45 thoughts on “Chief Master GK Lee 9th Degree Testing”

  1. The knowledge behind the belt is what matters you can have many different kinds of belts and styles but what matters most is your knowledge to execute

  2. I'm currently a green belt and I can see I have a long way to go to get to my goal of become atleast a fifth dan

  3. I’m not trying to be negative, this was amazing. I just don’t see the purpose of having the dance performance.

  4. Agreed Indiarubberman. As in Judo, most of the fighters are mainly up to 4th Dan max, anything after that as you get older, it's for services rendered, knowledge and teaching. I'd say that with nearly all the combat arts. And to be honest, the grades have no bearing to the fights on the day either That really applies to the very lower grades. Olympians are a multitude of graded Judoka, that's why it's weights not grades.

  5. These are legends in their own mine check unfit pretent belts clapping lol Ty kon do is where you to kids so you go shopping lol step in the cages ya pussies.

  6. Makes sense if there's any opponent's. Instead it's just the air with people looking at someone punching and kicking the atmosphere

  7. Хуйня какая та и жесткий стиль..как роботы..нет красоты как в кунг фу..так что каратэ дерьмо.

  8. The problem with martial arts is that is made for fighting other people.
    It's not designed to fight with monsters and other dangerous beings.

  9. Katani isleyende ellere ayaqlara yox hedefe baxmaq lazimdi amma bu iz hereketlerin el ayaqlarin izleyirdi.

  10. they look really bored with the funny outfits and most of them has never fought a real fight.the degree system is lame as the students..

  11. well it was good to see some grappling and submission work.  Not traditionally taught at any of the below black belt levels

  12. 20년전쯤 한국에 세미나차 한국 오셨을 때 뵈었습니다..건강하신 모습 보기 좋으십니다

  13. So you pounce about , on come the drummers then you wave a stick about , then you do awkward slow mo then your opponent falls with you somehow without managing to fight back at all. Even when you slip and stumble he waits patiently for you to do your thing. Then it's descends into a badly choreographed comical farce and this is 9th Dan ??????

  14. the stick is perfect n nice.fight is committed n not real same as taiji,part of theory doubt of practicle, real fight is not negotiable.

  15. I don't understand the putting of patches and advertising his rank and name on the uniform. Lots of things have changed… And this shits watered down compared to the GM's of thirty five years ago.

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