Chicago teachers rebel over equity, justice for students

looks like the teacher rebellion isn’t
over yet RedForEd returned to the nation’s third largest school district
on Thursday when 30,000 Chicago public school teachers and staff walked out
after 10 months of negotiations broke down the Chicago Teachers Union is
demanding smaller class sizes and wraparound services for the district’s
most underserved students in Chicago the mayor controls the school system and
newly elected mayor Lori Lightfoot ran on smaller class sizes and addressing
the city’s glaring inequities practically lifting her campaign talking
points directly from CTU’s long-standing demands so you think she’d be on the
teachers side after all it was her mandate but it appears campaign promises
are a lot easier to make than to keep the Chicago Tribune is reporting that
teachers want nurses social workers and librarians in every school and more
special education classroom assistants and case managers and they want all
those items in their contract hence the hashtag put it in writing CTU
executive vice president Stacy Davis Gates told Democracy Now this is about
breaking down systems of white supremacy that ask for flexibility and demand that
black children on the south side of the city make adjustments while the mayor
gives wealthy developers billions of dollars on the north side the mayor and
CPS CEO Janice Jackson claimed these demands don’t belong in a union contract
look we’re dealing with the impact of terrible social policy in this city and
it’s unbelievable to me that people think we shouldn’t have a voice on that
nothing captures the spirit of the CTU strike and the teacher rebellion in
general better than the image of CPS teacher and CTU member how he could
Souda carrying another woman’s child during a rally on Friday when the parent
grew too tired to continue its a metaphor for what happens
every day in Chicago and cities and towns all across America when teachers
not only educate but encourage and support and yes carry 50 million other
people’s children into the future we reach into our own pockets when
politicians failed to deliver on their campaign promises we witness what
happens when a system fails its most vulnerable members and we refuse to be
blamed any longer so no we won’t be going quietly back into our classrooms
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1 thought on “Chicago teachers rebel over equity, justice for students”

  1. Teachers carry our children. They put their hearts and souls into raising other people's kids. Let's show them the support they've earned.

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