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what kinds of things have you heard see somebody got shot timer starts now what do i do first I need an ambulance she's been shot her leg she's bleeding out they won't stop the violence like they always kill people they never stop they just keep going on and on in Chicago like young people aren't able to be young people walk around PTSD learning how to treat gunshot wounds these are things that soldiers are being trained on and the war my buddy got started it not growing up without one of my big brothers just hard one day I was playing I said my friends they just started shooting like it almost hit me for like Doug down there we had to bring in the house Oaks kid hole pressure on her neck because how long does it take to bleed out everybody know how to find someone's pulse yeah it's a Cogley thing okay that is normal and it shouldn't be normal Chicago is a Tale of Two Cities on one side the tourist attractions that many know is downtown Chicago from the Riverwalk to Navy piers and then there's the other side of Chicago I grew up on the south side of Chicago where many lives are lost because of the lack of support and resources they had 72 hours in Chicago fifty-two shot and ten kids at least 38 people were shot seven of those victims have died dozens of shots fired just down the street from an elementary school people feel like they have no other options so that's why we started the kids medicine as an urban movement to provide resources for young people African trip when we started the group basically after Parkland happened we had a lot of young people who were scared because you know when these mass shootings happen these predominately white communities so they get counselors trauma services and at the same time our state is calling for us to have more police officers in our schools and these are things that are criminalized and killing us and we need something different and we were able to meet with Parkland students and it was a powerful moment for those students to say you know this is the most traumatic thing I've ever done with my life I've never been through anything like this before I got people to say yeah we understand that we deal with this on a daily basis a basically like a mentor and Ally and organizer to help guide the young people in their vision for what it is that they want to address and bring to the community how many people I had lost a loved one to violence under the age of 21 the climate of the city like to think this shall we fight against right violence and we fight for how has it affected you personally we love lost our cousin he was running away from home he was mad and he got caught gunshot he got shot I forget how many times I don't want other families going through the same thing that we went through last night 19 year old doll Monty Johnson was just outside his brothers basketball practice when CPD says someone inside a tan color vehicle fatally shot him in the chest and stomach every time he turned around Mama's is crying Mama's is crying for their babies I actually found out because I was walking to one of their stores but the story he got killed by was down the street from the store I was at then I actually heard the gunshots one of my other brothers was there when he got shot he really couldn't talk much because he was traumatized he was laid in my hands he's still with me too I had just had a training for young people on how to treat gunshot wound they taught them how to stop to bleed and have it what's dude when waiting for the ambulance to arrive and then his brother came to me and say I wish I wish I had came that day the other sign that for some people the difference between having somewhere to be and being standing outside it's a difference between life or death this is my neighborhood I was born and raised it would be safe around us almost every day every day Haney broadcasts on the nose a lot knowing that it's close in my area basically makes me go outside like oh it's just going to happen to me if I walk outside the age of 18 I was shot at my community and it was a bright daylight that was the last time I walked in my community for a long time because because I was I was scared every time I heard cars stop every time I heard footsteps too close I panicked and that's something that you have to deal with on a daily basis being afraid to walk to that community sound like nothing right well and everybody in the room did it together Chicago you need to know what different gangs are where I had to walk through plenty of games just to get to school I know this blight is full with down and this back is forward don't so you know what you just take the long wait even longer be late okay I'm gonna be late to school at least I'd be safe and then you get to school here and they they've managed you got the tests with being late but she's just trying to be safe we're headed to our first responders training part one levity she will teach you how to what to do in a situation where someone is bleeding out and how to potentially save their lives while waited for help to arrive so for us in good kid maad city our solution is giving people what they need to survive if we have both job opportunities real job opportunities a livable wage you wouldn't have for suckers Dylan you wouldn't have folks out here robbing each other hurt people hurt people heal people heal people I really come in like this just trying to y'all even lead was trying to learn this skill that they teach in like soldiers in that wreck and also how to save so my life when they bleed no you know sad dairy and I you especially like I appreciate you could be a headless face bro y'all with this I just want to go we'll give you guys the opportunity to say maybe why learning how to treat a gunshot well it's important see that my absolute situational you know how much I was very fair like me so I might I was 18 when I was actually shot so and what's my friend with me at that moment were around the same age nothing that so affected it's now being given to you is very important you said she was shot where this is Parkway garden apartments here this is the complex where Michelle Obama grew up many of the kids in the community have to grow up faster because of the situations that surround them future ties is an after-school program inside of parkland garden a couple of the survival skills that we try to put in place at future ties for one is the meditation yoga conflict circles this is like therapy for them to make sure that they are mentally stable what's the hardest thing about living in this neighborhood well nude are really protective because it's very harmful and you gotta watch out what you're doing yeah house my mama was waking us up she was telling us not to give out a window another cuz it was like gunshots and then he was like he was going back and forth yeah laughter so community affairs this officer Maddox how can I help you currently I am an active police officer I've been with the force now it'll be 23 years in May just a lot of distrust between the police and the community because they are fearful of each other so it's not just a police problem it's not just a community problem you're right so can anybody give me an idea of what that kind of means to know your rights to know it is to be able to get out of troubles and we talk about what to do if you are stopped or detained by the police so they need to know what their rights are especially until their parent comes to the police station or their attorney shows up at the police station thank you don't let us use the bathroom or this when we do these trainings we don't want you guys to be fearful of the police that's not what this is about as long as we're serving our future leaders in this space it takes the ties within the community to making sure that our young people are successful I'm always hopeful I or I wouldn't be here I think that it's still a lot of work that needs to be done they like soldiers to me they get through most that many probably couldn't like me going love you what you think you need to know is need to learn how to write eat to learn how to read need to learn how to do math you know I don't know things is what you think of you never once crossed your mind and what you need is this right here so what you're gonna want to do is if you can't find a pulse or if what you're gonna want to do is see if you are you're gonna take both of your hands and you're going to interlock them just like this one right there we got shot actually none that I know this training I can teach them this training in case like somebody did decide to just come shoot and then one of us get shot and then they can know what to do and not go know what to do to help the person like that shot so to just just I was I want to learn to like earlier year so I could be able to save my cousin but I liked it now so like something happened to a person I'm posting or if I don't know if I could be able to help Thomas starts now what do i do first eat chicken so okay okay sorry okay we're trying to stop blue about my impression – okay [Applause] hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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  1. Why are guns so prevalent in these ethnic communities? It's almost as if theres been an intentional limit to jobs and opportunities in lieu of drugs and guns. This is by design, a Racist genocide.

