’ve experienced it seems that gay men are over represented among male social workers, compared to the average population. If you go to college, and don’t know what you want to major in, you cannot do math and science well, don’t like numbers much, cannot stomach economics, and still want to earn a decent salary, you tend to gravitate to either psychology, or sociology, and after you attain a masters degree, you obviously move into either social work, or law enforcement.

  16. I was in what can only be described as a mother and baby prison in Preston 1978/1979. They ruled us by fear, “comply or we’re taking your baby” my son was removed and subsequently adopted, as were so many babies born whilst the young mums were in “care” Meadowcroft was the name of this evil place. My social services file is made up of lies. My son is 40 yrs old now. Thousands of babies and children were taken. 100% respect to this lady and believe every single word she says.

  17. How very simple must those so called men be to carry out tasks like sitting in cars outside houses. There will be justice . It's time . Have no fear for your goodness is all powerful. We will to will We will.

  18. Im like her. Listen, only, to God.
    Not only would i absolutely refuse to falsify documents, i have! Be brave with God. Hold God's authority. Head high. And be very prepared to walk out of that job. Ive walked out of many. God prepares a table before those who do.

  19. Vulnerable people being taken advantage off and supported by authorities happening alot worldwide, people who care removed from care.

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