Child Health, Welfare, Treatment & Rights of Children

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  1. I'm new and been loving your videos. I have three children and my two youngest that are ages 10 & 8 they have been very sick this entire year. They've missed lots of school and it's been a huge issue. We raise our own chickens, 3 turkeys and cattle for our meat. And have egg chickens also. They do however just love the yucky fast food or store chicken nuggets, lol. I don't know how to make them eat better, Iv been told to just let them be hungry and eventually they will eat; first my heart says that's horrible and second Iv tried that and they will just starve! Especially my youngest! He just loves any kind of fruit would eat fruit all day, but not so much meat or veggies! Iv been giving him peanut butter for protean he likes that. My 10 is much harder. She loves meat….and chips lol! She will eat veggies but not fruit. My oldest who's 16 eats everything. I guess Im just asking for any suggestions because it gets very expensive buying stuff that each will eat. And the issue of them being sick is becoming a huge problem. They are different than other children, much more open up to spirt; and healing others and speak often about it! I'm not saying more special because every child has that ability but they never lost it due to the way Iv raised them! I'm very spiritual. So do you know any thing I can do to help them to be healthier and not sick due to all the crazy energy going around in this world right now. Wow sorry for the long book Iv written lol thanks and blessings to you all

  2. Neil I love this video, I am the mother of a non verbal child. I know changing her diet can improve her speech. Thank you

  3. This is lovely Neil and spot on. I am a nutritionist and i offer my services to children and low income families for free. I didn't have much to eat growing up, there were 7 children and being the youngest, i often went without. I want to make sure no child goes hungry like i did. You are an all around wonderful person with a huge heart. Thank you for speaking up for the innocent.

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