  2. Chicago Deep Dish is not pizza," "This is tomato soup in a bread bowl. This is an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats

  3. Thank you for the work that you are doing to impact positively in the Community! God bless and prosper your endeavors! #savingus

  4. These kids act demonized just like all those democrats in the House in U.S. Congress…lawless…"your debate has to go along with our view or your a racest, or conspiring with the Russians in meddling in the 2016 elections, or your opperating consideration camps on the bord…etc… Don't give a gun to a democrat!

  5. Why does the racist white media ALWAYS air blacks dirty laundry 🧺 but hide their own dirty laundry 🧺

  6. If every commentor did and said one positive thing every day for the next week and one person receiving such humanity passed it on we would have such a smaller problem. Remember, each of you are either the solution or the problem. It is YOUR choice and YOUR place in history

  7. Great video, BUT, America, is THIS what we have become? Why are we normalizing gun violence??? Why are we killing childhoods and replacing it with PTSD? WA!E UP AMERICA! WE'RE BETTER THAN THIS!

  8. New York City use to be like this in the 70s and 80s. Then they enacted strict gun laws and mandatory sentences. It took some time and a lot of horrific police brutality cases but the city is safer today.

  9. I liked how the one kid said gunshots are normal and they shouldn’t be normal! It’s sad and crazy and like another girl said it’s scary! I don’t know what the answers are but gun control simply has to be considered all the way around! I’m in my mid fifties and never saw guns unless it was under parental supervision as a kid. On the streets it was unheard of! But times change and laws need to change with the times! I served this country in the Army Infantry and I know when kids and innocent people are getting killed left and right well it’s obvious it’s out of control! If something isn’t going to help the poor it’s gonna spill into neighborhoods that never have seen violence! That’s where and when change will make it happen! But it shouldn’t be like that! When an innocent child gets hurt let alone killed it needs to be addressed. Black or white brown yellow red or whatever we are all deserving of basic security and the pursuit of happiness. It shouldn’t have to wait till someone famous looses a kid! All kids are special not just rich kids!!

  10. Blacks are blacks worst enemies. I spent 5 years helping Africans in the ROC. Same people, same mentality, no matter the opportunities provided to the American African, their mentality is the same as the native African. Self Destruction. Nothing can help them…well, at least Democrats failed them…or did they just give up decades ago? Thanks Obama, 8 years as president from Chicago…failed all blacks.

  11. I had a teacher in 5th grade who was from Chicago the storys she would tell us scared tf out of us …

  12. So sad, the war on drugs and gangs need to be a thing of the past. We have the ability and resources to make it happen and have a better country and world(our war on drugs has a massive effect on the world)

  13. Every time that I see a report like this l pull up what a wonderful world on playing for change on utube.

  14. Fixing Black American Culture will stop this genocide.
    Instead of teaching your kids a Combat Life Saver Course.
    Teach kids that robbing someone, because you don’t have what they have isn’t an excuse.
    Teach kids that telling on the evil men in their community is a good thing not to bad thing.

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